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Re: How to improve SmackDown!?

Originally Posted by lhama View Post
Kill the supershow. Bring back the brand seperation. Make a big deal of the draft. Give the belt to Barrett and let him have a HHH reign of terror. Build a ME off 6-7 guys who can work the matches. Build up the IC belt as well, with good workers. Make SD more dark and edgy, within the PG rating. Get Regal as colour commentary with either Josh or Stanford as play by play. Focus on wrestling. Let it be the wrestling show.

Bring back Braggin' rights.
I want to go a complete 180 than you.

I want to kill the brand split all together. Unify the WWE/WHC belt. Ultimately you create a Belt being chased by John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Dio Rio, and Daniel Bryan. Next step would be making the US Belt either the European Belt(which appears to be happening anyways) or the TV Title. That Belt would be for the Cesaro's, Sandows, and Zack Ryders of the world. Its would be a belt for the low to mid card and a stepping stone to the Intercontinental Championship. Like in the 80's and 90's(wrestling era I liked the most) this Belt would be for the Miz's, Christian's, Jack Swagger's of the world. It would be the mid card to upper card.

I think going this route would not only give more credence to each belt, it would create more interesting story lines. One positive I'm seeing is that the Tag Division is slowly trying to come back.
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