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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
No. I'm sorry but no lol. After everything that has happened these past 4 years and especially after the vicious nature of the 27 and 28 matches, to have a normal wrestling match after that would be so stupid. There is no different type of match. It won't work. Taker can't lose to a Rock Bottom after wrestling a nice little match after kicking out of sledgehammer shots, a million chair shots, countless Pedigress, countless SCM, a fucking Tombstone. It doesn't work like that and they can't just wipe the slate clean like that either. Lesnar vs. Taker will continue the story that you literally have to kill the Undertaker at Wrestlemania to beat him. The standard has been set over the past 4 years. Rock vs. Taker is the absolute wrong call. Brock and Cena are the only 2 matches Taker has left at Mania. They should keep Rock away from him. He isn't needed for that spot and quite honestly, he doesn't fit in either. Keep him with the Cena's/Punk's/whoevers where he can work the type of match he's expected to work with this return. The big entertainment once in a lifetime style main events that suit him down to the ground. Throwing him in there with the streak would do more harm than good.

And this is off topic but since we're talking about Rock lol, I was justing catching up on The Newsroom there and was pleasantly surprised to see both Rock and Triple H get a name drop. It was about Bin Laden getting killed and one of the characters thought Rock's tweet was about him coming back to 'lay the Smackdown on Triple H!' I lol'd, ha.
It was a Hell in the Cell match. I get that Brock Lesnar can create the illusion that the streak is in jeopardy more so than ever and do that without 20 chair shots, and a shot with a sledgehammer but after him nobody else can accomplish that. Not Austin, not Rock, not Cena, not Triple H or anybody else. Point being things are going to have to be taken down a notch because in a regular matches you just can't do the things that are allowed in No DQ or Hell in the Cell match unless the ref is down for a half hour. There will come a time when things have to go back to a more traditional match should the streak go past Lesnar.

By what means is Cena more aggressive than the Rock. Perhaps if he turned heel by the time he faces Taker maybe you have a point but as a face he's very close to a straight up match as well. I can see that they might have him go Piper against Bret Hart and have him struggling with just how far he'll go to obtain this victory but it is going to be alot closer to a traditional match than 20 chair shots and kicking out of a sledgehammer shot.
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