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re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

Finished the 8th and final season of House tonight. Took me all of like 3 days. LOVED this series, but I preferred Raw over House this past season and Breaking Bad killed my interest in House simply because House couldn't compare...but nothing really can.

Anyway I liked this season. Probably my favorite team of all the teams House has had even though it didn't start off that way. It was a really good final season with a lot of high points. I'm just upset we didn't get more closure. What happens when Wilson dies? Will House reveal he didn't die? I know Lisa Edelstein didn't return at all for the final season which was a dick move because she really should have been a part of it, but there was never any more explanation on what would become of House/Cuddy other than she transferred or moved or whatever a day after House crashed into her house.

House also seemed to become more empathetic throughout the season and the further into the development of Wilson's cancer storyline we got the more emotion he showed. It was REALLY weird. There were lots of moments throughout the season that never really felt like we were watching "House". This season felt weird. I'd say the time period between when the entire team came together and the stabbing was the closest we got to normal House.

Sincerely thought House died. The way it was built up was great. He struggled with suicide and hallucinations, was finally convinced to go on, walks to the door, sees Wilson, one last shot of House, and BOOM. Thought it was over but of course it's TV so he somehow escaped through the back lol. Good to see House just letting go and being happy with his best friend with his guard down riding into the sunset. Still felt like there wasn't enough closure...either that or it's tough to imagine the diagnostics team being led by Chase and consisting of 2 (is Taub even a part of it anymore) members with no House, Cuddy, etc. It's just...different...normal...not House lol.

Enjoyed the season though. Gonna miss this show.

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