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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
Again, some don't get the point, there's no "evolution" of the streak or continuity. HBK couldn't beat Taker, so they took it to another level, and he put his career on the line. HHH couldn't beat Taker, so they took it to another level, in their feud and put HIAC around the ring. That was their story, not the story of the streak, what one guy couldn't do in a brutal HIAC, another guy can do in a match. I will say it again.
Yuck no! This is a horrible thing to say. Horrible. You don't understand how I don't get your point well I don't understand for one second how you can say that there has been no evolution of the streak matches. That's just flat out wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The story is there, it's right in front of you and staring everybody in the face. Their (HBK/Taker/HHH) story has now become the story of the streak. The Undertaker MUST be destroyed in order to beat him at Wrestlemania and it will take a hell of a lot more than a Rock Bottom to get the job done.

That's of course if you want to talk believability and reality based story, what you're saying that if one guy lost in a brutal match, it means that a better opponent can't do it in another, is not realistic or believable, you put Rock with Taker at WM and the entire crowd is going to buy every nearfall more than anything they did in HIAC. It's all about the delivery, HBK/HHH traded 100 finishers with Taker at Mania, to the point where you knew it's not ending until at least 3 or 4 more. Rock giving a completely fresh Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow combination and the stadium will explode like never before when Taker is kicking out. Rock/Taker will be much better than Cena/Taker in every aspect(Cena is not a fighter in any way, and Rock is ten times the brawler he is), and the only way Brock/Taker will be better is if you want another MMA based brawl which was already much less effective the second time at Summerslam.
I don't think you're getting what I'm saying at all tbh because that's not it. Then again, you don't, for whatever reason, see any evolution or continuity in the streak matches so it's obvious where the disconnect is coming from. I'll tell you this much. I was there for Mania 28 and from bell to bell, before that actually with JR walking down the ramp, that entire arena was 150% invested in the HIAC match. 150%. Every nearfall, every finisher, everything was bought into so I don't see how you can say that a match with Rock would best that. Match it? Maybe. Best it? I don't think so. I also don't think a Rock Bottom/Elbow combo is going to scare people into believing the streak is over as much as you think it will. Most fans aren't stupid and most of them, like me, will see an evolution in the streak matches these past few years. They're going to know that it will take a hell of a lot more to beat Taker than the People's Elbow. If it happens after a complete and utter ass kicking with weapons and brutal spots etc? Sure. If it happens in the context of a regular match or even a highly intense match? I don't think so, not for one second. I also disagree that Rock/Taker will be better than Cena/Taker. With Cena, there is legit belief that he could end the streak and if he were to be heel for the program, that would only multiply. Brock/Taker will be better than Rock/Taker as well imo. While still fairly predictable, for the sake of the story, I can buy into Lesnar beating Taker a lot more than I can Rock. I don't think I'd be the only one either.

Originally Posted by The-Rock-Says View Post
I get what you're saying, Starbuck. But I just don't look at Cena as a brawler/fighter. I also don't see him turning heel for quite some time. If he's to do the taker match, he's being a face.
If he does the Taker match he's the de facto heel the second it even gets teased. He's basically a heel in all his programs already lol. Put him against Taker and there's no way he'll be able to get by on his never give up shit. There is a LOT of meat on the bones for a Taker/Cena program. A LOT, much more so than Rock/Taker could ever hope to have in 2012/13/14.
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