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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Again, some don't get the point, there's no "evolution" of the streak or continuity. HBK couldn't beat Taker, so they took it to another level, and he put his career on the line. HHH couldn't beat Taker, so they took it to another level, in their feud and put HIAC around the ring. That was their story, not the story of the streak, what one guy couldn't do in a brutal HIAC, another guy can do in a match. I will say it again:

Let's take this for example, because we're mostly talking in the borders of kayfabe land here, Chael Sonnen took arguably the GOAT in MMA Anderson Silva to the limit like nobody did before him, just killing him for 4 and half rounds, in a desperate move Silva was able to win the fight via Submission, now if another fighter, with different style and better skills, say Jon Jones, goes in and beat Silva in 2 rounds, does that mean that Silva was unbeatable because he fought one person for 4 rounds? no. Just means that he fought different styles and different caliber of opponent.
That's of course if you want to talk believability and reality based story, what you're saying that if one guy lost in a brutal match, it means that a better opponent can't do it in another, is not realistic or believable, you put Rock with Taker at WM and the entire crowd is going to buy every nearfall more than anything they did in HIAC. It's all about the delivery, HBK/HHH traded 100 finishers with Taker at Mania, to the point where you knew it's not ending until at least 3 or 4 more. Rock giving a completely fresh Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow combination and the stadium will explode like never before when Taker is kicking out. Rock/Taker will be much better than Cena/Taker in every aspect(Cena is not a fighter in any way, and Rock is ten times the brawler he is), and the only way Brock/Taker will be better is if you want another MMA based brawl which was already much less effective the second time at Summerslam.

Originally Posted by Clique View Post
You're right that was awesome!

Kudos to the person who put that together. I want to see this match at WM30. I think the atmosphere for a huge main event match between Rock and Undertaker would be glorious to witness.
That was an amazing package and explained the story perfectly, until now, no opponent he couldn't overcome until The Rock. Rock needs to win to prove to himself, more than the entire world that he is the undisputed GOAT by doing what no man was able to do. Personally, WM29 is THE place to do Rock/Brock or Rock/Taker, by far the top 2 biggest attractions in the industry, for WM30, I want to believe that they will go for the ultimate dream matches which means Rock and HBK, but if not that? Rock/Taker would be unbelievable.
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