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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Alright boys, it's late but I had to play catch up with a full PPV after my computer crashed. It's not as great as the first one I wrote, but it will have to do. Spent alot of time on this... hope you guys enjoy. All reviews are appreciated and will be returned! Enjoy the show!

KingRo™ Presents;
"It's A PUNK Party!"

Air Date: August 19, 2012

Ah, the summer.
The one time of year where all of the cool cats and foxy ladies come out to play.
Barbecues, beaches, babes, and booze.
There’s nothing like a good ‘ol fashioned PARTY.
And what a better place to party than Los Angeles?
The city where the stars shine brighter during the day…
The city where careers are made and broken…
The city where the only thing more beautiful than the beaches, are the people on them.
LA is hot, but it’s about to get ten… times… hotter.
It’s the biggest party of the summer, and it starts right now!

And now… World Wrestling Entertainment Presents: SUMMERSLAM!


The opening video package burns away, and we are taken directly to the ringside area where we see the Staples Center has been fashioned into a massive beach party. Palm trees all around, beach balls bouncing along the heads of the audience members, and of course – the trademarked HD entranceway which for tonight, is shaped like the sun on the horizon of a beach. Instantly, the rays of the sun light up a bright orange and the outline of it explodes with pyrotechnics one at a time. This display is followed by a series of blue, orange, green, and red blasts all along the ramp and stage which is of course accompanied by the screaming LA fans and tonight’s theme: “Temperature” by Sean Paul.

ROSS Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME TO SUMMERSLAM!

LAWLER We are broadcasting live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California… and the announcer was right: LA is already hot, but it’s about to get a whole lot hotter!

COLE We thank you for joining us tonight for the biggest party of the summer, and what a night we have in store for you all, folks.

LAWLER We’ve got tables matches, we’ve got ladder matches, we’ve got championships on the line – and it all starts right now!

The music fades away, and then the arena lights dim to a dark red hue. A dark and mysterious theme begins in the arena, and the entire place is hushed to a silence.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is to crown a WWE Cruiserweight Champion! On the way to the ring first, from Mexico City, weighing at 180 pounds, this...is... SIN!

SIN walks out onto the stage through fog, staring at the ring. He scans the audience for a moment, and drops his black and red robe on the stage. Instead of his usual sprint, he walks slowly and intently to the ring. When he gets to ringside, he walks up the ring steps and climbs into the ring slowly. The new mood and mannerisms of "SIN" fit rather well for him tonight, despite the lack of audience reaction. He stands in the center of the ring and raises his arms -- but his entrance is quickly interrupted by the words "STAND BACK, THERE'S A HURRICANE COMING THROUGH!"

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, from Raleigh, North Carolina... weighing in at 213 pounds, The Hurricane!

The crowd cheers as "Eye of the Hurricane" hits in the arena, and he comes storming out onto the stage. Hurricane makes his way to the ring smiling brightly and giving thumbs up to several fans in the front row, taking in the positive reaction from the fans. At ringside, he reaches behind his cape and pulls out a replica mask... handing it to a small child with a "HURRICANE IS MY HERO" sign held high. He pats the kid on the head, and slides into the ring. It's clear that we're ready to get straight into the action as Hurricane tears off his cape and his music fades out. The referee walks to the center of the ring holding the brand new Cruiserweight Championship high. It's not long before he hands it off, and calls for the opening bell starting the first match of the night.

Cruiserweight Championship


From the moment the opening bell rang, both superstars went into an exceptionally athletic contest, displaying a plethora of flashy and aerial maneuvers. However, in the mix thereof, they managed to work in a base of brilliant chain wrestling and ground maneuvers. The crowd was on the edge of their seats even this early into the night, proving that this was indeed THE way to kick off the biggest party of the summer. We join this contest about six minutes into the action, and SIN’s new, more vicious side has allowed him to ground and temporarily control The Hurricane. The up-and-down pace of the match is currently at a down point, where SIN has the Hero in a headlock in the center of the ring.

The crowd cheers and claps in unison trying to help will The Hurricane into the contest, and at this point, it appears to be working! Hurricane raises his right arm showing signs of life and struggles to regain his footing while still in the headlock. He finally manages a solid base, and firing a few right hands to the ribs of SIN before shooting him off to the ropes. Hurricane swings hard for a clothesline but SIN ducks under and catches the hero in a crucifix before rolling him down, forcing him into a cover.

One… Two… NO!!!

Hurricane powers himself out of the tight roll, and both superstars scramble to their feet. On opposite sides of the ring the two take a moment to adjust their masks, and they both look out to the HOT crowd inspiring an encouraging cheer. The two turn their attention back to each other and circle the ring once before locking up in the center. They struggle for a brief moment but SIN is the first in control with a hammer lock on Hurricane. Realizing he’s in trouble, Hurricane yelps and reaches out for the ropes but he’s simply too far away. A quick change of plans, and Hurricane muscles himself out of the situation, reversing and putting SIN in a hammer lock of his own! The crowd continues to cheer the Hurricane on but SIN reverses again, this time kicking the back of Hurricane’s left leg dropping him down to one kne. Helms takes the opportunity to counter again, this time doing a headspring forward and sweeping SIN’s legs from under him! Now free, Hurricane immediately heads to the ropes. SIN scrambles up to one knee trying to get back to his feet but Helms bounds off the ropes and catches him with a Shining Wizard!! SIN goes down, and Helms looks to the corner signaling that he wants to fly! The crowd cheers, and Hurricane climbs to the top rope stalking his slowly rising opponent. As soon as SIN makes it to his feet, Hurricane flies off and nails him back down with a picture-perfect flying clothesline!! This time it’s Hurricane going for the cover…

One… Two… Th-NO!!

SIN kicks out and the match continues. Helms shows a tad of frustration, but gets right back on SIN picking him up and shooting him off the ropes again. This time he reaches his right arm out and slaps his hand across SIN’s throat and sets up for the chokeslam! The crowd cheers, and Hurricane lifts the sinister cruiserweight up. Before he can bring him down though, SIN springs to action wiggling Hurricane’s hand away in mid-air, countering the chokeslam into a DDT! Helms’ head bounces off the mat and SIN looks to the ropes himself. He quickly bounds to the top and perches, waiting for the hero to make it to his feet. When he finally does, SIN leaps off the ropes but gets caught standing in the chokeslam position!! Again the crowd pops but once again, SIN counters! SIN boots Hurricane in the gut and shoves the slumped hero’s head in between his legs. SIN hooks the hero’s arms and it appears as if he’s going for a Tiger Bomb, but Hurricane raises himself up and sends SIN flying overhead for a back body drop! However, in another brilliant show of athleticism, SIN manages to land on his feet! Now behind Hurricane, SIN thinks quick and leaps up grabbing the hero’s shoulder for the Seventh Sin lungblower but Hurricane holds on to the ropes in front of him!! SIN slams back down to the canvas hard, and Hurricane quickly turns around holding his right hand high above the ring. The audience stands to their feet and cheer as watches as ONCE AGAIN, Helms wraps his hand around SIN’s throat. This time, SIN is too focused on the pain from hitting the mat, and The Hurricane finally plants him to the canvas with a chokeslam! The exhausted hero hooks a leg for the cover…

One… Two… Three!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner and the NEW Cruiserweight Champion, THE HURRICANE!


“Eye of the Hurricane” hits in the arena once again, and the arena lights up with excitement! The referee grabs the Cruiserweight Championship from the outside, and hands it to the Hurricane who takes it and stares at it nostalgically. The scene is borderline magical, and the hero raises the title high with a victorious yell.

LAWLER What a match!

ROSS That’s putting things lightly, King! The Hurricane has returned to the WWE, and has once again captured the Cruiserweight Championship!

COLE This is indeed a great night for the Hurricane, and an ever greater night for RAW, as we’ve just witnessed the OFFICIAL rebirth of the Cruiserweight Division!

LAWLER If tonight’s contest was any sign of what’s to come in the future, then I must agree with the General Manager here; he is indeed a genius!

ROSS This crowd is on their feet for the Hurricane tonight… and we’ve only just begun the event!

COLE You’re right, JR. We still have plenty more to go!

Hurricane continues his celebration walking backwards up the ramp and smiling from ear to ear. Just then, we cut to the backstage area and see a tattooed back and hands behind the person’s head. It appears as if the person is adjusting something on his face. The man turns around and we see that it’s Rey Mysterio! The crowd can be heard from ringside cheering again, and Mysterio proceeds to roll his head around stretching his neck out. His stretch is interrupted though, as another superstar walks onto screen. It’s Evan Bourne. Bourne isn't dressed to compete, but his open shirt reveals that ribs are taped up, implying that he’s still out of action due to the attack from Mr. S a few weeks ago.

BOURNE Hey Rey, you got a minute?

MYSTERIO Yeah sure, what’s up bro?

BOURNE I just wanted to wish you luck in your match tonight. I know you’ve been waiting to get back at that masked freak Mr. S or whatever his name is since he attacked us a few weeks ago…

MYSTERIO For sure man, thanks.

The two shake hands, and embrace. Before Rey can walk away though, Bourne pulls him back with a concerned express look on his face.

