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Re: How to improve SmackDown!?

- Have ADR come out on Friday and ask for a rematch, Booker says no, cue beatdown and Booker T/ADR feud, could be good with Booker eventually abusing his power to get faces to fight ADR while Rio uses his wealth to get heels to side with him and fight against Booker T. This could lead to a good Team Booker v Team ADR match at Survivor Series and could give lower midcard guys like Hawkins/Reks, Barretta/Ryder etc something to do.

- Have Barrett come back and go straight after Sheamus, make Barrett seem like a legit threat as opposed to a chickenshit heel, this feud could be good as these two seem like perfect opponents, and could lead to a good street fight/belfast brawl type match as the feud ender... (even if Sheamus is from Dublin )

- Get Cesaro to bring back the European title and get rid of the US Title, easy heat, while he goes over American midcarders.

- Put Orton in a feud with a guy like Sandow, Rhodes or Ziggler to elevate them

- Team Rey/Sin Cara up and have them go after Kofi/Truth and beat them. Gives Rey/Sin Cara something to do, and they can lose the belts to PTP at Royal Rumble, and they start to disintegrate, leading to a WM match (big Mexico buys) meanwhile Truth turns on Kofi, these two feud and Truth gets his heel character back that was so good last year while Kofi remains face and can perhaps show more aggression in a personal feud while the crowd stays behind him. Breaking up tag teams like that might suck but the division is pretty much dead to be fair.

- Get Miz to defend the IC Title against a younger guy like Justin Gabriel, or even restart his feud with A-Ri. Something that could elevate a new midcard face to prominance.

- Christian/D-Bry feud. I could see Christian working well with D-Bry's "Yes!" Shtick. This would be entertaining, but D-Bry would win the feud in the end.

- Get Ryback to kill Mahal, then move him on to a guy like Kane, Big Show or even Henry, and have him beat them to make him look like even more of a monster.

- Team Santino up with Natalya and Tyson Kidd to form SanTyson. Have Santino act like a goof with Natalya like he did with Beth a few years back. The history with Natalya and Tyson could also be bought into this, and a tag team with Natalya managing could work. I know Kidd fans won't like him with Santino but it would get him noticed and would help with him being an underdog.

Some of these ideas might be good, some might be average and some might be Russo-esque. Still thought i'd throw these ideas out

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