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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Obis View Post
And at the same time, I could say the people that hate/dislike/find Punk overrated are the ones who jump into this thread head first to hurl any insult they can about Punk being in the position he's in.
I don't deny that either. There are some trolls that join just to talk about how much of a non-drawing vanilla midget Punk is but they shouldn't set the example for the kind of discussion that goes around in this thread when it's usually perfectly fine and civilized talk about ratings of the latest episode or the history of it in general. But equally annoying as the "anti-Punk" trolls are the WWE/Punk apologists that come in here and say "Ratings are irrelevant, why is there even a discussion thread for it? You should be concerned about enjoying the product!" or the horribly overdone "Why do people here base their favorite wrestler on who draws the most?" which couldn't be further from the truth.

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
Once again, why do you have to be a TV Executive to talk about ratings? Some people enjoy watching Tyson Kidd matches. Others enjoy discussing and analyzing the ratings every week. How that makes either person less of a fan or a wannabe TV Executive, I'll never know. You can't complain about being generalized and then go and do the exact same thing you're accusing others of doing.

EDIT - And on the whole Punk marks thing. Some, not all, but some Punk marks don't want to know about ratings and are constantly saying that they don't matter. Then if/when Punk's segment does well they are the first people here to boast and throw a party about it. That screams hypocrisy to me. Those same marks are also the same people crucifying the likes of Orton for something they're willing to give their favorite guy, CM Punk, a free pass for. Again, hypocrisy. Bottom line is this, if you don't like to discuss ratings and don't think they're relevant, DONT COME INTO THE RATINGS DISCUSSION THREAD. It's as simple as that.
And that's exactly what I mean, I was just misunderstood because some people felt targeted by my mention of 'Punk marks' when the word 'all' was nowhere to be found, meaning not every Punk fan was on the discussion. And Brye, if you're never in this thread, I don't know why you felt offended by my comment. I was mainly talking about people like the guy with the DDP avatar that start crying in here every time someone makes a post targeting Punk's (lack of) drawing ability. When I first joined, I was a Punk fan so therefore, the ratings discussions didn't suit me and for that reason, I stayed away from threads regarding ratings. I'm not a fan anymore but his rating abilities is certainly not my reason for that but I find it a lot more enjoyable to discuss this topic when I don't have a favorite who's the top heel of the thread. With that said, sorry for any misunderstandings.
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