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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by doyousee? View Post
If he was an "escaped mental patient", what would prevent anyone from capturing and thus committing him again? Instead of escaping why not just say he spent time at a psychiatric facility and was deemed sane enough to be released? Of course, over time everyone would find out that isn't the case at all.

Then again R-Truth still has an imaginary friend so logic really has no place in a WWE storyline.

My impatience is peaking. Please, Dean, make it all better.
You pretty much answered your own question, but I'll reply anyway. This is WWE. Logic doesn't always matter. I don't blame them as sometimes you have to stray away from logic to make things entertaining. If WWE followed the path of logic and realism, The Undertaker wouldn't exist.

Whether he "escapes" or is "released" from a mental hospital, I'm just saying it's a way WWE can go.

Here's an idea that just popped into my head. Bryan shows up next week at the hospital (that helps mental patients and also offers anger management therapy). Near the end, Bryan goes ballistic and starts a riot at the hospital. Next week, it's revealed that one of the patients escaped in the riot. The next few weeks, strange events happen backstage like people being laid out, things broken and things of that nature. Everyone is spooked. And eventually Ambrose makes his debut sometime in late September or October.

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