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Default Re: Traditional Championship Wrestling thread

Few notes.

-Not a sell out by any means
-No intermission
-Got to talk to Jerry Lynn and got his autograph. A really nice and easy guy to talk to.
-John Michael does a spot on impression of Boyd
-I got into an argument with Titan
-I guess Butch got arrested so Tim Storm replaced him in the street fight
-Lynn vs Sigmon was changed to Lynn & Summerlyn vs Sigmon and Athena
-Greg Anthony bled like a stuck pig in the ladder match
-The water boy was over as shit. Even got a chant.

Sigmon d Jason Kincaid-Good opener
Alan Steele d Soul Train Jones-Ok for what it was
Shane Williams vs Chris Michaels-Dragged at times but good
Prince Al Farret d Gary Gram-Gram and Kincaid are both in the Bradford family and Gram plays the role of John Michaels dog
Moe Stegal & Greg King d Alucard & John Michael-Good match. John Michael is as awesome as always
Kincaid d Barret Brown-Awesome little match. Both guys need to come back. Barret is only 18
Matt Riviera d Tim Storm-Good stuff
Chris Michaels d Bill Bishop-meh
Titan d Bill Bishop-super meh
Athena d Rachel Summerlyn-Athena is stunning. Rachel isnt bad on the eyes either. Good match
Athena & Sigmon d Jerry Lynn & Rachel Summerlyn-Short. Nothing wrong with it but I expected more and the fact it was switched to a tag and the finish was shit left a bad tatse in my mouth
Tim Storm d Michael Berry-Good match. Tim won after a powerbomb through a table
Bret Barnes d Alucard-Decent. Bret does a nice 450
X Cal d Greg Anthony in a really fun ladder match. Only problems I had in it was they set up a ladder in the enterance way and a ladder brought out from under the ring was the only one used. The finish was both of them were up on the ladder and X Cal applied a sleeper hold and then pushed Greg off

Overall some hit some miss but a fun night. Crowed was mostly terrible sadly. Might of forgot a match or two and some are out of order but here it is.

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