BOURNE Hey! One more thing before you go. Look, I know you’re a fighter and you know what you’re doing out there, but this guy is unpredictable. Dude, just be careful. You’re a talented guy, but he’s much bigger than you… and he only wants to hurt people.

MYSTERIO That’s never stopped me before…

BOURNE Yeah, I know… but I don’t want you to end up like me man. Just… take care of yourself, okay?

MYSTERIO You bet, bro.

The two shake hands again, and Rey turns to walk away again. Just then, we see a sweaty Hurricane walk past the two with the Cruiserweight Championship draped over his shoulder. He stops mid stride,and addresses the two.

HURRICANE My fellow lightweight citizens, how goes things?

BOURNE I’m a bit banged up, but I’ll live. Hey, congratulations on the win out there man, you deserve it.

HURRICANE Thank you, Citizen Bourne. Citizen Mysterio, are you ready for your match tonight?

MYSTERIO I’m always ready to fight, Hurricane…

HURRICANE Of course. Just take caution, brother. This masked villian Mr. S isn’t like us. He has no heart, no compassion, no limits. Just stay focused, and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


BOURNE And maybe after Rey takes him out, the three of us can meet with that shiny new Championship on the line?

Hurricane takes a moment to ponder the potential triple threat extravaganza, and then responds with a smile.

HURRICANE I would be honored, friend. As for tonight, Mysterio, I just showed that no evil is too strong for a hero with a good heart.

MYSTERIO I’ll do my best to follow suit, bro.

HURRICANE I have faith in you, Mysterio. We both do. No get out there and take one for Justice!

Hurricane and Mysterio shake hands and embrace here, and then part ways. When they are gone, we are left with Evan Bourne standing alone with a confused expression now.

BOURNE Wait… who is Justice?

The crowd can be heard chuckling the cheap comedic moment from Bourne and then we cut to the ringside area. Justin Roberts is standing in the middle of the ring when a dark piano theme hits in the arena. It sounds vaguely familiar – but almost sounds like a horror song more than an entrance theme. The lights go dark, and one lone spotlight shines on the dark entranceway.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! On the way to the ring... MR. S!

It’s not long until the towering masked man has walked out on to the stage, his blue eyes seemingly burning through the camera in front of him. He sneers, and starts the walk down the ramp. His strides are long and determined – but even more mysterious as the man doesn’t even blink. His eyes remain forward, ignoring the roar of boos coming from the audience. When he gets to the rin, he climbs directly up to the apron, and steps over the top rope – a task seemingly nothing at all to the massive monster. Now in the ring, Mr. S walks to the center and stares directly forward. Partially because of the mask and partially because of the man’s intensity, no expression can be read from his eyes, mouth, or body. It’s almost intimidating. The arena sombers over, but soon explodes with cheers as the music in the arena changes to “Booyaka 619” –- that of the Mexican Warrior, Rey Mysterio! The lights flash a plethora of bright colors, and an equally colorful display of pyro explode from the sunset entranceway.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, from San Diego, California... REY MYSTERIO!

Rey Mysterio comes running out onto the stage hype as can be, and points down to the ring at Mr. S. A quick cut to the masked man, and he still shows no sign of life other than his burning blue eyes. The camera cuts back to Mysterio who has turned his attention to the screaming fans, and he runs over to the left side of the stage with a point -- cueing a bright pyro display that shoots over the audience. He then runs over to the right side, does the same, and returns to the center of the stage. After a deep breath, he starts the walk down the ramp high-fiving a few fans on the way down. Once he gets to the end of the ramp, he finds one lone kid in the front row with a replica Mysterio mask on, and reaches out for the child’s head. For the first time since Mysterio started this gesture, his words to the child were actually audible! We can hear Mysterio say to the kid: "Anything is possible if you just believe." The child nods in acknowledgement, and Rey takes off for the ring. He climbs in using the stairs, and keeping an eye on his towering opponent, he heads for the corner. Mysterio leaps up onto the middle rope, crosses his body, and raises his arms high inspiring another loud cheer from all of the fans in the arena. After this he gets down, adjusts his mask, and the referee rings the opening bell.



Things would start rough for Rey Mysterio in this match, who let his personal aggression towards Mr. S get the best of him. Mysterio made the mistake of rushing in with a flurry of strikes, that didn’t even seem to phase the tall masked man. After being shoved to the mat several times, Mysterio would continue to come back and fight, further displaying the heart and courage that he always has. We join this contest five minutes in, and Mysterio has finally figured it out – he has to use his speed to overcome his towering opponent, and it’s working for him quite well.

Mysterio kicks away at Mr. S’s legs, trying desperately to cut him down to no avail. Realizing this, Mysterio runs to the ropes, and returns with a dropkick right to S’s knee! Finally, the big man is teetering, and Rey bounds off the ropes again. This time, Mr. S regains his balance and counters with a hard boot to Mysterio’s skull! Rey slams back onto the canvas, but quickly rolls out of S’s reach – at least for the moment. S slowly approaches Mysterio with an intimidatingly and slow pace, showing no sign of concern or pain from Mysterio’s previous attacks. Rey makes it to his feet, and Mr. S lunges at him but misses! The quick Mysterio rolls out of the way, and goes back on the offense with a series of kicks and punches to S’s midsection. The attack actually seems to be backing the masked monster into a corner, and the fans cheer the fight in the underdog. With his opponent now cornered, Mysterio takes a few steps back and drives a shoulder into Mr S’s gut! S slumps over, finally showing a bit of weakness, and Rey springboards off the middle rope, catching S’s head and planting him with a DDT! With his opponent finally down, Mysterio wastes no time in trying for a cover.

One… NO!!

Mr. S kicks out of the pin with ease, but his strength is displayed clearly as Mysterio flies off the cover, barrel-rolling on the canvas. Mysterio gets to his feet, and tries to stop Mr. S from standing but once again his offense is countered by a simple shove. Rey rolls up, and now Mr. S is back on his feet – again slowly approaching Mysterio. This seems to be light work for the towering masked man, and a small smug grin spreads across the small mouth opening in his ski mask. Rey stands on the ready, and ducks out of the way as S makes an attempt to grab him. The crowd cheers, and suddenly Mr. S seems emotionally involved in the match.

S lunges at Mysterio again, but Rey quickly dodges and kicks him in the back, causing him to stumble right into the middle rope! The fans cheer as Mysterio takes a look around at the fans before screaming out “619!” He raises his hand, and then bounds off the ropes… a few steps later, and BOOM! THE 619 CONNECTS! The fans explode as Mr. S stumbles backwards, still on his feet, but groggy and unbalanced. Rey sees this, and from the apron he takes one more deep breath before leaping up on the top rope to finish him off… however, Rey’s signature ‘West Coast Pop’ is countered, which sends the audience into a frenzy. The camera shows one quick glimpse of Mysterio’s face, which is all but comfortable… he knows he’s in trouble and so do the fans in LA. It’s not long before Mr. S brings Rey down with a devastating powerbomb! The audience’s reaction quickly turns into boos, but they continue to look on – we soon see that S still has Rey’s legs locked. Mr. S lifts Rey up again, and slams him back down for an equally thunderous powerbomb. Unfortunately for Rey, S keeps his legs locked and proceeds with not one, not two, but THREE more of these spine-shattering powerbombs, and the audience goes into a shocked silence. The referee pleads with the towering maniac to stop the moves, and he complies. Rey now lays lifeless on the canvas, and a quick camera cut shows a fan in the audience in utter awe. It’s practically completely silent in the arena, and the camera cuts back to the ring. Mr. S stares down at Mysterio and shakes his head – the only thing that could even POTENTIALLY be a show of sympathy out of the man tonight – and puts his foot over Rey’s chest in a rather nonchalant cover.

One… Two… Three!!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner… MR. S!


S’s music plays, and the referee skips raising his hand in victory to check on Rey Mysterio. Mr. S shakes his head again and stands in the center over the ring, towering over his fallen opponent. The camera and all attention in the arena is on him. He slowly reaches up for his mask, and takes a grasp on it. We’re finally about to find out who this man is!!! He grabs the bottom of his ski mask, and yanks it up…





And it reveals a tighter, more form-fitting mask! The tension in the air peels, and the fans respond with a roar of boos. With this, S steps over the top rope to leave the ring. Before he walks around to the ramp though, the crowd pops! The camera cuts, to the ramp, and we see Hurricane and Evan Bourne charging down the walkway. Seemingly to avoid confrontation, Mr. S watches from ringside as the two cruiserweights slide into the ring to check on Mysterio who unfortunately still hasn’t moved.

ROSS Oh my God…

LAWLER That was… hard to watch. This Mr. S is just… ruthless. That was totally uncalled for, and this guy is showing no remorse.

COLE Hurricane and Evan Bourne are here now to help their friend, but you can’t help but to worry. Mysterio still hasn’t moved.

ROSS As you said before King, Mr. S is showing no remorse – nor has he ever shown any regret for his violent attacks on WWE superstars leading up to this match. This masked monster is DANGEROUS, and this just continues a point that I brought up a few weeks ago – nobody is safe when he’s around.

