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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Friday Night SmackDown
]17.04.09 | Alltel Arena

SmackDown begins the usual opening video, showing off the best Superstars of SmackDown and afterwards we enter into the arena, where a huge pyrotechnic display sounds off. Once the smoke clears, we can see and hear the fans going crazy, as the camera pans around the arena. Few seconds later and we join our announce team.

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentleman... you are watching Friday Night SmackDown... my name is good ol’ Jim Ross and we have an explosive show lined up for you tonight.

Todd Grisham: That is indeed true, hello everybody my name is Todd Grisham and I’m so excited to see what happens tonight.

Matt Striker: It’s going to be a huge show; we have the fallout from last week’s main event where Jeff Hardy attacked his brother, Matt Hardy during his tag team match.

Todd Grisham: Not only that, but we have a huge championship match on the show tonight.

Matt Striker: The United States Championship to be precise.

Jim Ross: And the match is even bigger due to what happened last week in the number one contenders match – both R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin pinned Christian and Chavo Guerrero... at the same time. And as a result... we will see a triple threat match where MVP will defend his coveted championship.

The commentators go silent, as does the fans until...


The arena gives out a nice pop for the arrival of the SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long. Teddy walks down to the ring wearing a disgusting brown suit but he still feels the need to give a little dance in the ring once he gets there. Somebody at ringside gives him a microphone and once the fans quieten down, he speaks...

Theodore Long: Ladies and gentleman... welcome to Friday Night SmackDown, playas’.

Long gets a nice pop, albeit a cheap one, he nods at the fans...

Theodore Long: And listen up because we have a fantastic show lined up for you.

Another cheap pop...

Theodore Long: One of our star matches t’night... came about under strange circumstances... but what a match we have scheduled. It will be... Shelton Benjamin...

Little bit of heat...

Theodore Long: Versus R-Truth

Nice pop...

Theodore Long: Versus the defending United States Champion... M... V... P.

Another nice pop, this time for the current United States Champion...

Theodore Long: In a triple threat match for the WWE United States Championship. But that isn’t the only huge match we have for you playas.

Long pauses with a smile on his face...

Theodore Long: I’ve created this match for our main event tonight. It will be a tag team match and it will be The Big Show...

Good amount of heat for the biggest man on the roster...

Theodore Long: He will team with Matt Hardy.

Louder heat this time, for the one time fan favourite, Matt Hardy...

Theodore Long: And they will battle against... Edge.

A mixed reaction for ‘The Rated R Superstar’, some boos, some cheers...

Theodore Long: And Edge will team with... his opponent at Backlash... the World Heavyweight Champion... John Cena!

The fans erupt for the huge match that has just been made for tonight...

Theodore Long: Ya feel me? Enjoy the shows playas.

Teddy begins to walk to the ropes and starts to exit, but then...


Long stops in his tracks and the fans begin to boo as the huge Russian walks out from the back, with a scowl on his face. Long gets back into the ring, and the Russian meets him in the centre of the ring, after picking a microphone up from the steel steps.

Vladimir Kozlov: I told you last week... I want better competition... you said you would get me a match tonight.

Kozlov gets a little closer to Long...

Vladimir Kozlov: Don’t care about these matches you talk about... I want a match. A match against good competition... or else I’ll hurt you.

Long takes a step back from Kozlov...

Theodore Long: Uh... listen playa... I-


The fans give a good pop as Kozlov turns to the stage to see Evan Bourne standing on the stage with a microphone in hand.

Evan Bourne: So... Kozlov... I hear you’re lookin’ for some competition.

Kozlov nods at Bourne as Long has left the ring...

Evan Bourne: Well look no further... I’m your competition.

A wry smile comes across the face of Kozlov as Bourne’s music plays again and he walks down to the ring.

Jim Ross: I’m not sure this is a smart move by Evan Bourne, going against a man almost double his weight and size.

Todd Grisham: Bourne is fearless, he’ll be fine against Kozlov.

Matt Striker: What about that announcement from Teddy Long though, Edge and his opponent teaming together, John Cena, against Matt Hardy and Big Show. How will those two co-exist?

Jim Ross: I don’t know. But ladies and gentleman, join us afterhte break for this match-up.

And we head to a commercial...


We return just in time to hear the referee call for the whistle...

Match One
Singles Match
Evan Bourne vs. Vladimir Kozlov

In the beginning stages, the smaller Evan Bourne uses his speed to keep away from Kozlov, and get some good shots in on his opponent. Bourne manages to hit numerous high-flying manuveres which shows off his high-flying ability, with Kozlov providing the excellent base on which to do them on. But the action slows to a halt when Kozlov catches Bourne after he attempts a cross body, before slamming him down to the floor. Evan been the fantastic seller that he is, manages to convince the fans that it hurt a lot more than it did. Kozlov gets to his feet, adjusts his knee pads that were displaced earlier, in the middle of this Bourne has gotten to his feet, and starts to run at Kozlov but runs straight into a big boot! Instead of going for the cover, Vlad picks Bourne up, and hoists him up into a gorilla press position, but Bourne reverses into a Hurricarana position... Evan tries to execute the move but Kozlov uses his strength to stay on his feet with Bourne hanging upside down from his shoulders. Kozlov uses all his strength and power in his shoulders to lift Bourne up again and then slams him with a Powerbomb! The fans gasp at the speed at which Bourne hits the mat! Kozlov then hoists Evan to his feet, and whips him into the corner, Kozlov makes his way to the other corner before running at Bourne. But Evan dodges, and Kozlov runs straight into the corner to a good cheer from the crowd. Evan runs the ropes but on his return... runs straight into a Battering Ram from Kozlov. Bourne hits the mat with a thud and it looks as though he is out. Kozlov drops down and covers him, One... Two... Three!

Winner – Vladimir Kozlov @ 4.02

The ref calls for the bell and raises Vladimir’s hand. Kozlov stares down at the fallen Evan Bourne before leaving the ring, still with a scowl.

