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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Personally at this point, I would like to see John Cena win the belt from Punk later in the year (not at Night of Champions...I think Punk needs that win to prolong this feud). Perhaps Cena can win it at Hell in a Cell or Survivor Series though. I'd like John Cena to then hold the belt until the Rumble, setting up Rock/Cena II in January, putting Rock/Punk on tap for WM29 with the title on the line.

My biggest concern about this approach though, is that it involved Rock going over Cena again. Believe me, Vince wants to make sure Cena gets that win back against Rock from WM28, and I just can't see Rock going 2-0 over Cena...the second time being for the title no less.

I unfortunately think that it will be Punk/Rock at the Rumble, setting up for Rock/Cena II at WM29 for the title. Cena will go over, making his win even bigger because it's for the belt this time. I really don't have much interest in seeing Rock/Cena at Mania for a second time, even if it is for the belt. The only saving grace would be if Cena turned heel on Rock, but even then I don't think the impact is as great if it were to happen at WM28...coming out of the "embrace the hate" angle leading up to the match.

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