LAWLER We thought we were going to find out who is behind the mask just then, but… I think this can be taken as a statement; this man plans to keep his identity concealed, and he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

The cameras take one more glimpse at the scene in the ring where medical officials have now entered the ring. They, along with Hurricane and Evan Bourne, help to get Rey onto a stretcher and begin wheeling him up the ramp. We are then taken backstage once again… this time, we are in the General Manager’s office, and JBL stands in the center of about a dozen armed security guards. He appears to be briefing them, and it’s not long until the audio kicks in.

GM LAYFIELD You boys had better be on your game tonight. I don’t want them CLOSE to each other until their match starts, do you understand me?


GM LAYFIELD Good. Half of you get to Lesnar’s dressing room, and the other half of you get to Triple H’s. If I find out they’ve touched each other before their match, you’re all FIRED.

HEAD OF SECURITY Yes sir. Me and my team have everything under control.

There is a short pause, and John's face turns even more stern.

GM LAYFIELD What are you waiting for!? Get the hell out of my office!

The team of security guards leave the office, and JBL sighs. He takes off his hat and runs a hand through his hair. We hear the door to the office close, and John puts his hat back on and loosens his tie. The camera pans around a bit and we see Jillian sitting at the desk, flipping through pages on her clipboard.

GM LAYFIELD Jillian, has HE called yet?

JILLIAN No sir. But if he does, I’ll be sure to let you know.

GM LAYFIELD Good. Once HE gets here I want you to make sure he’s comfortable. I’ve worked too damn hard to get him to consider being back on the RAW Roster and I don’t want anyone to screw this up. In fact, get the arena security on the garage. When he shows up, he should be here by himself. He knows not to bring any of those Orlando misfits into my arena, but if any of the others show up, have them escorted to the front. I don’t care who else shows up… if it’s not HIM, they have to buy a ticket like everyone else. Is that understood?

JILLIAN Yes sir. Anything else?

GM LAYFIELD Actually, yes. Get the Board of Directors on the phone. I want a copy of our superstar contract faxed to me right now. If everything goes according to the plan, I’ll have him signed by the end of the night.

JILLIAN Yes sir.

GM LAYFIELD Thank you, Jillian. Do me a favor and look after the office, I’m going to head outside and wait for him. If he calls, make sure you let me know.

Jillian nods, and John re-tightens his tie before leaving the office. Back at ringside, we see the technical crew scrambling around setting up for the next match. One distinct thing has change about the ring – it’s now surrounded by ladders! The fans seemed to have settled down, perhaps to save their energy for the rest of the night, and it’s surely about to pick up with the next contest. The camera cuts to Justin Roberts in the center of the ring, who proceeds to announce the next match.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a LADDER match, and is for the WWE United States Championship! The only way either competitor can win, is to retrieve the United States Title from it’s hanging position above the ring…

Just then, the arena lights up in a golden hue, and “Ain’t No Stoppin’” hits in the arena. The crowd comes back to life, and sparkling gold pyro blast from the rays of the sunset stage.

JUSTIN ROBERTS On the way to the ring first, he is the challenger… from Orangeburg, South Carolina, he is the Gold Standard, SHELTON BENJAMIN!

Right on cue, out walks a smiling and confident Benjamin to a very warm welcome from the Los Angeles crowd. He strides to the ring, beaming with enthusiasm and confidence, wasting little to no time getting to the ring. When he gets in, he walks to the center and looks right above his head, staring intently at the United States Championship. He smiles again, and motions a championship around his waist. Benjamin takes a look around the ring at all the ladders, and rubs his hands together in a ready fashion. After a while his music fades out, and “Perfection” hits… inspiring a much less-positive reaction.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, he is the current United States Champion… from Hollywood, Florida, this is… DOLPH ZIGGLER!

The camera cuts to the sunset entranceway again, and Dolph Ziggler strolls out on to the stage smiling arrogantly. He runs his hands backwards throught his hair, and then splashes the water and hair gel from his hands forward before continuing the walk down the ramp. When he gets to the ring, he leaps up onto the apron and points up to his championship, and steps into the ring. Now across from Shelton Benjamin, his music fades out and the bell rings to start the match.

United States Championship


From the time it was announced, this match was hyped as two of the company’s most promising young superstars meeting in a potentially high-flying and body-breaking contest. As soon as the match began, the two lived up to that hype – but not in the way most would expect. The two kept everything on the ground, showing off their pure wrestling ability for the starting half of the match, which the crowd wasn’t opposed to… in fact, they were quite into it! Ten minutes of absolutely unpredictable wrestling and momentum changes, and not a single ladder was involved… until now. Benjamin has taken control for the moment, and is the first to bring a ladder into the match. He slides it under the bottom rope, and climbs into the ring after it. Shelton picks the ladder up, and Ziggler springs to life with a vertical dropkick into the ladder that sends Benjamin stumbling backwards and tumbling through the top and middle rope! The Gold Standard crashes to the outside, and Ziggler smiles seeing an open opportunity to make the first climb of the night. Dolph opens and positions the ladder directly under the championship and checks for Benjamin once again, who is still down. Ziggler throws an arm over the closest rung of the ladder, and begins to scale it. Rung by rung, he gets closer to the top but in front of him Benjamin has somehow made it to the apron and has his eyes locked on the ladder. Shelton springboards off the top rope, and sticks the landing directly in the middle of the ladder! The crowd pops at the show of athleticism, and Ziggler strikes first punching Benjamin in the jaw. Benjamin strikes back with a right of his own, and the two enter a power struggle -- both trying to knock the other off of the ladder.

The struggle continues and suddenly, the ladder begins to shake. They two ignore the fact and now the power struggle turns into both men reaching up for the gold. Unfortunately, neither is within reach of the belt, so they begin to move up. Ziggler throws another right hand at Benjamin’s ribs. Shelton has had enough here, and takes Ziggler by the hair and slams his head into the ladder not once, but TWICE. The shots glaze Ziggler’s eyes over, but Dolph holds tight to the ladder. The camera cuts to a close up of Ziggler, and we can see that the two vicious shots have already busted him open!! The crowd cheers and blood slowly starts to drip into the eyes of the Show Off. He notices this, and becomes infuriated! Dolph once again attempts to shove Shelton off the ladder, but Benjamin holds on and the struggle begins again. This throws the ladder off balance even more, so much so that the ladder teeters between two legs on either side rocking back and forth. Both superstars look down, realizing that the ladder is tipping over… and suddenly their competition becomes a team effort to keep the ladder balanced. Unfortunately for both men, their efforts fall short and the ladder falls, sending both men crashing down to the mat! The LA crowd cheers the carnage, and both men grasp their bodies tight, both in pain and examining themselves for any possible injuries.

Laid out on the canvas, Ziggler wipes his face clear of the blood that has now begun to trickle heavier and starts his own personal battle to stand to his feet. Benjamin begins to stand as well and is the first to get a solid base. Ziggler quickly follows and the two men meet in the center of the ring trading right hands with the fallen ladder in between them. Dolph takes advantage of their positioning, and opts out of throwing another punch for using his foot to shove the ladder in to the Gold Standard’s shins! Shelton’s legs buckle under and he goes down grabbing a hold of his right leg in agony. Ziggler clears his face of blood again, and picks the ladder up. After checking once again to make sure Benjamin is down, Dolph carefully places the ladder in the center of the ring, and begins to climb. Rung by rung, he gets closer to the top until finally he’s close enough to take a swipe at the championship! His fingers barely graze the belt, so Ziggler takes another step up. What he doesn’t realize though is that Shelton is back on his feet, and limps over to the ladder. Back up top, Dolph takes another swipe at the belt – this time his hand smacks the strap – he’s so close! He stops his attempts to grab the belt when he realizes that Benjamin is once again climbing the ladder on the opposite side. Ziggler lets out a rather audible “Fuck!” and pulls Benjamin the rest of the way up by The Gold Standard’s head. It seems like Ziggler’s frustration is starting to set in even more, and he headbutts Benjamin right in between the eyes! It proves effective – but the wrong way — as Dolph’s eyes glaze over and it’s HIM that appears to have taken the worst of it. Obviously still suffering from the ladder shot that bloodied him earlier, even potentially fighting through a concussion, Dolph has no choice but to release his hold of the ladder and fall back to the canvas.

The crowd cheers now that Ziggler is out of the way, and Shelton is now the last man standing halfway up the ladder. Shelton climbs slowly and the tension builds. He takes a swipe, and similar to Ziggler, his fingers only graze the bottom of the belt. The LA fans are getting louder and louder the closer Benjamin gets, and finally, he’s reached the top of the ladder. The Gold Standard reaches up and has the United States title in his hand, but before he can pull it down he gets jabbed in the jaw by the suddenly revived Ziggler, and then gets his face smashed into the top of the ladder! The Gold Standard teeters on the second rung from the top of the ladder, and Ziggler once again headbutts him!! This time, it has the desired effect, and Benjamin appears dazed and fighting to stay conscious. Ziggler takes advantage of the opening, and unwraps Benjamin’s hand from the side of the ladder before headbutting him once more!!! This time, Benjamin has no grip on the ladder, and free-falls to the mat!! Ziggler lays his head down on the very top of the ladder for a moment, and looks up at the belt that is just within reach… he reaches his right arm up, and the tension is at an all time high…

He undoes the belt strap, and has it in possession – Ziggler has done it! Ziggler has retrieved the championship!!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner and STILL United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler!