Jim Ross: I think Evan Bourne tried to do something he knew he couldn’t... and that’s not a slight on Bourne, because other men have tried and failed to topple the Russian.

Matt Striker: I honestly don’t think anybody can topple this man; he is a beast in that ring.

We then cut to the backstage area, where the fans go wild because we see John Cena sitting on a steel chair, lacing up his trainers for his match later. Cena spots someone and he stands up immediately, with the fans giving out a mixed reaction as they see Edge.

Edge: Whoa, calm your jets, Cena. I ain’t here to fight... just yet.

Cena backs off a bit, lifts the championship from the ground and puts it on his shoulder which Edge glances at...

John Cena: Then what are you here for?

Edge: I hate you.

Cena smirks a bit...

John Cena: Well... what a revelation that was.

Edge: And I know... that you hate me.

Cena nods...

Edge: But later on tonight... we need to work together. I want to be at full strength for Backlash and I’m sure you do too.

Cena scratches his chin as Edge starts getting animated with his hands and expressions...

Edge: So... what I’m saying... we need to work together to beat Hardy and Show.

Now that Edge has stopped talking...

John Cena: I know that... it’s a tag team match for crying out loud.

Cena pauses.

John Cena: But I get what you’re saying.

A smirk appears on Edge’s face.

John Cena: We do need to work together tonight... and everybody knows we don’t get on well. What I’m worried about... is if you can work with me... because I get a feeling that you’ll try and rough me up before our match at Backlash.

Another smile on Edge’s face...

Edge: Don’t worry... I will... but not tonight... I want to beat Matt Hardy and especially Big Show.

And with that, Edge and Cena share a nod before Edge walks out of the shot, leaving Cena to continue getting ready.


The video opens with Matt Hardy pinning his brother at WrestleMania

One night a year...

A shot of Triple H pedigreeing Randy Orton at WrestleMania

Superstars face off at the biggest stage...

Shot of CM Punk unhooking the MITB briefcase

For their moment...

We fade to black with the last image being John Cena holding the World Heayweight Championship up

But the pageantry is over...

We suddenly hear a women’s blood curdling scream

Then the video returns with Randy Orton kissing Stephanie McMahon with Triple H watching on...

All that remains...

Shot of Jeff Hardy hitting the Swantom Bomb...

Jeff Hardy:
The Backlash...

Shot of Edge hitting a spear...

The Backlash...

Shot of Kane hitting a chokeslam...

Before we see a silhouette of a man in a dark room, only seeing his shadows...

All that remains... is the Backlash.


We return to the arena to hear...


And the entrances for the second match of the night begin, as the WWE Divas Champion, Maryse and her tag team partner Natalya, walk down the ramp and arrive in the ring.

Jim Ross: Last week, Gail Kim won a number one contenders match to face Maryse at Backlash for her WWE Divas Championship. And tonight, if Gail manages to get a win over Maryse, she will have a huge psychological advantage.

Matt Striker: She definitely would.

Todd Grisham: Remember ladies and gentleman, later tonight we have a United States Championship match and a huge tag team main event.


The crowd give out a small pop at the arrival of the number one contender, Gail Kim and her tag team partner, Maria. The duo walk down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans and sliding into the ring; keeping one eye on their opponent.

Jim Ross: The U.S Championship match should be huge, and should the tag team main event, but this will be a great match right now, a preview to their match at Backlash.

Matt Striker: Backlash is shaping up to be a great show, already we have the World Heavyweight Championship match announced, the WWE Divas Championship and I’m sure we will have much more announced.

Match Two
Tag Team Match
Gail Kim & Maria vs. WWE Divas Champion Maryse & Natalya

Gail Kim and Natalya kick the match off for their teams, recreating the match from last week. In the initial stages it is Gail Kim in control as she uses quick fire moves to keep Natalya off her game. Gail tags in the less experienced Maria who continues Gail’s good work until she makes a mistake which allows Natalya to ground her and use her submission based offense. Maria struggles but is no match for the more powerful Natalya. The graduate of the dungeon tags in her tag team partner, Maryse and she continues their teams momentum. Maryse pulls Marias hair around the ring as she messes with her opponent, taking a pause every so often to taunt Kim. Eventually this taunting and over confidence costs her as Maria breaks away from her and begins to get some offense of her own in. This is short lived as Maryse pokes Maria in the eyes to get back on top, she then tags in Natalya.

Natalya continues to keep Maria away from Gail, and continue to inflict pain on Maria. Natalya pulls Maria into the corner and lifts her onto the top rope. Maria is now sat on the turnbuckle, and Natalya tries to climb up in front of her, but she knocks her down with a punch to the gut. Natalya walks back but eats a boot square in the face. Maria then jumps off the ropes and connects with a swinging DDT!! Which lays out Natalya, both women are down. This is when Maria gets the hot tag to Gail and Natalya tags in Maryse and the two Backlash opponents go at it. Gail meets her in the middle of the ring but slips behind her and connects with a drop kick to the back. Maryse falls into the ropes and her neck hits the second rope hard which disorientates her. She holds her neck and seems to be choking, the referee checks on her and tells Gail to back off. While this is happening, Natalya rushes back into the ring to blindside Gail but Maria cuts her off and the two divas brawl to the outside. Gail is distracted by this and it seems Maryse has made a recovery as she kicks Gail in the stomach and goes for her patented DDT but Gail slides out of it and connects with Eat Defeat and covers her for the victory!

Winners – Gail Kim & Maria @ 3.27

Gail Kim has pinned the Divas Champion! Kim is joined in the ring with Maria; the two celebrate while Natalya pulls Maryse out of the ring. Maryse and Natalya back up the ramp, pausing half way to stare at Kim and Maria, who stare back. Gail motions across her stomach, signifying her intention to win the Championship at Backlash.

Todd Grisham: Well, I guess that means Gail will have an advantage at Backlash. Because now she knows she can beat Maryse.

