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Re: How to improve SmackDown!?

If you want to make Smackdown better then you have go go straight to the top of the food chain and fire Kevin Dunn. I'm not saying this because I have any ill-will towards him or because he's not talented (because he is.) I say this because he is the director of everything the WWE do. Now a part of the reason why Smackdown is seen as the poor version of of Raw is because that's how it's shown. Everything is the same apart from the colours, red for Raw and blue for Smackdown and the talent on the shows.

If you hire a different director then we'll begin to see vast changes in how the show is formed. Everything from the set design to the run of the show. Matches will be shot differently, the format which the show runs will be different. Then once you have the stylistic change you move onto the creative aspect.

Change the booking committee and again go a total different direction from Raw. Anyone who is responsible for Raw is to stay clear of Smackdown creative decisions. Vince McMahon is obviously going to be involved in both but he should give himself certain guidelines for each show so they continue to have different styles.

What you will end up with will be 2 very different shows which share very little in common (they're both wrestling shows where Vince has the final say.) Apart from that everything will be different so it will stopped being looked upon as the bastard step-child who gets all the hand-me-downs the older child doesn't want.



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