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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Segunda Caida View Post
Sweet jesus, so do you want Lesnar to never lose? Because I tell you now there is no way on earth Lesnar will ever be allowed to look as good as he did that night. Would you complain this much if Rock or Taker beat him in a much less violent and tame match?

Super-Cena is when Cena just kills a guy dead, Miz dominated the match and was bitched out needlessly. Cena however sold his fucking arse off in the ER match, his comeback was built to as well as its ever been and it came off as Cena being a tough SOB refusing to die, rather than running around like he hadn't been touched. Watch how he crawls into the ring and utilises his facial expressions to convey the desperation in his eyes to finish Lesnar off. He sold that beating as something he had to overcome, but something which had left him in agony. Part of what hurt Miz is that despite controlling the majority of the match, he never really looked like much of a threat, which is where having Cena kill him dead makes him look even more of a joke.

Lesnar looked terrifying and a legit MONSTER, that was one of the most memorable performances and matches in years. The aftermath with Cena not taking time off and resetting back to his stale happy go lucky character ruined what potential that feud and finish had, but it doesn't make that finish the worst of all time and you're insane if you think that's comparable to a standard Cena TV match finish. The beating, the struggle, the selling, the bumping that went into that comeback made it an incredible comeback, does Eddie still standing at Judgement Day 2004 defy belief? Yes, but his performance, selling and build to his comeback makes it so memorable and valiant in spite of how logically he should have been dead.

Seriously how do you want Lesnar to lose a match in WWE? Because I guarantee you he won't ever be allowed to brutalise anyone like he did against Cena, and that will certainly lessen his aura when he's forced to work and lose more of a standard match compared to that once in a lifetime fight he had against Cena.
If Lesnar is supposed to lose a match, I want it to be an even match like the one with HHH. I don't care about how strong he looks, if he's going to lose, I don't want them to force this "never give up" crap down my throat with Cena or anyone else for that matter. What kind of a monster is Lesnar when his 20 minutes of offense that leaves Cena laid out in a pool of his own blood is not good enough to keep him down for a three count but this huge monster is beatable by TWO FUCKING MOVES?

And the match with Brock IS SuperCena, even a bigger example of it than "I Quit" or his TV matches because the beating he takes is EVEN WORSE than usual. And if we wanna talk about the aftermath with him running around like he never had a finger laid on him, then the same can be said for the Brock match, except he had a bit of blood on his face but still had enough energy to smile and cut a phony promo about leaving. The comeback was just typical superhero bullshit, only difference being that he took a beating so bad that even his haters started feeling sorry for him. (Not me, though, Lesnar could have legit knocked him out cold and I wouldn't have any sympathy for this unbearable green goof) And the Eddie match is not really comparable since the excessive blood loss was never meant to happen. Cena was meant to crawl around, bloodied, trying anything for a break away from the monster villain, except all of that was for nothing since he just had to perform two moves flawlessly to overcome the odds.
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