“Perfection” plays in the arena, and the audience’s reaction is… unbelievable. Amidst the small amount of boos towards the Show Off Ziggler, a majority of the fans are actually applauding the extraordinary contest put on by the two superstars. Ziggler sits on top of the ladder, staring at his United States Championship, an occasional drop of blood dripping down on to it, and then raises it in the air. The match has clearly taken a major toll on Ziggler, who groggily climbs down the ladder clutching his title belt tightly.

COLE Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not usually one to say things like this – but Shelton Benjamin and Dolph Ziggler have put on an absolutely AMAZING match here tonight, and have absolutely stolen the show thus far.

LAWLER I would have to agree with you, Michael. These two put it all on the line in that match and as you can hear just from the reaction – the fans certainly appreciate it.

ROSS That’s one of the things I absolutely love about the WWE Universe, fellas. Sometimes the whole ‘good-guy, bad-guy’ thing gets put aside … and these wonderful fans properly acknowledge an outstanding contest when they see it.

LAWLER Wait a minute, check out Ziggler here…

Dolph sets the United States Championship on the mat, and stands over his challenger. Benjamin gets up, holding his head and looking at Ziggler in a defensive manner, ready to strike. The entire audience is surprised though, as Dolph extends his hand – for a handshake! The music stops for a moment, and the fans applaud even louder at the show of sportsmanship from Ziggler. Shelton skeptically examines Ziggler’s hand, and takes a deep breath. After a few moments of exchanging looks between the audience and each other, the two shake hands in the center of the ring. Another loud pop from the fans and the two exhausted superstars part ways. Benjamin gestures for Ziggler to continue his celebration, and goes to leave the ring. Dolph thanks Shelton, and as soon as Benjamin turns around – HE HITS HIM WITH THE ZIG ZAG!!!

ROSS Goddamn that Ziggler! He can’t be trusted!!

LAWLER Wait to kill a perfect moment… that sneaky jackass!

Ziggler grabs his championship off the mat and screams out “Still champion, baby!!” His music hits in the arena, and the duped audience responds with a roar of boos. Ziggler doesn’t care though, in fact, he enjoys the heat! He smiles, and wipes more blood from his forehead before patting Benjamin on the chest and saying “Nice try, Benji.” After this, the camera cuts to an advertisement.

Originally Posted by WWE ADVERTISEMENT
The camera fades in to what appears to be a living room. There is a big screen television mounted on the wall, and the current match on screen is The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston. The camera zooms out a bit, and we see a random man sitting on the living room couch, browsing WWE.Com on his laptop computer. Suddenly, a knocking can be heard, and the camera cuts to the front door of the house. The man stands up, revealing that he has a John Cena shirt on. He checks his watch, and skeptically approaches the door. The man unlocks the door and opens it, to reveal John Cena standing at his doorstep!

CENA Hey… we need to talk.

The man drops his mug and it shatters on the floor. He’s obviously in complete awe, and starts stuttering in the presence of his favorite superstar.

FAN Wha—John Cena!? Sure… come on in!

Cena smiles, and looks behind him. With a big wave, he motions someone in along with him.

CENA Good. Come on boys!

The man takes a step back, and in walks John Cena, followed by Jack Swagger, The Miz, The Big Show, Kane, The Hurricane, John Morrison, Brodus Clay, Santino Marella, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, Zack Ryder, Christian, and lastly… the WWE Champion CM Punk. The man watches as the superstars file into his living room, and he turns around to address them. The door closes behind him and the superstars are all staring at him impatiently.

FAN So erm, what’s the problem, fellas?

The WWE Champion CM Punk steps forward to speak.

CM PUNK The problem… all of THESE guys think they deserve a shot at my championship, and we need YOU to decide.

Still stuttering, the confused fan responds.

FAN Me? Why me?

CENA Don’t ask questions, kid! We need you to make a decision… and quick! Are you up for the challenge?

FAN Uh… sure.

Punk smiles, and all of the superstars reply in unison.


Just then, the camera zooms in on the mouse to the fan’s computer. A quick cut, and we see that all of the superstars in the room are staring at the man. Punk steps forward in front of everyone, and looks at his wrist tape as if there were a watch there.

PUNK Well?

Just then, the man reaches down and clicks the mouse, causing the video feed to shatter into a rather techie display. There’s some sort of binary code that looks like it’s starting to spell something out. Just then, the announcer is heard speaking.

It’s the one night where the WWE Universe is in control… IT’S WWE CYBER SUNDAY! Live, September 23 … only on Pay Per View!

The Cyber Sunday logo spins onto screen, and the advertisement has come to an end.
We are back live in the Staples Center, but are backstage where General Manager Layfield is standing impatiently in the parking lot. Just then, his cell phone rings and John scrambles to pick it up.

GM LAYFIELD Hey Jillian.

Layfield pauses for a moment, and in the distance we see a long black limo approaching.

GM LAYFIELD I see him, I see him… thank you.

JBL hangs the phone up and stuffs it into his pants pocket before adjusting his tie. The limousine comes to a stop right in front of the General Manager, and the driver steps out decked out in a tuxedo. John smiles and rubs his hands together anxiously. The driver gets to the rear door of the limo, but John stops and faces the camera.

GM LAYFIELD Hey, turn that damn thing off.

The camera man quickly obliges and lowers the camera. All we see is the door open, and a shiny black pair of dress shoes and grey pants step down past the door before the feed is cut and we’re taken back to ringside. It’s clear what match is next, as the ladders from the previous contest have been replaced with a sea of… you guessed it… tables!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a Six Man Tag Team Elimination Tables Match, where the way for either team to win is to put all THREE of their opponents through a table.

“Crank It Up” hits, and pyro blasts from the ceiling above the sunset entranceway.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Introducing first, the team of The Big Show, Rikishi, and Brodus Clay!

The three large superstars stroll out onto the stage all smiles, and head to the ring. They know that no matter how "fit" their opponents may be, getting this team through a table would be a very HEAVY task. The trio gets to the ring, and celebrates to the pleasure of the audience who give them a rather warm welcome. Soon, the music change to the upbeat and fitness inspiring theme of Simon Dean.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And their opponents, Simon Dean, John Morrison, David Otunga; THE FIT CLUB!

Cutting through the massive amount of boos throughout the arena, Dean, Morrison and Otunda all enter the ring wearing purple ring attire in thier own respective styles and riding segways! The three roll down to the ring and dismount their two-wheeled rides before entering the ring. Surrounded by tables and standing across the ring from the three largest superstars in the WWE, the match bell rings and the match begins.



Brodus Clay eliminated David Otunga.
John Morrison & Simon Dean eliminated Rikishi.
John Morrison eliminated Brodus Clay.
Big Show eliminated John Morrison.

Now, only Big Show and Simon Dean remain. Big Show uses hit foot to shove Morrison’s mangled body out of the ring and sweep the wooden scraps out of the way. He takes a quick inventory of all the remaining tables, and then turns to Simon Dean who is backed helplessly into a corner. Big Show smiles, and the fans cheer – they know there’s no way Dean can get the massive Big Show through a table by himself. Show walks to the center of the ring, and offers his hand in a ‘test of strength’ fashion to Simon Dean, who refuses. Instead, Dean walks to the center of the ring, and looks UP at Big Show examining the tall task he faces. Show clearly doesn’t take Dean seriously, clearly laughing at Simon’s analysis. Soon enough though, Simon decides to strike with a punch that simply bounces off of Big Show’s stomach. Even the fans are laughing now as Big Show offers another free shot. Simon takes it, and once again, his hand simply bounces off of Show’s stomach. Dean looks a bit worried and asks for one more. Big Show is in such a hysterical laughter, he playfully accepts. This time though, Simon takes a step back and kicks Show right in the family jewels!!! The dramatic change in Show’s expression gives Dean the opportunity to laugh, and Simon bounds off the ropes in an attempt to capitalize on his weakened opponent. We never do find out what Dean is going for though, as Big Show makes himself upright quickly and boots Simon right in the face!! The LA fans cheer the quick counter, but Big Show is all but happy now – his sense of urgency has increased sevenfold and he appears absolutely furious.

