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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
If Lesnar is supposed to lose a match, I want it to be an even match like the one with HHH. I don't care about how strong he looks, if he's going to lose, I don't want them to force this "never give up" crap down my throat with Cena or anyone else for that matter. What kind of a monster is Lesnar when his 20 minutes of offense that leaves Cena laid out in a pool of his own blood is not good enough to keep him down for a three count but this huge monster is beatable by TWO FUCKING MOVES?

And the match with Brock IS SuperCena, even a bigger example of it than "I Quit" or his TV matches because the beating he takes is EVEN WORSE than usual. And if we wanna talk about the aftermath with him running around like he never had a finger laid on him, then the same can be said for the Brock match, except he had a bit of blood on his face but still had enough energy to smile and cut a phony promo about leaving. The comeback was just typical superhero bullshit, only difference being that he took a beating so bad that even his haters started feeling sorry for him. (Not me, though, Lesnar could have legit knocked him out cold and I wouldn't have any sympathy for this unbearable green goof) And the Eddie match is not really comparable since the excessive blood loss was never meant to happen. Cena was meant to crawl around, bloodied, trying anything for a break away from the monster villain, except all of that was for nothing since he just had to perform two moves flawlessly to overcome the odds.

Ok, so you want Brock to lose to a near 50 year old Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Lesnar won't be able to look anywhere near as terrifying or dominating due to Taker's horrific injury riddled body, and he'll be confined to working a standard WWE match where he'll be relying entirely on his size to look credible. Taker will beat him after maybe 3 tombstones. Verdict: Lesnar still supposedly looks like a monster.

You want Brock to lose to a 40 year old below semi-regular guy like The Rock. Lesnar won't be able to look anywhere near as physical or impressive, and the match will be a tame WWE style match with nothing but signature moves. Rock hits a Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow and Lesnar the monster is tamed. Verdict: Lesnar still looks like a monster.

Brock bloodies, batters and decimates the company ace in a 20 minute violent spectacle unlike anything ever presented before us in a WWE ring. He licks blood onto his gloves, takes near neck breaking bumps, nearly separates Cena's shoulder, hits stiff as fuck germans, lariats and knees to the ribs, Cena is a bloody and limp mess barely able to stand. Cena heroically fights back and desperately lands a steel chain shot to the head and hits his finisher onto Steel Steps. Verdict: LESNAR GOT BURRIED. HE LOOKS LIKE TOTAL SHIT. SUPERCENA STRIKES AGAIN!!!!

That's the impression I get from you, and its insane. Lesnar looked legitimate, ferocious and dominating. He lost via Cena getting lucky, not because Cena no-sold the entire beating, or beat Lesnar's ass with relative ease. But because Cena in the space of 30 seconds managed to temporarily injure Brock and capitalise. Because unlike Lesnar, Cena wanted the win at any cost, whereas Lesnar had a blatant pin on Cena but with the ref down and him being more concerned with hurting Cena, didn't capitalise and win the match.

The Rock got beaten for 20 straight minutes by 5 men at Backlash 2000. Austin takes everyone out and suddenly Rock hits a spinebuster and springs magically for a people's elbow. OMG HHH IS BURRIED BECAUSE ROCK GOT LIKE 5% OFFENCE IN AND SOMEHOW WON!!! Wrong, Rock sold his ass off and they built his courage wonderfully and it came off as him realising this was a now or never opportunity thanks to Austin, and despite the injury he capitalised through sheer will.

Eddie Guerrero lost nearly a pint of blood at Judgement Day 2004. He could barely stand or perform his moves with any degree of accuracy, but somehow manages to muster enough resilience to wrestle nearly 15 more minutes and end the match on top of JBL. OMG JBL BURRIED, EDDIE WAS DAMN NEAR UNCONSCIOUS AND HE STILL COULDN'T PIN HIM!!!! Wrong, Eddie's performance was heroic and encapsulated his character. JBL looked dominant and on top, but Eddie somehow managed to find the strength to capitalise and brutalise JBL in return.

John Cena gets the shit beaten out of him for 20 minutes, he bleeds off of elbow strikes, gets kneed stiffly in the ribs, takes big bumps off of stiff lariats and german suplexes. Has his arm torn apart by the devastating kimura. He hits one desperation deadlift powerslam counter to remind his fans his opponent despite being a monster is still human, and that Cena can pull out a victory. Eventually the motherfucking monster damn near kills himself on a botched dive but still walks away wounded but still dominating, Cena realises he has one opportunity and with everything he has left suckers Lesnar into making a rash error. Once Brock is down, Cena crawls valiantly, he sells the blood loss and battered body, he holds his arm limp and gets himself ready to put away this monster. He cannot take much more, its now or never. He hits the finisher and wins, a valiant and heroic effort and it takes everything he had left in him to captialise on one error and win the match before Lesnar could regroup. OMG LESNAR IS JUST ANOTHER GUY!!!! Wrong, Cena's comeback was 20 minutes in the making, he went through hell and back, he was beaten, brutalised and could barely stand. But he wasn't done just yet, he had one opportunity, he's the company ace and just like every other top babyface in wrestling history he can pull a victory from the clutches of defeat. His opponent put in arguably the most devastating performance in company history, he looked like a legitimate monster of which we'd never seen. But after all, everyone can be beat.

Cena's comeback, like Eddie's and Rock's was built on selling, the pacing, getting little to no offence in but displaying emotion, selling and bumping like a madman and making his eventual comeback a do or die scenario. Rock, Cena and Eddie should never have been able to avoid defeat, but they managed to make quick comebacks which came off as everything they had left, they didn't no sell or run around looking fresh as a daisy, they built to a point in the match where they would finally have one shot to try and beat their opponent. And each one of them managed to take that opportunity, this wasn't some 7 minute TV match where they get briefly worked over. These comebacks were milked, they were hard earned, they were fought for, they were the difference between elation and despair.

And that is why they were excellent comebacks, and why their opponents managed to not look like total idiots. Each of their opponents prior to the finish were made to look legitimate, hateable and almost unbeatable, they were made to look larger than life and thus they managed to overcome the loss and come out the other end ok. People like Miz who couldn't look terrifying if their lives depended on it need great booking to not be killed by these superhuman comebacks, Miz's offence was nowhere near the level of Lesnar's, shit it wasn't even in the same stratosphere. He also has 0.0000000001% of Lesnar's aura and presence, and that is why The I Quit match was a shit finish, and why Lesnar/Cena was everything a babyface comeback should be.

You don't have to like it, but to compare that comeback to a standard sub 10 minute TV match comeback, where the selling, beating, bumping, build and emotion isn't even close to what Lesnar and Cena created in Chicago is painfully ignorant and astounding.

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