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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Quick thoughts RE: Best TV matches of the last few years.

Agreed with Brye on Punk/Henry I for 2012, nothing has come close tbh in rivalling it this year. Wonderful babyface vs monster matchup, Henry kills it character wise and adds some wonderful little touches to his work, Punk bumps huge and builds to all of his signature offence wonderfully, especially the running knee strikes and the eventual kick which Henry does this awesome delayed 'will he won't he' bump off of. Crowd is red hot with the YES/NO chants actually adding to the strike exchanges, Punk's offence gets progressively better throughout and they do a sensational job at making what could ordinarily have been a BS finish feel organic via Henry's selling and protecting both men with neither man able to afford a loss.

Cena/Mysterio or Masters/Mcintyre would be TVMOTY for 2011. Cena/Mysterio was just a delightful babyface/babyface match with some great signature counters, and Cena selling the leg work superbly including the failed AA attempt. Perfect sub 15 minute match between two of the company's best and all the proof we ever needed that these two need to have a PPV match asap. Masters/Mcintyre was just a beautifully simple wrestling match built on superbly detailed leg selling from Masters and a creative and violent workover from Mcintyre. Throw in some excellent facial expressions and character work from Drew in reacting to different points in the match and them working an excellent callback spot to their 2 minute match in February on Smackdown and you have an incredible TV match with no faults to pick at.

Punk/Mysterio 02/12 Smackdown or Christian/Mcintyre 07/16 would be my 2010 TVMOTY. Punk/Mysterio has arguably the best transition spot and workover in the entire Punk/Mysterio series of matches and they work the Rey vs The World formula superbly with a hot finishing run which builds throughout Punk's workover and Rey's hope spots. Christian/Mcintyre is just a 2010 version of Masters/Mcintyre with Drew pulling out the transition spot of the year in suckering Christian under the ring and driving his shoulder into the ring apron. Mcintyre's arm work is creative and relentless and is the base of his offence for the entire match, Christian bumps, sells and works the injury into his repoitore of offence like only he can and sells the arm superbly after a tornado DDT from the turnbuckle.

2009 TVMOTY has to be Christian/Swagger for the ECW belt from 02/24 for me. Like a lot of Christian's matches in his reign, its built on superb selling on his behalf as well as he and Swagger working a brilliant veteran/rookie match with Christian relying on his intelligence and experience to manipulate the more dominant but inexperienced Swagger. Whole limbwork playing into the finish just puts the icing on the cake, with the earlier work feeling like it was important and tied in with the story of the match, rather than being aimlessly thrown it to plod the middle section of the match. Hardy/Punk Loser Leaves Town is a damn good choice for #2 though.
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