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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

Crash seriously just pissed me off for the majority of it's run time.

12 Angry Men
his film has the simplest story you could ever think of, 12 jurors have to decide whether or not a young defendant is guilty of a murder, sounds simple, boring (maybe) and like something you could fit in to a 5 minute scene in a film? But with a stunning script and screenplay, a brilliant director and 12 brilliant actors, this simple story turns in to a powerful masterclass of acting, script writing and dialogue. I adored this film from start to finish, the dialogue is so well written, as are the characters even though they are mostly nameless and complete strangers stuck in a room with each other. The acting is some of the best I've seen, especially from Fonda and maybe even more so from Lee J Cobb. I loved the tension built up between the 12 men and you could imagine being in that room with them, feeling the heat and listening to every single word, slowly changing your mind. I felt myself turn more and more which was so awesome to experience, but the amazing thing about this film is that you are allowed to decide for yourself what the verdict is, and it was perfect to end it without knowing. So many great messages within the story too, just a great portrayal of human nature and how peoples prejudices get in the way of rational thought. Proof you don't need action sequences, explosions or anything of the sort to be totally exhilarated and gripped by whats happening on the screen, all you need is a great script with great actors and director and you have pure gold. A masterpiece, and imo one of the greatest of all time.

9.5 - 10/10
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