Matt Striker: Keep in mind, that if Maryse wasn’t distracted by Maria then she probably wouldn’t have been pinned by Gail.

Jim Ross: I have to agree with Matt, Maryse was distracted so we can’t read too much into it. But anyway, moving on tonight ladies and gentleman, join us after the break when Jeff Hardy will be in action against Christian!


We return to SmackDown and are backstage where we see the beautiful Tiffany waiting with a microphone in her hand.

Tiffany: Ladies and gentleman... please welcome my guest... the United States Champion, M... V... P!

Nice pop for MVP as the camera pans out to reveal the U.S Champion standing beside Tiffany.

Tiffany: MVP, you have a Championship match tonight where you will defend your Title against both Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth in a triple threat match, are you prepared?

Tiff’ shoves the microphone underneath MVP’s mouth...

MVP: Of course, Tiffany. Of course I’m ready.

MVP pauses...

MVP: I’m always ready... always prepared. This is a Championship match, Tiffany... you better believe I’m ready.

Nice cheer for MVP as Tiffany takes back the microphone...

Tiffany: Are you at all angry about how you have to face two Superstars at once in order to defend your Championship?

Microphone change...

MVP: What happened last week... that was certainly different. But am I angry? No. It’s just one of those things... y’know.

Tiff’ for some reason nods...

MVP: I’m ready tonight, and neither R-Truth or Shelton Benjamin will be leaving with my Championship. At the end of the night... I’ll still be United States Champion.

That’s it for the interview as Tiffany takes the microphone back and watches as MVP walks away.

We cut back to the ring and hear...



One of the more popular stars on Smackdown, Christian appears from behind the curtain to a pretty big pop, wearing his regular black attire but with green trim – he begins to walk down the ramp. He uses his hand as a visor, looking for his peeps in the arena. ‘Captain Charisma’ climbs up the steel steps, enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle.

Jim Ross: This match is going to be a slobber knocker, I can tell already.

Matt Striker: That’s true. Both Christian and his opponent, Jeff Hardy can go in the ring, very much looking forward to how this goes down.

Todd Grisham: But one has to wonder if Jeff will be fully focused on this match, considering the current differences between him and his brother.

Jim Ross: I don’t think that will be a problem, it will be difficult but Jeff knows he will have to push Matt to the back of his mind and focus on Christian, because Christian is a talented Superstar, and if Jeff isn’t fully focused then Christian will win this match.


The crowd rise to their feet and scream their heads off as one of the biggest Superstars on SmackDown, come out from behind the curtain. Jeff Hardy stands on the stage, and as his pyro goes off around him, he does his signature entrance before walking down the ramp, looking into the crowd. Once in the ring, he climbs to the second turnbuckle and taunts for the fans.

Jim Ross: This man reached the top, last year he won the World Championship but it was torn away from him when his own brother cost him the Championship and now Jeff is after revenge. But right now, he has a huge match against Christian. These two have history in the fact that these two along with their partners, were two of the greatest tag teams in history and have had great matches together.

Matt Striker: Christian will provide stern competition, he one of the most talented guys on the roster, and it won’t be long before he’s challenging for World Championships.

Todd Grisham: Guys, do you think Matt Hardy will be watching tonight?

Jim Ross: I have a feeling we’ll see Matt before his tag team match at the end of the show.

Match Three
Singles Match

Christian vs. Jeff Hardy

The match begins with a respectful hand shake between these two competitors, a lot of history between these two. The crowd are cheering loudly waiting for the two of them to get it on. The first few minutes were very fast paced, both men getting in a good amount of offense before Christian took the advantage by dodging a splash from the top turnbuckle. From here on in, Christian kept the high flying Hardy on the ground, using various submissions holds to keep him there. Eventually Hardy willed himself out of a Boston Crab and began taking it to Christian. The ending of the match came around this point, as Jeff was climbing the turnbuckle, Christian managed to get to the corner and climb up with him. He attempted a Superplex, but Hardy hooked his leg around the metal bar of the buckle. Jeff then head butted Christian and he fell to the mat below, Hardy then attempted a Swanton Bomb but Christian rolled out the way. Jeff rolled through but Christian was close to him and attempted a Killswitch, but Hardy twisted out of it and planted Christian with the Twist of Fate.

Winner – Jeff Hardy @ 11.56

And Jeff gets the win! The referee calls for the bell as the fans applaud the great match they just witnessed. Jeff uses the rope to get to his feet, and then goes over to the corner and asks for a microphone. Christian begins to roll out of the ring before Jeff is handed a microphone. Hardy walks over to the ropes, staring at the stage, visibly angry.

Jeff Hardy: MATT!!

The fans go a little silent, shocked at the venom in Jeff’s voice...

Jeff Hardy: You say all of this is my fault?!

Jeff catches his breath after the match and takes a second...

[COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]Jeff Hardy:[/COLOR] It’s not my fault you’re a jealous little bitch!

Pretty loud pop for Jeff calling his brother a bitch...

Jeff Hardy: Now get out here right now! I’m calling you out! Get out here so I can kick your teeth down your throat!

Another loud pop as Hardy throws the microphone to the ground, which makes a impactful cracking sound. Hardy screams “get out here!” to the stage, but no one appears. At least ten seconds pass by, and still no Matt Hardy.

Jim Ross: Well it looks like either Matt isn’t in the building or...

Todd Grisham: He could be scared to come out and face Jeff?

Matt Striker: And I don’t blame him if he is... look at the rage in Jeff’s face.

Back in the ring, Jeff is audibly heard saying “fine. I’ll come back there and get you”. Jeff exits the ring and stomps up the ramp, rage in his eyes. At this point we head to a commercial break.


We return from the break, where we are backstage and the cameras are following a very irate Jeff Hardy. The cameras keep following until JEFF IS BLINDSIDED FROM BEHIND!!

