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Your Yellow Name...

... doesn't mean a fucking thing.

Yes, that goes for me as well... but I'm safely excluded from the shit that I've seen. So the fuck what? You can have a pretty signature and a gif as an avatar... that doesn't make you any more intellectual than any other person. Nor does a join date. I've seen one too many Lifetime Members treating non-premiums and "11ers" and "12ers" like shit, or like their opinions don't matter just because they joined later or didn't pay the 10 bucks to get all the extra privelages. Maybe this is just me blowing steam outta my ass because I'm not calling names, but I'm frankly BEYOND over it. Yeah I have a join date that proves that I've been around on and off for a while longer than most... Sure, I'm a premium member... but that doesn't mean I'm gonna tell a non-premium "12er" that their retarded for expressing their opinions on a FORUM, because that's what the shit is for.

Granted, some are less educated than others on any given subject... but some of the asshole-ish comments coming from people make THEM look much less educated in GENERAL than any of the newer guys. At the same time, there are some people that actually DO make retarded comments... but are you the one to bash 'em just because you have a shiny yellow name?

NO. Just... fucking... no.

Anyways... that's all I have to say about that... just wanted to get it off my chest.

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