Big Show yanks Simon Dean up by his track suit top, and tosses him into the corner. The giant tears Dean’s shirt open, and delivers a THUNDEROUS chop to his chest! The fans scream “Woooo” in support of the move, and Show does it again! Simon collapses in the corner grasping onto his chest in pain, but Big Show gives him no time to rest. He raises Dean up again – this time by his hair – and grabs a hold of him before tossing him across the ring. Things are looking VERY bad for the fitness guru, and he tries to roll away from Show but with no luck. Big Show catches him by the leg. He drags Dean back into his clutches, and then lifts him up to his feet again. Simon begs and pleads with Show to let him go, but Show responds with a headbutt that sends Dean to the canvas hard. The fans are cheering wildly, and Show takes notice – once again smiling. He knows he’s in control now, and he takes yet another inventory of all of the remaining tables. It’s not long before he spots the FINAL one that’s still set up… and its set up right at ringside. He points to the table and stares out to the audience who respond with a resounding cheer. He picks Simon up again, and this time wraps his massive hand around Simon’s throat!!! He hoists him up for a chokeslam, but before he can bring Dean down, Big Show’s knee buckles from under him and he drops Dean on the apron. The camera switches angles, and we see that David Otunga has returned to the ring! Obviously still suffering from the effects of being put through a table earlier, Otunga starts stomping away at Big Show and it’s not long before John Morrison has joined him.

The fans erupt with boos, as Morrison and Otunga continue to stomp on Big Show – but are delighted to see that Big Show is still making his way to his feet! Slowly, he manages to get to one knee, but Morrison delivers a hard roundhouse kick to Show’s head that NEARLY knocks him back down. With Show dazed, Morrison and Otunga work together to lift the giant to his feet. The both grab one of Big Shows arms and yell for Simon to ‘Get ready!’ Dean quickly obliges, still on the apron, and he orders the two to ‘DO IT!’ Otunga and Morrison nod to each other and with one of Big Show’s arms in both of their hands, they whip Show off to the ropes. Simon Dean completes the maneuver by pulling down the top rope. Big Show barrels over the top rope, and goes crashing into the table at ringside!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, here are you winners: David Otunga, John Morrison, and Simon Dean… THE FIT CLUB!


Simon Dean's theme hits in the arena, and Dean scrambles into the ring to join his two teammates. The three celebrate as if they've won the SuperBowl, cheering and hugging -- the audience disapproves.

COLE ...Well, they did it.

LAWLER They did WHAT, Michael!? Break the rules and tarnish the integrity of a WWE competition!? If that's what you mean, then you're absolutely right.

ROSS In case you missed it, folks... David Otunga and John Morrison were ELIMINATED from this contest earlier on, and illegally re-entered themselves to aide their leader Simon Dean!

LAWLER I can't believe the referees allowed that to happen!

COLE Well, Jerry... technically there are NO disqualifications in a tables match, and if you go through a table, you're eliminated -- simple as that. As far as the referees are concerned, Big Show went through a table BECAUSE of Simon Dean's actions. If you ask me, the referees did their job here.

LAWLER I beg to differ.

ROSS Well, Jerry... I'd hate to say it but complaining about it isn't going to change anything. Fact is, these three superstars have just chalked up a win for themselves!

LAWLER ... I suppose so. I just know we're NEVER going to hear the end of this.

After one last look at the celebration, the camera cuts backstage to the interview grounds where we see Matt Striker standing.

STRIKER Ladies and gentlemen I’m your backstage correspondent Matt Striker and I’m standing here live with the aggressive, the ruthless, the PAIN -- Brock Lesnar.

The camera zooms out, and Brock Lesnar is standing next to Striker with a very intense stare on his face.

STRIKER Brock, thank you for your time. I know you’ve been busy all week training and preparing for your Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship tonight, and I just wanted to ask… going into a match like this, especially with your rival Triple H, what’s on your mind?

LESNAR What’s on my mind? The only thing on my mind right now is what’s next after I win the WWE Championship tonight. You see, I’ve played by the rules all month. I have a lot of pent up aggression that needs to be taken out, and I’m going to do it tonight. You see Matt, tonight there ARE no rules -- which means there’s nothing stopping me from snapping Triple H’s neck, and nothing stopping me from beating the hell out of that loudmouthed Punk, either. By putting me in this match, JBL has given me permission to do anything I want to those two and I’m taking full advantage of the opportunity. I’ll just warn you and everyone else watching… put the kids to bed, because I won’t be accountable for my actions…

Just then, the camera zooms out more and CM Punk walks into frame with a half arrogant smile on his face.

PUNK What a coincidence, Lesnar… because I won’t be either. You know what I think, Matt? I think Lesnar here is a bunch of hype. He’s just another beefed up ‘roid head who gets pushed to the top just because of his name. Well guess what, Brock? Your name doesn’t mean a damn thing when you’re in the ring with me. If you want this WWE Championship, you’re going to have to bring something that I, quite frankly, don’t think you have… and that’s TALENT… REAL WRESTLING ability.

Lesnar’s eyes widen, and Punk continues.

PUNK Yeah, you can throw a couple punches… so what you can lift somebody up and spin ‘em around your head. Newsflash, Lesnar: You’re not the first or only one. I think it’s time somebody put you in your place, Brock. And I’d be glad to oblige.

Soon, we hear another voice and the crowd pops huge as we see Triple H walk into frame on the other side of Matt Striker. Lesnar balls his fists, and clenches his teeth at the sight of the Game.

TRIPLE H Get in line, Punk.

Both Striker and Punk look over at Triple H, and take a step forward to remain in between the two.

TRIPLE H As far as I’m concerned, you and I have some unfinished business to take care of. But that’s all going to be remedied tonight. Last week, I told John that I would drive a sledgehammer through your head, Brock… but I didn’t. The only difference between then and tonight is now, I don’t have to worry about any fines, suspensions, or security. You’ve been a thorn in my side for long enough, Lesnar. Tonight, I’m not just going to pin you and win the WWE Championship… I’m going to get rid of you for good.

Punk interjects.

PUNK I’m sorry, Hunter, but you seem to be mistaken… if you’re talking about MY WWE Championship, then you might not want to get your hopes up too high. Look, I know you two have your little “rivalry” to settle, but I have a Championship to retain… and you two fail to realize that I will do everything I have to do to make sure that happens. The way I see it, I’m just as dangerous as either of you two.

TRIPLE H Dangerous? Punk… the way I see it, you’re just a backyard wrestler who got lucky while I wasn’t around. I’m sick of seeing you parade around here like you’re hot shit… because you’re not. You’re just like the rest of these indy rookies… you throw on some kickpads and wrist tape, and suddenly you think you’re championship material?

PUNK Championship material? Aitch, once again… you fail to realize the most important fact here… I AM the WWE Champion. And no matter what ‘aggression’ you two have with each other… that’s not going to change.

LESNAR You also fail to realize, that it’s going to be hard to wrestle… let alone WALK after I tear your limbs off.

Punk turns his attention from Punk to Lesnar here.

TRIPLE H Y’know, I’m getting sick of your mouth, Lesnar.

LESNAR Is that so? Well how about you do something about it?

TRIPLE H …Don’t mind if I do.

Triple H takes a step back and undoes the top button of his collared shirt. Brock gets in a ready position as well, and it appears as if things are about to break down between the two right now…

STRIKER Wait a minute, guys --

Before the two can do anything, security rush into the interview grounds to separate the two. They are then joined by General Manager Layfield.

GM LAYFIELD Hold it right there, damnit! Security GET IN THERE!

LESNAR You’re dead, you son of a bitch!

GM LAYFIELD The both of you had better settle down! For once in your goddamned careers be professional! I shouldn’t have to babysit you two – frankly I have too much to do and if you two can’t control yourselves, I have an entire roster of superstars that would GLADLY take your place! So I would suggest you both go back to your dressing rooms and get ready for your match tonight… Security, get them both back to their dressing rooms right now!! Make sure they don’t come out until I call for them, do you understand!?

The security officers nod off and escort the reluctantly cooperative superstars out of frame. Just Striker, JBL, and Punk are left. Matt and JBL look at Punk, who is chuckling under his breath.

GM LAYFIELD And just what the hell is so funny?

PUNK Oh nothing… just the fact that you’re more of a babysitter than a General Manager.

GM LAYFIELD Get the hell out of my sight, Punk.

PUNK I bet if Vince was here, he wouldn’t have this problem… just sayin’.

Punk pats John on the back and walks out of frame and we zoom in on our frustrated GM's face. Once again, we’re back to ringside and all of the wood scraps and remaining tables have been cleared from the area. We see a few technical crewmembers sweeping the last bits away and Justin Roberts stand in the center of the ring smiling.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a Double Jeopardy Match, and is for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The crowd cheers, and the World Championship graphic blasts on screen.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Now, the way this way this match will work; All four superstars will enter the ring at the same time, and will compete in two separate matches simultaneously until one opponent has defeated the other. When both of the opening matches have ended, the two superstars that are victorious will immediately compete in a final contest, in which the winner will be crowned the World Heavyweight Champion!

"Realeza" plays, and the arena is lit in a golden hue. A few signs show saying things like "Alberto Del LOSER" and other things of that nature, and it's not long before the music is overcome by the sound of a honking horn. From the concreted area next to the stage, out drives Alberto Del Rio in a rather nice maroon Mercedes -- once that Michael Cole notes is worth about 215,000 dollars. Del Rio stops and hops out of the car before heading to and leaps up onto the ramp. When on the ramp, he smiles brightly and holds his arms out to his sides, cueing a waterfall of golden sparks behind him. One thing we do notice though, is that Ricardo Rodriguez is nowhere to be found. When Del Rio gets to the ring, he climbs up the stairs and wipes his feet on the ring apron before stepping in. As soon as he's in, the music changes.

