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Re: Your Yellow Name...

And you (RevolverSnake) should stop being an ass. You're apparently missing out on what I'm trying to say here. That BLINDNESS is what I'm calling out. Name color and fancy extras mean NOTHING as far as post content is concered. It just so happens that SOME people see it that way. Shit, I KNOW everybody isn't gonna agree with me. Whoopdy fucking do. Like I said before, this is a FORUM... everybody is entitled to their own opinion and should be able to express it without worrying about what people would say based on their 'site status'. If anybody on this fucking forum decided to bash me because I spoke up about some people's nerve to be ARROGANT over a stupid fucking premium membership -- Gold Name, or otherwise -- That's their opinion and honestly, I didn't ask for it so I'm not obligated to give a shit. Understand?

Sheamus, I'm NOT saying it's not true. I KNOW it is... did you or did you not read and fully understand the purpose of the rant?

Fuck me... trying to defend people with different color names or join dates.... I feel like WF's Martin Luther King for fucks sake. It's a shame that this is even an issue, really. Just goes to show the maturity in some people... or the lack thereof.

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