It’s Matt Hardy! With Jeff on the ground, Matt lays into his brother with kicks and punches... before picking him up and LAUNCHING HIM HEADFIRST RIGHT INTO A PRODUCTION BOX!! The attack is done though... as Matt continues to whale on his brother and one time friend! Eventually four road agents appear and restrain Matt from any more attacks. The crowd are incensed, while Matt still frantically tries to get to his brother.

The camera focuses in on the pain-stricken face of Jeff, laying on the ground, holding his face. And the show producers obviously think we should cut away as we start with the RAW Rebound.

RAW Rebound

The RAW Rebound begins with Vince McMahon announcing that Ric Flair is now the new General Manager of Monday Night RAW. Then, Randy Orton interrupts Flair and tells him that he deserves a WWE Championship opportunity, Flair tells Orton that he will have to earn it and he will face Kofi Kingston in a number one contenders match later on tonight. Kofi puts a good showing against The Viper but he isn’t strong enough as Orton wins with the RKO. A brawl then breaks out between Orton, Legacy and Triple H, after which Trips is saved by Kingston from a beat down. Ric Flair comes out and announces that Triple H will defend his WWE Championship against Randy Orton at Backlash – in a No Holds Barred match!

Once we are back, we are at the announce desk...

Jim Ross: Despicable... absolutely despicable.

Todd Grisham: Matt knew if he waited, Jeff would try and find him.

Jim Ross: Disgusting tactics from his own brother.

Matt Striker: Don’t you guys see the genius in that? Instead of coming out to face Jeff head on... he waited for his moment to pounce. I’m not condoning it, but it was a pretty smart move.

Jim Ross: It was still a disgusting way of going about it. A real man would have came down to the ring and faced his own brother, who he has made life hell for over the past few months.

Neither Matt nor Todd gets a chance to respond to J.R, as...


The tag team of The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson make their presence felt as the fans rise to boo. The big and small duo walk down the ramp, Kendrick all smiles and arrogant, Jackson in contrast – scowling and all business.

[COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]Todd Grisham[/COLOR]: This tag team made a real statement last week, when they attacked Primo and Carlito after their match. They assaulted the WWE Tag Team Champions and it looks as if they have put their names firmly in the running for those Titles.

Matt Striker: That’s what you do... you put your name on the map and you get recognised. You get the Championship opportunity’s... you get the spotlight.

Back in the ring, Kendrick is handed a microphone and the man walks to the centre of the ring, with Ezekiel behind him.

The Brian Kendrick: Ahem. Do you know who we... are? Do you know who I am?

Boos from the crowd as Kendrick twirls the microphone in his hand...

The Brian Kendrick: My associate here...

Jackson takes a step forward...

The Brian Kendrick: Is the most intimidating man on SmackDown.

Jackson keeps his face rigid as the fans boo...

The Brian Kendrick: Ezekiel... why don’t you show these people how intimidating you can be...

‘Zeke complies by flexing his arms, showing off his bulging muscles before flexing his chest and back muscles, creating a fierce and scary sight...

The Brian Kendrick: Y’see ladies and gentleman... the... most... intimidating man on SmackDown.

Again, Kendrick draws boos in from the crowd...

The Brian Kendrick: Now... do you know... who I am?

‘You Suck’...

The Brian Kendrick: That’s cute.

More boos as Kendrick shakes his head...

The Brian Kendrick: I’m THE... Brian Kendrick. A multiple time WWE Tag Team Champion... the greatest Superstar on this brand. And just a nice guy.

Kendrick smirks away to himself, while ‘Zeke just listens...

The Brian Kendrick: Now... the WWE Tag Team Championships... the championships that I loved so much are now in the hands of... of... of idiots.

Oh... burn...

The Brian Kendrick: They are not fit to lace my... or my associate’s boots. And they are certainly not fit to wear those championships around their waists.

Heat from the crowd...

The Brian Kendrick: And y’know what annoys me the most... the fact those two... granted Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder a chance at the gold. How? Why the hell do those two get a shot... I was thinking about that... and then we came up with answer... Ezekiel...

Kendrick moves the microphone over to ‘Zeke...

Ezekiel Jackson: Carlito and Primo are scared. Scared to face us... because they know that we will destroy them and take their Championships.

And with that wordy response, Kendrick takes the microphone back...

The Brian Kendrick: We decided to take things into our own hands... last week my associate and I attacked The Colon’s and sent a message. That message was simply this...

Kendrick turns towards the stage, as does Jackson...

The Brian Kendrick: We want those WWE Tag Team Championships. You don’t deserve those Championships... we-


It’s a massive response for Carlito and Primo, no doubt partly due to the fact that Brian Kendrick will stop speaking now. The WWE Tag Team Champions walk out onto the stage, stand side by side, looking down at the men who attacked them. Kendrick and Jackson stare back.

Carlito: Listen man, ju’ are really starting to bore Carlito and his brother.

Primo nods along...

Carlito: See... Carlito and Primo were in the back... listening to ju’ two run juur’ mouths... about how Carlito and Primo... they don’t deserve to be WWE Tag Team Champions...

Kendrick mouths ‘that’s right’...

Primo: Y’see Kendrick... these titles... that ju’ say aren’t ours. The championships that ju’ say... we don’t deserve, despite of the fact that we won these... we’ve defended these and we’ve defeated all challengers... and defeated the World Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania.

Nice pop for The Colon’s while ‘Lito nods...

Carlito: Carlito don’t think ju’ get it, man. Ju’ may be former WWE Tag Champ’... but Carlito and Primo are the current Tag Team Champions.

Another good sized cheer...

Primo: And... that means that my brother and I... are the best tag team on this show.

Kendrick and Jackson shake their heads...

Carlito: But hey... Primo and Carlito... are generous guys... so since ju’ seem to want a championship match so bad... how about this... ju’ guys against us... at Backlash.

Quite a nice pop for the big Championship match that has just been made...

The Brian Kendrick: Fair enough guys... my associate and I can wait until then. We can wait until Backlash... to do what we did to you guys last week again... but this time take those WWE Tag Team Championships.

