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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Regarding Cena's heel turn. You guys are counting your chickens before they've hatched. We have no idea when WWE will pull the trigger on Cena's heel turn and I think it's just as likely that he would walk into Wrestlemania 30 v Undertaker as a face than as a heel.

Perhaps WM 30 is the day they pull the trigger on the heel turn. WWE will probally save his turn for a huge match and a rematch versus the Rock is really poor choice to do it. Punk v Cena is going to be played out too.

If Cena is indeed a face going into his match against Taker you're kidding yourself if you think the match would have the physicality that a No Dq and Hell in the Cell match against Triple H or a Lesnar match brought to the table. There might be a few spots of Cena snapping and doing things that you'd normally consider out his nature but that's about it.

We all know Rock v Taker is not happening at WM 29, but if they choose to do Rock v Brock, and Cena v Taker at WM 29 followed by Rock v Taker at WM 30 that's a money line up right there. It will draw better than Lesnar v Taker, Rock v Cena 2 followed by Cena v Taker and the builds will be alot more entertaining as well. It would also free up John Cena for a WWE championship with a opponent who can actually wrestle the next day. Something WWE is going to have to eventually go back to. If the plan for WM 30 is indeed Austin v Punk and Taker v Cena well you pretty got 2 irrelvant championship matches again or a very predictable WWE championship match. That right there is the biggest draw back of Taker v Lesnar, Rock v Cena 2. I already know who won both of those matches. You guys want to talk about believability how am I suppose to believe Lesnar can beat Taker when I already know who won the match? I get it. There's going to be predictable outcomes in wrestling. We knew Michaels was going to lose the rematch, we knew Triple H would lose both times, but when the entire Main Event scene is predictable I think that takes away from the card. Add in that no one wants to see a rematch between Rock and Cena and you see why it would be a huge mistake for the WWE to put the Rock in another program with Cena at Mania.

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