A countdown appears on the titantron and "Break Down The Walls" begins to play. Blue pyrotechnics shoot from the top of the stage and the lights go dark -- the only thing we can see is the silhouette of a man wearing a rather sparkly jacket. When he turns around, the lights come up and we see that Y2J is in the building! Jericho makes his way to the ring showing no smiles or joy -- just focus and determination as he strolls down to the immediate ringside area. Chris climbs up onto the ring apron and steps in, showing an unimpressed scowl towards Alberto Del Rio the entire time. When Jericho is settled in, the lights in the arena shut off, and the crowd goes absolutely nuts.

The lights come back on, and the entire arena is almost blacklighted -- the eerie purple hue with the occasional flash of white sets the tone, and a low fog spreads over the sunset entranceway. The sound of "Graveyard Symphony" makes everyone stand to their feet, and through the thick fog walks none other than the Deadman himself, The Undertaker! He pauses at the top of the stage, staring down to the ring with a blank face -- his vintage intensity. He soon begins his slow and intimidating walk to the ring with the fans shouting behind him. Undertaker gets to the steps, and walks up them slowly before raising his arms to bring the lights back on in the arena. He steps into the ring and removes the hood of his ring coat -- the thunder and lightning in the background adding extra atmosphere to the entrance and inspiring more cheers. A few seconds later, his music fades out.

Last but certainly not least, “Voices” hits in the arena and once again the audience explodes!! The lights dim down to a red and orange hue, and out walks the current World Champion, The Viper, Randy Orton! With the World Championship draped over his shoulder, he begins the walk down the ramp. Orton is focused, and it’s obvious. He walks up the ring steps and climbs into the ring in his own world – a world where as his theme song says, the voices in his head never stop talking. He walks to the nearest corner, climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and raises the World Title in the air, staring out into the audience absorbing all of their support. When he gets down, the lights again return to normal and the arena hushes to a silence to allow Justin Roberts to make his match announcements.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Introducing first, from San Luis Potosi, Mexico... Alberto Del Rio!

The Mexican Aristocrat smiles big, and spreads his arms wide. The sheer confidence radiating off of Del Rio is enough to believe that he has a great chance of winning this match, although the audience doesn’t seem to think so. He makes a championship motion around his waist, and then steps back into his corner.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent for the opening contests, from Death Valley, The Undertaker!!

The Deadman adjusts his gloves, and stares down all four men, with the audience cheering in the background, Taker runs a hand through his hair and backs into his corner ready for battle.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Next, from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, Chris Jericho!!

Another hail of boos rain down to the ring, and Jericho simply raises his right hand into the air as if he’s already won.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent for the opening contests, from St. Louis, Missouri, he is the current World Heavyweight Champion… Randy Orton!

Orton gets a huge reaction from the fans here, and his face is completely emotionless. He looks at all three of his challengers. The referee in the center of the ring holds the World Championship up and hands it off to the outside. Another referee slides in -- obviously to tend ensure there is a referee for both opening matches -- and the opening bell rings.

World Heavyweight Championship


With two matches going on in the ring at one time, it was practically impossible to keep up with all the action. Most people went to this match expecting a fatal four way, but the main concept od double jeopardy is that there are two separate matches! Meaning, if any match interchanged opponents, both would end in disqualification. Both sets of superstars have kept things under control for the time being, and we join the contest about ten minutes in. The camera is focused Undertaker and Del Rio’s contest at this point, and things aren’t looking good for the Aristocrat. Undertaker is throwing soup-bones to Alberto who’s trapped in the corner, almost defenseless. Taker takes a few steps back and runs in for a clothesline, but Del Rio moves out of the way!! Taker crashes into the turnbuckles, and Del Rio smiles seeing an opportunity to strike. He runs to Undertaker and slaps his hands around Taker’s throat, choking him ruthlessly in the corner… The Deadman shoves him away and goes to boot Del Rio but Alberto moves out of the way and clotheslines The Undertaker to the canvas! He tries to go for a cover, but he leaves one arm open and that’s all it takes. Taker grabs a hold of the arm and before Del Rio can do anything, he finds himself locked in Hell’s Gate!!! The fans are cheering -- Del Rio, on the other hand, is screaming and clawing at the mat trying to escape the pain. He cannot, unfortunately, and moments later his hand slams the canvas several times...

Alberto Del Rio submits to Hells Gate!

The Undertaker releases the hold, and Del Rio scrambles out of the ring as fast as possible. Lucky for him, he tapped before the submission maneuver could do any real damage. Now eliminated from the contests, Del Rio throws a small tantrum on the outside and the referee raises The Undertaker's hand in victory. The camera quickly cuts to the other contest in the ring, where Orton has control of Chris Jericho, stomping away at Y2J in the corner. Their referee breaks the two up and Orton obliges for just a moment. He does indeed break away from Jericho, but charges right back in only to be met by a hard forearm! The shot sends Orton stumbling backwards, and Jericho sprints out of the corner with a hard clothesline! The momentum has changed in Jericho's favor, and Chris grabs a hold of both of Orton's legs. The crowd begins to boo here as Jericho struggles with Orton, trying desperately to turn him over to lock him into the Walls of Jericho... and he succeeds! Now it's Orton who is clawing at the canvas in agony, but Randy manages to power out of the hold with his leg strength, sending Jericho stumbling forward into the turnbuckles. Orton is quick to his feet but is limping -- a fact that Jericho takes immediate notice of. Instead of going for the legs though, Jericho bounds off the ropes and takes Orton down with a huge bulldog!! The impact is massive as Orton's body bounces off the canvas, Orton ending up on his back, staring up at the ceiling. Chris immediately goes for a cover on the exhausted Orton.

One... Two... NO!!!

Orton gets his shoulder off the mat, but is still down and Y2J takes this as his final opportunity to take the Viper out. Jericho gets a huge running start, and springboards backwards off the middle rope for a lionsault, but RKO!! RKO!! RKO!!! Randy Orton springs to life and hits the RKO!!! The entire arena is in an absolute frenzy, and Orton pounds the canvas with his fists again, this time victoriously. He crawls over Y2J and hooks his leg for a cover:

One… Two… Three!!

Chris Jericho has been eliminated from the contest, and the match bell rings signaling the end of his and Jericho’s match. Orton rolls off of Jericho, obviously quite exhausted, and sits up with a satisfied expression on his face. However, that expression sombers a great deal as he looks across the ring and sees the Deadman, The Undertaker standing in the corner – staring him down with burning eyes. Taker slowly reaches up and takes down the straps of his singlet top and puts up his guard. Orton mouths “Shit” to himself, and stands to his feet. He too puts his guards up, and the referee acknowledges this as a ‘ready’ from the Viper. With that, the referee rings the bell and the final match of Double Jeopardy is underway.

The Undertaker and Orton meet in the center of the ring grappling with each other, both trying to throw each other off balance. Undertaker grabs the upper hand first putting Orton in a headlock but Orton quickly counters, shoving Taker off into the ropes. He goes for a shoulder block, but Undertaker is too-well rested and doesn’t budge a bit. Orton’s eyes widen and he wastes no time bounding off the ropes and going for another shoulder block. The same thing happens… Undertaker doesn’t budge. Randy isn’t done yet though and he bounds of the ropes once more, this time to be met by the Undertaker’s boot! Even the referee cringes at the explosive counte, and Orton rolls away from Taker into the corner holding his jaw. Randy uses the turnbuckles to help him back to his feet, but doesn’t realize that he’s in a very bad position – in between Undertaker and Taker’s lethal hands. Taker rushes into the corner, deliver blow after blow to Orton’s head, chest, and stomach… each shot driving more and more wind out of the Viper. Orton tries his best to block, but Undertaker’s strikes are too quick and too strong… each one connects, which renders Randy helpless. Taker lets down his guard, and takes a few steps back before charging back in and smashing Orton in the corner with a huge body splash! The Viper stumbles lazily out of the corner, and The Undertaker grabs a hold of the Viper’s right arm. He looks out to the audience, and the audience responds with a huge pop – they know it’s time for some vintage Undertaker here. The Deadman climbs up the corner to the top turnbuckle, and carefully balances himself along the top rope. He leaps off to hit the Old School, but NO!! Randy Orton counters with an RKO!!! The crowd explodes, and Randy Orton goes right in for the cover…

One… Two… THRE-NOOOO!!!!!

