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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jobberwacky View Post

I'm a little suprised it has been so warmly accpeted though. I've never got the interest here, it just seems like a lazy way to attract some debate and have a 'go to' story that runs throughout the show. I groan everytime they appear, it's too deux ex machina for me, it feels like a half-assed idea they have no plan with, just randomly attack people until they figure out where to take the story. A lot like the AJ storyline that morphed to include Dixie, then Clare. I really hope i'm wrong, and they pull off a satisfactory ending and payoff. Aces and Eights offer me virtually no excitement whatsoever, a modicum of tension, not much else. Sorry.

I think i was being too negative earlier. They are clearly doing a great job to make an interesting story regardless of what i feel about it, i'm happy for this, just a bit worried it will go wrong and not live up to expectations. I set mine pretty low and they remain that way right now, lol, ninjas, it probably means i've enjoyed it less though i feel. People had predicted there could be an attack on Sting at the HOF, it felt like it was coming, there was no suprise there, ever since the only thing that interests me is how they get away with what they are doing. It feels like they are burying themselves in the process as well, as they are made to look like fools, despite being a roster full of wrestlers who are supposed to be running a company. See, i can't comment without complaining so, anyway, good luck TNA. I'm keeping low expects, hoping for best.
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