Round of boos for Kendrick as the two Colon’s share a quick look...

Primo: Oh yeah... hey I’m glad ju’ brought that up.

Carlito: Y’see... after ju’ attacked us... Carlito and Primo decided to come up with a way... to get our own back.

Bit of a cheer...

Primo: But y’see... we were going to just come down there and do what you did to us... but we won’t.

Little bit of boos...

Primo: Hang on... hang on. Y’see... Teddy Long told me that I’m in competition against the mute down there... Ezekiel Jackson.

‘Zeke doesn’t take too kindly to being called that as he walks towards the ropes, but Kendrick puts arm across his chest and stops him...

Carlito: Instead... Carlito thought it’d be best to wait and do it during the match. But that idea... isn’t the only thing the Colon’s came up with...

‘Lito and Primo share a smile...

The Brian Kendrick: Oh yeah... like what?

Primo: Look up...

The crowd erupts as blue gunge falls from the ceiling... falling right on top of the ring... covering Jackson and Kendrick. Kendrick and his associate fall to the floor because of the slippery guck, while Primo and ‘Lito are laughing furiously at the top of the ramp. The crowd are in hysterics as well, watching the huge frame of Jackson try to get to his feet, all the while battling with the loss of friction.

Matt Striker: Ha-ha... look at this guys... this was genius.

Primo and Carlito watch as Jackson crawls on his stomach over to the ropes, using them to get to his knees, he stares at the Tag Team Champions, as the camera closes in on his face, and we cut to a commercial with the last shot being Kendrick falling over again.


Back on SmackDown... the lovely Tiffany is standing by...

Tiffany: Ladies and gentleman... please welcome R-Truth!

The camera pans out to reveal said man...

Tiffany: R-Truth... you are involved in the triple threat match for the United States Championship match later tonight... what are your thoughts?

Truth scratches his chin before replying...

R-Truth: Well first of all Tiffany... I don’t believe ‘dat the match should be a triple threat... it should be a singles match... but ‘dat doesn’t matter anymore... what’s done is done.

Tiffany: Umm... I spoke to MVP earlier and he said that nobody but him was leaving with the United States Championship match... any reply?

A smirk appears on Truth’s face...

R-Truth: MVP won’t be leaving with the U.S Championship. And neither will Shelton Benjamin. Later on t’night... I’m goin’ down to ‘dat ring... and winning myself a Championship. I’m leaving with the United States Championship.

Slight pop...

R-Truth: And ‘dat... ‘dat is the truth.

Another pop for Truth, while Tiffany thanks him for the interview, he walks away and we cut to the announce table.

Jim Ross: R-Truth looks very confident for later tonight, he faces off against Montel Vontavious Porter and Shelton Benjamin in a bid to capture the United States Championship. A huge triple threat, right here on SmackDown.

Todd Grisham: MVP did look very confident also when we spoke to him.

Matt Striker: And I’m sure if we spoke to Benjamin then he would be just as... if not more confident.

Jim Ross: And-

Good ol’ J.R is interrupted as...

???: Excuse me!

It’s a huge amount of heat as the camera cuts to the ramp, where we see Vickie Guerrero walking down it, looking very pissed off.

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!!

With every ‘excuse me’ the boos get louder and louder and before long she’s inside the ring...

Vickie Guerrero: Listen to me...

More boos...

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me!!

Eventually the fans die down so Vickie can get a word in...

Vickie Guerrero: Did you see what happened last week? How dare Edge speak to me in that way.

Vickie is visibly annoyed...

Vickie Guerrero: How dare he... how dare he break up with me!

Loud cheer for Edge breaking up with the hated Guerrero...

Vickie Guerrero: I made him... I made him who he is and he has the audacity to talk to me like I’m a piece of dirt.

And again, the fans cheer...

Vickie Guerrero:I made my own family help him, over and over again... I gave him Chavo Guerrero’s services in a bid for him to win every match he ever competed in... and he did. I stuck by him when he was injured... I was on this show... on my own while Edge was sat at home... rehabbing his injury. And then I practically give him the World Heavyweight Championship on his return from injury... I inserted him into the Championship match... and he won... all thanks to me.
Vickie pauses to catch her breath while the fans boo...

Vickie Guerrero: I’m the reason he was World Heavyweight Champion, I’m the reason he won all those matches... I stuck by him... I made him who he is. He needs me!

Guerrero lowers the microphone, takes a glance at the stage before continuing...

Vickie Guerrero: He breaks up with me? It should-



Surprisingly, it’s a massive response for ‘The Rated R Superstar’ as he has effectively shut up Vickie Guerrero. Vickie watches as Edge makes his way down the ramp, sunglasses and beanie hat on, jeans and an Edge t-shirt also. Once in the ring, Edge is handed a microphone.

Edge: Seriously? Seriously Vickie? You made me?

Vickie nods...

Edge: That’s funny. Because to my knowledge... I was World Heavyweight Champion before you, and at Backlash I’ll be Heavyweight Champion after you.

Edge lowers his sunglasses and puts them on the collar of his shirt...

Edge: I was a star before you... I was ‘The Rated R Superstar’ before we were in a relationship. And you say that you are the reason that I won the Championship on my return from injury... well, uh... I hate to break it to ya’ Vickie... I won that match. Sure... you may have put me in the match, but I was the one that pinned Triple H, I was the one that got the three count - not you.

Vickie Guerrero: I-

Edge: Shut up... I’m not finished speaking.

Pop for Edge shutting Vickie up again...

Edge: Do you know why I went out with you?

Vickie Guerrero: Because you loved-

Edge: Wrong!

Another good cheer...

Edge: I was in that relationship because you were the SmackDown General Manager... not because I loved you. Truth be told Vickie... I hated you... I detested every minute I was you... you make me physically sick!

Despite the aggressive tone of Edge’s voice and the fact that Edge is a heel, the fans cheer again...

Edge: I used you... I used you to get what I wanted. And now... now you’re worth nothing to me.