THE UNDERTAKER KICKS OUT!! The electricity in the arena is almost tangible at this point, as every single fan in the arena is on their feet screaming wildly at the Undertaker’s resilience. Orton on the other hand has scurried away from the Undertaker with HUGE eyes of disbelief. The close up shots reveals his verbal thoughts as he mouths “What… the… fuck,” to himself, and wipes his forehead of the sweat . Just when it appeared Orton was in big trouble, things got a lot worse for him as The Undertaker SOMEHOW… SOMEWAY… manages to sit himself in the upright position in trademark fashion. At this the crowd gets EVEN LOUDER than before. Randy’s eyes become wider, and he scrambles to his feet to go back on the attack. He bounds off the ropes, and dropkicks Undertaker square in the chest – but the Undertaker sits back up! He bounds off the ropes once again, and this time knees ‘Taker in the forehead – but the Undertaker sits back up!!!! Randy has run out of options at this point, and heads for the ropes again but this time, the Undertaker has made it back to his feet!! Taker catches Orton’s throat in his hand, and lifts him up for the chokeslam but no!! Orton counters, squirming his way out and ends up behind ‘Taker. Orton grabs a hold of Undertaker’s neck and brings him down backwards for his signature backbreaker, but instead of bouncing to the canvas, Undertaker bounces off of Orton’s back and somehow manages to be standing ON HIS FEET!! Randy turns around slowly, and THEN it sets in. Orton closes his eyes screams a number of obscenities aloud before screaming “STAY DOWN!” To the Deadman. The Viper decides to make one last attempt, this time going for a crossbody but it proves to be a VERY big mistake. The Undertaker catches him!!! Orton screams, kicks, and wiggles, but it’s not long before he finds himself upside down – right where ‘Taker wants him. The crowd roars, and it seems as if every camera in the arena flashes towards the ring as Undertaker drops Orton right on top of his head --- TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! Taker crosses Orton’s arms across his own chest, and sticks his tongue out as the referee and everyone in the arena counts along:

One… Two… Three!!!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, here is you winner and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, THEEE UNDERRRRTAKERRRR!!!


The arena explodes yet again with cheers, and the second referee is quick to rush in with the World Heavyweight Championship. Undertaker just stares at it for a moment, and then he glares back down at Orton, patting him on the chest in what appeared to be a show of respect for the Viper. After this, Undertaker reaches up and grabs the championship -- the championship that he can now call his own.

ROSS By GAWD, what a slobber knocker of a match!

LAWLER I... I can't believe what we just saw! The Undertaker is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion!

COLE This marks EIGHT World Titles for the Deadman... and you could tell by the closing moments of this contest that Undertaker was NOT leaving this arena tonight without that accolade.

LAWLER No kidding... just give me a sec to scoot back to the center of my seat!

ROSS You and everyone else in the arena, King. All three of the matches we just saw were excellent, but the final moments of Orton versus The Undertaker showed how bad these two wanted that title here tonight. But when it was all said and done, it was THAT man, The Undertaker, who would grab the victory.

The Undertaker stands tall in the center of the ring, and raises the World Championship in the air causing another loud roar of cheers from the audience and more thunder booms as his theme plays on. Taker walks to the ropes and steps through to the apron, and we are taken to the backstage area once again... this time, we're outside of the General Manager's office, where Jillian and the Head of Security for earlier stand.

JILLIAN Alright, Mr. Layfield is very busy in a meeting with a special guest at the moment, so I will relay your final instructions for the night to you. Your team is to escort both Triple H and Brock Lesnar to the ring, but when the match starts, you guys get the heck out of dodge... I don't want any of you guys getting hurt. Now, the two can do whatever they want during the match, but as soon as the closing bell rings, you are to re-separate the two and make sure no further damage is caused.

HEAD OF SECURITY Yes ma'am. The team is ready for any and everything tonight.

JILLIAN That's what I like to hear. Now, their match is up next so have the two head out towards the stage now... but DO NOT let them come in contact with each other. John doesn't even want them to look at each other until the match starts. Is that understood?


JILLIAN Good... and please, just call me Jillian.

HEAD OF SECURITY Yes ma'a-- err, Jillian.

The security officer nods and jogs away from the scene. Just then, Shelton Benjamin walks into frame. He looks a bit beat up from his ladder match earlier tonight, limp and all, but he fights through the soreness to speak.

BENJAMIN Hey Jillian, can I speak to John?

JILLIAN Not now, Shelton... he's in a meeting. Is there anything I can help you with?

BENJAMIN Look, I know I lost tonight... but I want a rematch. I need John to make it happen.

JILLIAN Shelton... you know the only way you get to call for a rematch is if you WERE the champion...

Benjamin sighs, and seems to have lost hope. But Jillian takes a moment to think.

JILLIAN However... you two did have an amazing match... so here's what I'll do. I'll talk to John when he finishes up the meeting, and you'll get your rematch next week on RAW. How's that sound?

BENJAMIN Sounds great. Thank you.

Shelton turns to leave, but stops in his tracks and turns back to Jillian with a concerned expression on his face.

BENJAMIN Uhm, what scent are you wearing tonight?

Jillian looks surprised, yet a bit flattered.

JILLIAN Me? I'm not. Why do you ask?

BENJAMIN ... Nothing, nevermind... it just smells awfully familiar around here.

JILLIAN Well, it's not me, maybe it's ---- oh.

Jillian stops in the middle of her sentence, and looks at the General Manager's office.

BENJAMIN What? What's wrong?

JILLIAN Nothing, nothing... go get some rest, Shelton. See you next week.

Benjamin shrugs, and smiles anyway.

BENJAMIN Yeah, sure. See you next week.

Shelton walks out of frame, and the camera zooms in on Jillian's face. She takes another sniff of the air, trying to follow the scent trail that Benjamin picked up, and sure enough... it leads right into GM Layfield's office.

JILLIAN That's what I thought...

Jillian opens the door to the GM's office, and the camera immediately cuts back to the ringside area... it's time for the main event!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, the our main event of the evening is a No Disqualification Triple Threat Match scheduled for one fall, and is for the WWE Championship!

“Next Big Thing” hits in the arena, is welcomed by the audience by a chorus of boos. The camera cuts to the sunset entranceway, where Brock Lesnar walks out onto the stage accompanied by six of the officers from JBL’s security team. Brock looks back at the security, and shakes his head before staring the walk to the ring. Lesnar is geared up in MMA attire, and is carrying a look that can only be described as intimidatingly intense. Walking down the ramp Lesnar stops a few times to stare down a few fans screaming at him, even going so far to tell a few of them to “Shut up” right to their faces. When he gets to the ring, he leaps up onto the apron cueing a pyro blast from all four corners, and he steps in slowly. Lesnar heads straight towards the referee, and once again deliberately disrespects a WWE official with a middle finger – a gesture Lesnar has shown in every match over the past few weeks. He paces back and forth in a corner, staring at the entranceway awaiting the entrance of his rival… and it’s not long before he comes.

“The Game” hits, and the famous opening guitar stroke alone sends the audience into a flurry of cheers. The arena lights dim a bit, and Triple H walks out onto the stage dead center and into a light fog. The camera zooms on him, and we see that his eyes are locked on Lesnar intently. When the lights come back up, it’s revealed that Triple H is also being accompanied by a team of security guards. Hunter starts walking down the ramp, and Lesnar’s security team assumes position, building a wall in the center of the ring. Triple H makes his way sternly to ringside, and walks up the stairs to the ring… climbing in but never once taking his eyes off of Lesnar. Now Triple H’s escorts join Lesnar’s, and the wall stretches in between the two. That, however, does not stop the burning stare exchange between the two. Hunter’s music fades out, and “Tri-ple-H! Tri-ple-H!” chants arise.

“Cult of Personality” hits now, and once again, the LA fans erupt with cheers. The camera makes a quick cut to the sunset entranceway, and out walks CM Punk with the WWE Championship wrapped around his waist. He kneels down at the top of the ramp, and taps on his wrist a few times before standing up and screaming “It’s clobberin’ time!” and making his way down the ramp. Punk does not have security escorts, but he looks around him comically as if he was checking to make sure. He continues down to the ring, and when he gets to it he jogs up the stairs and unwraps the championship from around his waist. He steps into the ring, and immediately heads for the corner where he stands on the middle rope and raises the WWE Championship high – inspiring yet another roar of cheers from the fans in attendance. He smiles, gets down, and hands the championship off to the referee. His music fades out, and the security team parts, leaving the ring technically more empty... but in this particular case, it’s still very crowded with the tension involved. Justin Roberts and the referee walk to the center of the ring, and the match announcements are underway.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Introducing first, the challenger… from Minneapolis, Minnesota... BROCK LESNAR!!

The fans boo, and Lesnar once again turns around burning holes through a particularly audible set of fans. The camera cuts to Punk who is laughing at the section, and then we go back to Roberts.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, also challenging, from Greenwich, Connecticut… TRIPLE H!

The audience cheers now, and the camera cuts to Triple H who spits out the gum he was chewing, still staring through Lesnar. You can tell he’s ready to go, but reluctantly holds back – at least for now. A few shots of “HHH” signs in the audience, and then we cut back to Roberts for a final time.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And their opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, he is the current WWE Champion… CM PUNK!

The crowd roars again, and Punk raises his right arm high in the air. It’s clear that he doesn’t take Lesnar & HHH’s aggression towards each other very seriously, as Punk continues to smile and remain rather laid back, considering the large task he’s about to encounter. The camera cuts to the referee who holds the WWE Championship high in the air before handing it off to a technical crew member on the outside. After this, he makes one last check, and calls for the opening bell.

