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Re: Why are the masses so unwashed??

just one question

what makes you think youre enlightened? what makes you think you're above others? what makes you think youre better than everyone? that youre the genius who just discovered youtube and all of a sudden is a brilliant 21st century philosopher?

i cant believe youre using the matrix as your 'enlightening' source of information. the matrix trilogy, an immensely commercial movie franchise produced by hollywood, written by two guys who ripped off Grant Morrison, cyberpunk themes and more importantly Descartes? if you're gonna atleast get stupified by a piece of art, atleast emphasise the original groundbreaking source by descartes which more or less has been criticised and deconstructed by EVERY MAJOR PHILOSOPHER ever since the text was written

and another thing, the whole concept of 'knowing' is completely and utterly relative. you see yourself as 'enlightened', do you realise how pitiful, how small, how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things? for starters, what are you contributing to the world captain 'i suddenly know everything and must act like a know it all'? you 'understand' how the world works? wonderful! then go make the world a better place instead of talking down to everyone

relative to the truly great minds. the artists, the philosophers, the scientists, the scientists, the men truly pushing humanity, art and cuture forward. how would you feel if they were to stop by the thread and start laughing at you?

"oh, this little guy thinks the matrix is a brilliant movie. thats so cute. i remember when i thought that when i was 7, before i went to MIT, got a job at the LHC and found the higgs boson". What gives YOU the right to look down on other people? Nobody has the right to look down on someone else, part of the human condition is making our own mistakes and improving ourselves

Socrates, an absolutely brilliant man, the founder of western philosophy. One of the smartest, most groundbreaking minds to ever live and quite possibly the architect of modern thought and western civilisation once said: "I know one thing, that I know nothing"

And somehow you find yourself 'enlightened'?

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