Vickie is almost in tears...

Edge: You’re no longer General Manager... and you are no longer my wife. I don’t need you anymore!

Another cheer while Vickie wipes the tears and gets serious...

Vickie Guerrero: Is that true, huh? Well... well... you think you don’t need me? Well... I don’t need you. I found a better man... a stronger man... a more passionate man!

Edge smirks a bit...

Vickie Guerrero: You think that’s funny? Well when Big Show and I are together... he makes me forget all about you!

Edge fakes gagging as some of the fans gag for real...

Vickie Guerrero: And y’wanna know something... when we were seeing each other... I was with him a lot. Behind your back.

A smile comes across Vickie’s face...

Edge: You think I care? Huh? I’ve got better things to worry about... like winning back my World Heavyweight Championship back.

Bit of a mixed reaction for this...

Edge: You and Big Show... you two are welcome to each other. You and Big Show... two slobs together... the perfect couple.

This time, it’s a loud cheer with no boos but then...



Edge swiftly turns to face the stage, while Vickie begins to smile at the sight of her new man, The Big Show making his way down the ramp. Show walks round the ring, gets a microphone and then stands next to Vickie.

[COLOR="rgb(65, 105, 225)"]Big Show:[/COLOR] You-


Suddenly Show smacks the microphone of Edge’s head, and he crumbles to a heap on the ground. Show manhandles Edge to his feet and wraps his hand around his neck! Vickie screams orders at her new boyfriend to chokeslam her old one. But then Show lets go of Edge and throws him to the side...

It’s John Cena! Cena slides into the ring, runs at Big Show but ducks a punch before returning with a flying shoulder block, the fans are cheering as Show reels backwards towards the ropes. But he launches himself at Cena, who runs at Show as well... but ducks a clothesline and when he hits the ropes he hangs on. Show turns around, seeing Cena on the ropes, he sends himself over – but Cena falls to the mat and brings the top rope down with him and Show tumbles over!

Vickie joins him on the outside, while he attempts to get back into the ring, but he notices Edge now on his feet! Cena and Edge stand on guard for Big Show’s attempt to get back into the ring, but eventually Vickie calms him down and the duo begin to walk backwards up the ramp.

Jim Ross: John Cena just saved his tag team partner for later tonight from a hellish beating, but in the process saved his Backlash opponent.

Matt Striker: Cena must be thinking in the short term, because if that was me then I would have left Edge to Big Show.

Todd Grisham: Maybe that’s the difference between you and Cena, he has honour.

Matt Striker: The hell with honour, it’s dumb by Cena, because you know Edge will eventually stab him in the back.

Jim Ross: I’ve seen Edge do some dastardly stuff and I wouldn’t put it past him.

Edge and Cena share an awkward glance from the corners while the fans chant ‘Cena’.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman... we have to take a commercial break, but join us after the break where later on we’ll have a triple threat for the United States Championship match and those two men in the ring will team up to face Big Show and Matt Hardy.


Back on SmackDown...


It’s a good amount of heat generated for the huge frame of Ezekiel Jackson, who walks down the ramp with The Brian Kendrick by his side – cleaned up after their altercation with Primo and Carlito earlier in the evening. Jackson climbs into the ring and stares at the ramp, looking all business.

Jim Ross: Ezekiel Jackson looks very, very angry. Kendrick is a lucky man to have this man on his side come Backlash, when they face off against Primo and Carlito for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Todd Grisham: Do you guys think that Carlito and especially Primo, are regretting what they did to these two earlier in the night.

Matt Striker: Even if they are... it was fantastic, I’ve never seen something as funny as that in all my time as a announcer.


The crowd react to Primo’s entrance with a nice pop, and with Carlito at his side, the WWE Tag Team Champions walk down the ramp, smiling smugly at Jackson and Kendrick. Primo climbs into the ring, cautiously, keeping an eye on Jackson. He hands the ref his Championship, while Carlito stands opposite Kendrick on the mats.

Jim Ross: Whoever wins this match will have a psychological advantage going into Backlash in three weeks time. And Primo will need to use all of his ring smarts to defeat Jackson, because he is huge and very... very angry.

Todd Grisham: I’d hate to be in Primo’s shoes right now, against the hulking figure of Jackson.

Matt Striker: I could take him, y’know.

Todd Grisham: Sure you could, Matt.

And with the two men ready... we get the match underway...

Match Four
Singles Match
Primo vs. Ezekiel Jackson

The match began with Primo using his speed advantage to stay away from the bigger man, but still getting a few shots in here and there. Jackson started to get frustrated and ran at Primo who side stepped him and he ran straight into the ropes, Primo kicked him in the back of the head with a Drop Kick and then went to the top rope, Primo tried a crossbody, but ‘Zeke caught him and planted him with a body slam. From there on, it was all Jackson as he inflicted as much pain as possible on Primo. Carlito managed to get the crowd involved and the end was in sight as Primo battled up from a sleeper position, battled out and repeatedly kicked ‘Zeke in the legs getting him down to his knees. Primo ran the ropes before smacking Zeke in the face with a running knee, and got a near two count. Primo stood up and measured Jackson, and planted him with the Backcracker. He covered him, but Kendrick climbed onto the apron and distracted the referee – Carlito wasn’t having this and ran around the ring, but Brian dropped to the mat, and managed to kick the steel steps as Carlito was running round them, kicking them straight into ‘Lito’s knees. Primo was distracted by this and turned straight into a Sit Down Spinebuster which gained the three count.

Winner - Ezekiel Jackson @ 6.32

The win is met with a chorus of boos as Jackson climbs to his feet and his hand lifted by the referee. Kendrick joins him in the ring and the two celebrate while Carlito just realizes what has just happened.

Jim Ross: A huge win over one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions for Ezekiel Jackson that will give them a lot of momentum, despite the way they won it.

Todd Grisham: Primo looked like he was going to score a good upset win but after the distractions from outside then Jackson was able to take advantage, and pick up the win.

