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Re: Why are the masses so unwashed??

Originally Posted by ice_edge View Post
Did you know that in former Soviet Russia they used to hunt down and make the intellectuals disappear? Have you any idea how many disappeared. I have living proof of this in flesh and blood. I been tought real history, real horrors of the former generation.

Have you?

Anywyas on topic. So will you keep talking without even looking at these videos? Are you that scared witty...scared of the truth? I know you are....but one day you will face the reality and it won't hit you in a nice way...just saying man.

So we need stupid drones so "the smart ones" in a society shall rule over them with tyrannical ideologies? It's these kind of thoughts that makes them rule over you freely. Have power over you. A society that can't keep itself in check.

Also you are talking about social darwinistic theories which you have been conditioned to believe in also. Last time I checked these theories have left Germany army killing off all people who where deemed as undesired ones in a society where the strong and healthy ones rule.

Matter of fact it goes way back to spartan days where all the undesired ones where disposed of at birth so it's nothing new but one thing is certain it will never create a society without mass genocide in the backround. It all starts with a single thought that the strong ones will "raise" and the "weak" ones will be left behind. It's all part of the same agenda. Agenda leaving people in charge to get away with things they do. As soon as people will all be conditioned to social darwinistic thoughts (on a more massive scale) it will be all good to go.

You say "fuck these dumb shits" as in anything I said was personal. You say be selfish and I say for once in your life don't be. Stop taking this as personal attacks but rather educational ones. This is enlightened ones against the system and nothing more. System that is in place to shape you. It already has and it always does.

Truth will always remain the same while the lies will wash away(look at it, it even rhymed).

No it wasn't the load of shite. Matter of fact it's the opposite. It actually creates valuable discussions instead of destroying them which this place loves condition people to do. If he wasn't getting any real effect what he said would fall on deaf ears.

You know it's effecting people the right way when they get angry since it's when the bubble starts to shake.

Christ, you really are a sheep aren't you? So some dude that beleives that major leaders are lizards and all our stuff is only in our imagination is the "truth"? Holy fuck you are quite dumb aren't you? No wonder all those guys busted your chops over conspiracies, do us all a favor and stop paying for internet.

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