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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.



"More Roster Changes, Cyber Sunday To Return"

Reported On July 27, 2012
Author: Jason Case

Reports are in this morning from WWE.Com, announcing that The Great Khali and Ted DiBiase, Jr. have been released from the RAW roster. There hasn't been any follow up as to WHY the two superstars were released, but we can only expect that the releases were voluntary... similar to Vladimir Kozlov, Wade Barrett, and Justin Gabriel earlier last month. Nonetheless -- with every release, there seems to be someone new coming in and our sources have provided some insight on this.

In hopes to help Lead Creative Writer Ronald Alden rebuild the cruiserweight division, JBL (who is the off-screen director of talent relations and recruiting) went out and renegotiated a long-term contract with Kaval. There is no set date for Kaval's re-debut, but as far as roster changes are concerned, there is word that Daniel Bryan (who weighs 210 pounds) will be moved to the Cruiserweight Division in order to add more "legitimacy" to the competitive nature of the division. (Adding in Kaval and Daniel Bryan is definitely a solid way to do that.)

Changing subjects; we all know that we are just days away from the WWE's biggest party of the summer, Summerslam! With that said, it's kind of surprising that that the entertainment franchise is already looking towards their next Pay Per View Event, which was originally scheduled to be Night Of Champions. However, WWE.Com posted an article stating that Cyber Sunday would take place next month instead, and NoC would take the place of the Hell In A Cell Pay Per View. In the article, RAW GM JBL was quoted as saying "The WWE fans are some of the smartest people in this business -- why? Because we are here to give them what they want... that's how we make money. And nobody knows what they want like the fans themselves --- that's a fact. So it's time to include the WWE Universe in the creative process again, and let THEM decide the paths of the WWE Programming. What better way to do that than to bring back the Cyber Sunday Pay Per View?" When he puts it that way, it's hard to disagree. Of course, how much impact the WWE fans actually have on the 'path of programming' depends on how much and how well they build Cyber Sunday after Summerslam is said and done. Ah well, guess that gives us something to keep an eye on.

This is Jason Case signing out... And remember, if you heard it here then it's at least 70% true... haha.

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