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Chi Town Punk
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You marks will buy anything they sell. Believe anything your told. I bet you're happy being a slave of the system, you probably love money, unlike myself who recognizes it for what it truely is, enslavement and pure evil.

So people dismiss the MK Ultra shit as not relevent to today, yet techniques learned from "monarch programing" it is still very much in effect in USE on the mass population today.

I like how everyone shits on my matrix, alex jones and zietgiest references, but yet no one mentions nothing about vigilant citizen. Didn't anybody bother looking? Try debunking that shit then, you can't. Too many sumblinals to the point where its not sumbliminal, its in your face.

There's a war going on outside no man is safe from. It doesn't matter if your 3 feet or 8'1.

I also suggest that you all do your research on these satanic devil worshipers like alester crowley and the baphomet, along with freemasonry
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