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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

I didn't mind the Kimura being locked on, since they've made it clear it only really becomes 'dangerous' when he completely twists the arm like he did to HBK and for the finish. What seemed more annoying was Lesnar having the hold locked in at the end and waiting for what seemed like an eternity before twisting the arm and forcing the submission.

Match wasn't really good at all but like most HHH 'epics' there are usually elements of psychology and storytelling that people get gripped by and consequently see past issues that bother others from considering the match 'great'. Lesnar's selling was terrific and everything they did 'made sense', but the pace and atmosphere just felt painfully tame compared to the Cena match (because there was no way HHH would ever have let Lesnar unleash that sort of beating) which was bothersome when they went out of their way to promote the match in such a way that you expected this shockingly violent brawl.
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