WWE Championship


As easy as it would have been for CM Punk to just step back and allow his two opponents to annihilate each other, the Straight Edge superstar insisted on being just as much a part of the match as Triple H and Lesnar throughout. Momentum would switch hands several times, but every time Triple H or Lesnar were in control, they completely ignored Punk and attacked each other. The aggression between the two superstars would lead BOTH to take advantage of the No Disqualification rule, but not in the form of weapons… instead, the two opted for closed fists and prolonged submission holds. We join this main event brawl at the twelve minute point, where CM Punk has captured control of the match, and currently has Brock Lesnar locked in the Anaconda Vice!

Obviously a bit worn out from the match, Brock Lesnar yells in agony and struggles to break free from the submission hold to no avail. Punk being relatively the freshest man in the contest has the Vice locked in, and it looks like there’s no hope from Lesnar. That is, until Triple H steps back into the mix and stomps right on Punks shoulder, forcing him to break the hold. CM rolls out of the way holding his shoulder, and Triple H drops a knee down on Lesnar’s forehead. He then mounts his rival and hammers down with a series of hard and closed right hands, forcing Lesnar to curl up and attempt to block each one. Hunter manages to connect with over half of the shots, but is shoved off of Lesnar by CM Punk – who now appears to be frustrated from being excluded from the contest. Triple H and Punk go toe to toe here, with Triple H screaming at Punk to ‘mind his business’. The Straight Edge superstar responds with a hard slap to the Game’s face that gets a huge pop from the audience, and suddenly, Triple H becomes infuriated with Punk and things break down from there. CM Punk and Triple H ignite, trading right hands with each other until Punk manages to get the upper hand. Four consecutive shots in a row, and Punk sends Triple H bounding off the ropes. When the two meet again, Punk goes for a clothesline that The Game ducks under. Triple H continues through, hits the ropes again, and do-si-dos with Punk in the center of the ring before bringing Punk up by his legs and planting him in the center of the ring with a Spinebuster!! The fans are behind the Game here, as he drops over Punk for a cover.

One… Two… NO!

CM Punk kicks out before the three, and Triple H stands to his feet. He takes a look around, apparently looking for Lesnar and finds him sooner than he would expect when he’s blasted by a DEVASTATING clothesline! Brock stands over Triple H with a sadistic smile, and looks to the outside. Lesnar limps over to the ropes, steps out of the ring, and drops down to the outside before raising the ring apron and searching under the ring for a while. When he emerges he has a sledgehammer in hand staring at it intently. The fans jeer Lesnar, but he does care as he slides into the ring with the hammer and walks directly towards Triple H. Unfortunately for him, Punk has made it to his feet and is now standing on the apron with his target in sight. CM springboards off the top rope, and takes Lesnar out with a huge flying clothesline that takes Lesnar off his feet and forces him to drop the sledgehammer! The crowd cheers as Punk appears to be in control once again, but momentum changes again as Triple H boots CM in the stomach, and locks him in for a suplex. However, when Triple H lifts him, CM Punk shifts his weight and lands back on his feet. Taking advantage of Hunter’s temporarily distraction, he immediately takes a hold of Triple H’s arm and hoists him up onto his shoulders… the fans erupt again, and we all know what time it is – Punk does too, as he smiles to fans. He tries for the GTS, but gets one… two… three hard elbows to the side of the head from the Game. Triple H wiggles himself free from the potentially match ending situation, and delivers a boot to Punk’s gut before dropping him with a PEDIGREE! The counter capitalizes, and Triple H wastes no time in covering the champion.

One… Two… NO!!!

Lesnar makes it just in time to break up the cover and Triple H is quick to his feet. Once again, Hunter and Lesnar find themselves standing toe to toe, and Lesnar is the first to strike with a hard right hand! Triple H stumbles back holding his jaw, but wastes no time in striking right back! Our commentary team hype the obvious; it’s about to go down once again between the two hard hitting superstars. Reminiscent of their battle a few weeks ago on RAW, the two continue to trade right hands to each others’ jaws, and Triple H finds himself with the upper hand with three consecutive shots in a row. Lesnar backs up, and Triple H sends him bounding off the ropes into a hard knee smash!! Lesnar pops up, but does not go down – in fact, he’s staring Triple H dead in the eyes. Almost unphased by the maneuver, he roars with fury and spears Triple H in the center of the ring! Brock unloads on Triple H with several MMA style rights, lefts, and elbows. The referee does his best to slow Lesnar down but Lesnar shoves the ref back and flips him off rather emphatically. Lesnar screams at the referee “What are you gonna do, disqualify me!?” and continues to hammer away at the Game. CM Punk has come back to his senses on the other side of the ring, and watches the furious Lesnar wail away at Triple H with no mercy. Punk shrugs, and the leaps into the mix with a hard forearm to the side of Lesnar’s skull! The elbow throws Lesnar off balance, and allows Punk just enough time to drive his right knee into Lesnar’s head! With a glazed look in his eyes, Lesnar hits the mat, and now it’s Punk who is in control of the match again.

CM Punk turns towards Triple H, and the camera shows that The Game is bleeding profusely from his forehead, and being tended to by the referee. Triple H, being the ruthless fighter that he is, just shoves the referee out of the way and struggles to his feet with the help of the ropes. Punk turns around, and now Brock Lesnar is regaining his balance as well. With both superstars on their feet, Punk makes the quick decision to attack Lesnar first, and is hoisted OVER the top rope and sent crashing to the outside for his efforts! Punk is down on the outside, and Triple H wastes no time in capitalizing on Lesnar’s temporary distraction. The bloody Cerebral Assassin boots Brock Lesnar in the gut, and hooks his arms… the crowd comes to life again and watches on as Hunter drives Lesnar into the canvas with a thunderous Pedigree! Triple H remains in his kneeled position, and runs a hand through his hair… his wrist tape now stained with blood and sweat. He takes a deep breath, and then gets rocked by an enzuigiri from CM Punk!! The crowd cheers the sudden life from the Straight Edge superstar who stalks the stumbling Triple H before hoisting him up onto his shoulders. Punk screams out to the audience: “It’s nap time, BITCH!” before raising him and dropping him down on his knee. GTS!!! The crowd absolutely erupts as Punk hooks Triple Hs leg tight and the referee counts:

One… Two… THREE!!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen here’s your winner and STILL WWE Champion: C… M… Punk!!


“Cult of Personality” hits in the arena and crowd explodes with cheers as CM Punk sits in the upright position and smiles to himself.

COLE He’s done it! He’s done it! CM Punk has retained the WWE Championship!

ROSS Indeed he has, Michael and what a way to do it!

LAWLER There may have been doubts, but once again, CM Punk has proved the doubters wrong and has defeated Triple H and Brock Lesnar here tonight!

COLE Finally, and end to this chapter. CM Punk is victorious, and hopefully now the rivalry between Triple H and Brock Lesnar has come to an end!

ROSS Well, I wouldn’t say that, Cole.

LAWLER Neither would I. If anything, this has given the two superstars MORE reason to despise each other. In fact, I would be surprised if this were the last time the two met.

ROSS Nonetheless gentlemen, you have to give it to Punk here. He managed to conquer the odds once again, and has put a HUGE exclamation point on his claims that he is indeed… the Best In the World!

CM Punk looks out to the screaming LA fans, and raises his WWE Championship high in the air with his referee on the other side raising his arm in victory. Punk heads to the corner, and raises his arm high while behind him, the security team steps back into the ring, ensuring that Lesnar and Triple H do not fight again when they get up. Punk laughs nonchalantly at the display of control, and continues to celebrate. The Summerslam graphic shows at the bottom left hand corner of the screen signaling the end of the broadcast, but instead of fading to the WWE logo, we cut to the General Manager’s office backstage where JBL is standing with a clipboard in his hand. The screen in his office is showing Punk’s celebration, and Jillian stands in the background, almost as anxious as Layfield.

GM LAYFIELD Alright… you’ve seen what things are like now in the main event picture on RAW, and I want to add you into it. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and it’s a done deal.

John sits the clipboard on his desk, and there is a pause. The camera is conveniently placed where the special guest’s identity is concealed, but we see his hands reach out to grab the clipboard. We see that he also has a grey suit jacket on, and a rather nice gold watch on… but that’s all we see. The man picks up the pen attached to the clipboard, and without further ado, signs his name on the contract. Obviously, the camera is out of focus so we can’t see the name that was signed, but the man hands the contract to JBL who is now smiling from ear to ear.

GM LAYFIELD Perfect. Well my old friend, welcome back to Monday Night RAW.

John extends his hand for a handshake and the man accepts. The camera zooms in on the two’s hands meeting just above the desk, and THEN we fade to the WWE Logo Signaling the end of the Pay Per View Broadcast.



The Hurricane def. SIN (New Cruiserweight Champion)
Mr. S def. Rey Mysterio
Dolph Ziggler def. Shelton Benjamin
The Fit Club def. Big Show, Rikishi & Brodus Clay
The Undertaker def. Alberto Del Rio
Randy Orton def. Chris Jericho
The Undertaker def. Randy Orton (New World Champion)
CM Punk def. Triple H & Brock Lesnar

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