Matt Striker: The Colon’s may have had the first laugh but Jackson and Kendrick have won the second round for tonight.

Jackson and Kendrick exit the ring while ‘Lito joins his brother in the ring, the duo staring at their challengers.

We head backstage now and we are Theodore Long’s office, Teddy is looking through some papers on his couch, but rises to his feet swiftly, when Jeff Hardy storms in. The crowd cheer on their favourite Hardy.

Theodore Long: Jeff...

Jeff Hardy: Look... I want Matt... I want him... one on one... right now.

The crowd pop for the potential match that could be made for tonight...

Theodore Long: Listen playa’... I can’t do that. As you know Matt is already scheduled in a match t’night.

Little bit of heat as Jeff shakes his head.

Jeff Hardy: Matt attacked me earlier and I want pay back.

Theodore Long: I know... I know. But here’s an idea, playa’... you and Matt one on one... at Backlash.

The fans let out a big cheer as Jeff nods his head.

Theodore Long: And it’s not just goin’ to be any match... it’s goin’ to be a match that you two helped make famous... it’s gonna’ be tables... ladders... and chairs. T-L-C!

Even bigger cheer this time for the huge match-up made by Teddy Long. Jeff nods his approvement, he then turns on his heels and swiftly makes his exit.

Jim Ross: The Backlash card is shaping up nicely folks, and especially with this huge match that has just been announced.

Todd Grisham: Two brothers going at it, in a huge T-L-C match!

Matt Striker: The blood is sure to spill over when these two meet at Backlash.

Jim Ross: Yes, it’s sure to be a great match. But we’ve got a great match coming up; the United States Championship is on the line in a triple threat match. Join us after the break.


It’s very calm on SmackDown until we hear...


It’s a very good response for the potential new United States Champion, R-Truth comes out from the back and begins to rap his way down to the ring – once inside he gets ready for his opponent.

Jim Ross: M-V-P definitely has a disadvantage, the odds are against him to retain his Championship. But that will no doubt give encouragement to R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin knowing that this is their chance to get that Championship.

Matt Striker: M-V-P won’t give that Championship away without a fight and we saw how confident he looked earlier.

Todd Grisham: R-Truth looked very confident also, Matt, this is going to be a great match.


The second man in this triple threat, Shelton Benjamin walks out from the back and walks down to the ring, eyes fixated on R-Truth while taunting the fans. The crowd are booing but Benjamin doesn’t care as he hops up to the steel steps and enters the ring.

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin is one of the most talented Superstars on SmackDown and as a former United States Champion; he must be the favourite for this match.

Todd Grisham: Benjamin is a very gifted athlete. It will be a great match, M-V-P is up against it.


It’s a good reaction for the current United States Championship M-V-P. He comes out from the back, he goes to each side of the stage and pretends to shoot a basketball. Once that’s over with, he walks down the ring and slides into the ring.

Jim Ross: It’s been a great show thus far, and this match is going to make it even better, with three gifted individuals chasing the United States Championship.

Matt Striker: And remember, even after this match, we’re not finished; we still have the huge tag team main event to come with Edge teaming with his Backlash opponent, John Cena to face Matt Hardy and The Big Show.

Match Five

WWE United States Championship

MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. R-Truth

The crowd were buzzing for this match and the wrestlers were the same, the action kicked off with Benjamin attempting to get Truth to attack MVP with him but no dice. He then attempted the same with MVP, trying to get him to help him attack Truth, again – no. Instead, Truth and MVP ganged up on Benjamin, beating him down before throwing him out of the ring and turning the match into a singles match. Truth and MVP traded blows, each man hitting some of their signature moves, and MVP almost picked up the pin when he connected with the Ballin Elbow – but Benjamin returned to the fray. He broke up the pin and then threw MVP into the ringpost through the turnbuckles, MVP then fell to the ground and Shelton turned back to Truth. The next few minutes consisted of Benjamin locking in various submissions, and even hitting a few of high impact moves, getting near fall after near fall. Eventually Truth managed to get some momentum going for him by fighting back, before hitting Benjamin with a Running Spinning Elbow. MVP returned to the action and started battling out with R-Truth. MVP whipped him into the corner, he then connected with a Superplex from the top rope. After a few seconds he covered him but Shelton broke it up, he picked MVP up, but MVP broke his arms away, kicked him in the gut, bounced off the ropes and connected with The Drive By Kick! MVP covers him, but Truth breaks it up and throws MVP out of the ring. Benjamin starts to get to his feet, but Truth connects with a Corkscrew Scissor Kick and picks up the win!

Winner and new WWE United States Champion - R-Truth @ 13:10

He’s done it! We have a new United States Champion, and his name is R-Truth! Truth climbs off Benjamin and slowly rises to his feet, exhausted from his battle while the fans cheer him on. The referee hands him the Championship, Truth takes it in his hands, stares at it before planting a kiss on it and raising it to the heavens. The camera glances at MVP who is leaning on the apron, watching Truth with the United States Title.

Jim Ross: We have a new United States Champion! What a match, and what an ending. And we aren’t even done yet tonight folks.

Todd Grisham: Congratulations to R-Truth but M-V-P looks very angry.

Matt Striker: Jeez, ya’ think Todd? Of course he’s going to be angry, he’s just lost his Championship.


We see a black and white picture of a house

Then we fade out and back to see quick fire shots of Brian Pillman and Davey Boy Smith

Narrator: Great men have trained there...

More shots of Bret Hart and Owen Hart

Narrator: Some of the most talented Superstars have trained there...

A shot of two people in a black, shadowy room...

Narrator: Now the dungeon is no more...

Quick shots of two men wrestling on the ground, in the same blackened room.

Narrator: And the last two people to graduate...

The camera goes back to focusing on just them in a darkened room.

Narrator: Are coming to Friday Night SmackDown.

The Hart Dynasty coming soon to Friday Night SmackDown



SmackDown returns and we are backstage where Tiffany is standing by.

