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Re: WWE 2003

Sunday Night HEAT
Date: 7/1/03
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Venue: Conseco Fieldhouse
Attendance: 12,257/ 12,480

HEAT comes on air and the pyros go off, as Al Snow and Jonathan Coachman welcome us on this Sunday night to another exciting hour of HEAT. Coach brings up what we saw on this past Smackdown! Snow says he can’t believe Brock Lesnar and Big Show have formed an alliance and that Paul Heyman is now managing two of the most dominant wrestlers in the back today. Coach says everyone should be on alert and Big Show will be in action later tonight. Coach mentions one man that won’t be in action tonight, Chris Benoit. Coach says Benoit has been reported to have suffered broken ribs and even with that, Big Show is still looking for revenge.

Match #1
Tag Team Match
Trish Stratus & Lita vs Gail Kim & Molly Holly

Show opens with a divas tag team match. Lita takes the upperhand on Molly Holly to start the match and Trish gets tagged in. Gail keeps trying to get tagged in, but Trish either pulls away Molly or Gail gets elbowed off the apron. Gail finally gets tagged in, but Trish gets the quick upperhand and Gail tags Molly back in unexpectedly. Trish hits the Chick Kick on Molly and pins her to win.

Winner: Trish Stratus & Lita
Trish and Lita celebrate in the ring. Gail looks under the ring and pulls out the Women’s Championship she stole from Trish and tries to sneak attack them from behind. Trish and Lita turn around and Gail looks stunned. Gail gets out of the ring with the title and leaves, as Trish says she is going to get that title back one way or the other with a smile on her face.


HEAT comes back on air and Coach recaps Rhyno’s greed of becoming the best Hardcore Champion ever and sending out another open challenge, leading to Kane accepting the challenge. Snow says he has been in the hardcore business for along time and those in the back that want to be Hardcore Champion need to worry about Kane.

Match #2
Hardcore Match for the Hardcore Championship
Kane © vs Zach Gowan

Kane comes out with the title and Zach Gowan’s music hits during Kane’s pyro in the ring. Kane doesn’t seem happy and Gowan comes down to the ring slowly. He seems nervous, but willing and wanting to take on this challenge. Bell rings and Kane takes him apart instantly. Kane throws Gowan over the top rope and onto the floor. Kane hits Gowan with a chair and then chokeslam’s him onto the chair for the pin and win.

Winner: And STILL Hardcore Champion; Kane
Kane looks down at the downed body of Gowan, when Rhyno comes running out and gets into a fist fight with Kane. Kane misses a clothesline and Rhyno charges at Kane with a spear. Rhyno says he is coming for that title and HEAT goes to commercial.


Josh Mathews is backstage with the Basham Brothers. Josh asks the Basham’s what exactly happened on Smackdown! in regards to them and the Dudley Boyz. Doug Basham smiles and says it is just the beginning. He says the Dudley’s asked for a fight when they took the Tag Titles out of there owners hands. He says at Vengeance, they will go back to whom they belong too. They walk off and we go ringside for the next match.

Match #3
Singles Match
Edge vs Booker T

Both men make their ways to the ring looking for some momentum going into the upcoming week. A back and forth match turns into Booker being able to set up Edge for the Scissors Kick, but Edge gets away from the kick and Spears Booker for the win.

Winner: Edge
Edge celebrates into commercial.


HEAT comes back on air with General Manager Theodore Long backstage. Rhyno runs up to him and asks Mr. Long for a favor. Long says he is listening and Rhyno demands a title shot against Kane because he feels Kane shouldn’t be holding that title. Rhyno keeps talking and Long clearly isn’t listening. Long tells Rhyno to shutup because he has his rematch. He says he would love for it to take place tonight, but it will take place tomorrow night at RAW. Long tells Rhyno to go watch the main event coming up and walks away.

Match #4
Singles Match
Big Show vs Scott Steiner

Show comes down with many boos. Steiner tries to overpower Show, but Show eventually prevails and Steiner cannot bring Show down to the ground. Show eventually hits the knock out punch when Steiner was stumbling around the ring. Show picks Steiner up after the punch and hits a chokeslam and covers for the win.

Winner: Big Show
Big Show celebrates over Steiner, as HEAT closes.

WWE: The Takeover

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