Tiffany: Hi again. Please welcome my guest... she is the number one contender for the WWE Divas Championship... Gail Kim.

The camera pans out and indeed, it is Gail Kim.

Tiffany: Earlier on tonight, we saw you pin the Divas Champion, Maryse... do you think that gives you an advantage going in to Backlash?

Gail Kim: Well...

Suddenly, Gail goes flying forward, right into Tiffany, taking her to the ground as well! It is then revealed that Maryse is the culprit, she clubbed Gail in the back and down she went! The Divas Champion picks up her challenger and rams her, head first right into the TV screen behind him. The crowd are booing loudly, but Maryse doesn’t care as she looks down at Gail, holding her head in pain. Maryse kneels down beside Kim, holding her head up by her hair.

Maryse; Vous n'aurez jamais mon championnat!

And with that, Maryse swiftly stands up, and walks out of the shot.

We then cut to the main arena where we hear...


It’s an unfamiliar theme tune, but as we see Matt Hardy appear on the stage with a smug expression, the fans erupt into a frenzy of boos. Hardy ignores the boos, still looking very smug, he walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Jim Ross: Earlier on tonight, we saw Jeff Hardy call out his brother, Matt, but he never appeared so Jeff went searching, he was attacked from behind. And brutally attacked. Once Jeff was seen to, he went to the General Manager’s office and demanded to face Matt tonight.

Todd Grisham: But as Matt was already booked in a match tonight, Theodore Long decided to create a huge match for Backlash. Matt Hardy versus Jeff Hardy in a tables, ladders and chairs match. What a match!

Matt Striker: Matt shouldn’t be thinking about that just now though, he needs to think about this match right now. If he manages to pin John Cena, then that puts him right in the Championship picture for after Backlash.



It’s another round of boos as The Big Show appears with his girlfriend, Vickie Guerrero. The couple make their way to the ring, Big Show ignoring the fans while Vickie insults most of them.

Matt Striker: Could this be the new power couple in W-W-E?

Todd Grisham: I’m not sure about that, but The Big Show is a powerful man on his own. He can take on anybody in that locker.

Jim Ross: What I do know is this thing between Edge, Vickie Guerrero and The Big Show isn’t over.



It’s a thunderous mixed reaction for ‘The Rated R Superstar’, Edge walks out from the back, staring down at the ring below him. He walks half way down the ramp, before stopping and setting of his pyro, once at the ring, he cautiously slides into it.

Jim Ross: This seems very strange to me, it’s not often some of these fans cheer Edge.

Matt Striker: It’s obviously because Edge made Vickie look like a fool earlier on the night. But it may come back to haunt him, as Big Show will to teach him a lesson.

Todd Grisham: Well, anyway, Edge meets John Cena in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Backlash, who incidentally is his tag team partner for tonight. How will these two co-exist.


Another huge response, as a chorus of cheers is played for the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena. The Champ’ salutes the crowd before jogging down the ramp and sliding into the ring.

Jim Ross: We seen earlier that Edge told Cena that they need to work together,

Todd Grisham: And after that, John saved Edge from a beat down by The Big Show.

Matt Striker: I’m not actually sure if Cena should trust Edge, we’ve all seen how Edge can turn on you in a split second.

Main Event

Tag Team Match

John Cena & Edge vs. The Big Show & Matt Hardy

This match began with Cena and Show in singles action, Cena fought hard against the larger show, but after a distraction b Vickie Guerrero, Show took the advantage. Big Show and Matt Hardy exchanged quick tags to keep Cena away from his tag team partner. At one point, Cena managed to break away from the corner and attempt to get to his partner but Matt cut him off by diving on top of him. Matt clubbed the back of Cena before show boating for the crowd, wrong move as this allowed Cena to crawl to Edge and get the tag. To a good reaction from the crowd, Edge came sprinting into the match, taking Matt down with a clothesline. Another clothesline before Edge went for the cover. Show stopped the count but then Cena came back into the match, hitting a shoulder block, knocking Show out of the ring. John got back into his corner as Edge brought Hardy to the corner, and tagged in Cena. The two worked together and connected with a double suplex. The champion then picked Matt up and whipped him to the ropes, Show got back onto the apron and got the blind tag. Cena hit a nice powerslam but turned round and dodged a right boot! But the boot then connected with the referee knocking him out. The fans began cheering as Jeff Hardy sprints down the ramp and dives on Matt who rolled to the outside, he pounds away on Matt which distracts Show, but then turns round right into an Attitude Adjustment. The referee comes around and counts the pin!

Winners – John Cena & Edge @ 9.33

John rolls away from Show and lies on the mat beside him. The referee climbs into the ring and hands him his World Heavyweight Championship. We get a shot of Matt Hardy staggering up the ramp with Jeff close behind him. The two of them continue brawling through the curtain and in the backstage area. Meanwhile, Vickie is screaming for Show to get up but he isn’t budging. Cena starts to get up, using the ropes for leverage... but then Edge slides into the ring and plants him with a Spear!

Jim Ross: What? What is this?

Matt Striker: You knew this would happen, everybody knew this would happen.

Edge stands above Cena, smirking while the fans have started to boo him completely. He bends down and picks up the championship – he holds it up high as we close the show.


SmackDown Results

Singles Match | Vladimir Kozlov bts. Evan Bourne
Tag Team Match | Gail Kim & Maria bts. Maryse & Natalya
Singles Match | Jeff Hardy bts. Christian
WWE United States Championship | R-Truth bts. MVP & Shelton Benjamin
Tag Team Match | John Cena & Edge bts. Matt Hardy & The Big Show

WWE Backlash

05.03.09 | TD Banknorth Arena| Boston, Massachusetts

WWE Championship – No Holds Barred
Triple H vs. Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena vs. Edge

Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy


WWE Tag Team Championship
The Colons vs. The Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson

WWE Divas Championship
Maryse vs. Gail Kim

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