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Re: Tickets for Bound For Glory selling very well

Originally Posted by TheKorean View Post
I am not talking only about the quality of the show. TNA is probably better. BUT TNA is still far from WWE in terms of profits, and name value. That why TNA isnt in WWE's league. Thats a fact.

No, TNA cant afford to do it. If they could, they would be doing it. Having money to do so doesnt mean they can do it. Being able to do it means not losing money to do every shows on the road. Which TNA cant do, YET. Thats why they are still in that awful IZ. Best way to spread the name TNA is to travel more IMO.

WWE doesnt do anything about their product because TNA isnt a competitor. If TNA was WWE would step their game up. Competitor to me means TNA has to be at or pretty close to the level of WWE in most aspect. They arent. They could be one day for sure, if they do it right. But they arent there yet.

Also WWE does that to almost every promotions they dont have some agreement with, they dont just do it against TNA.
WWE is hermorrhaging viewers as a result of its relentless shittiness. Its flagship show is now officially at Russo-WCW ratings. Worse in fact, Russo WCW hit 4's and 5's. WWE is now in the 2.0's. Its kinda ironic that Arquette showed up last night at SS with that WCW belt. WWE is doing what Russo did - bringing in big name one-off cameos to patch over deeper rooted problems. Lesnar is WWE's Dennis Rodman. Continuing on that path, it quite possible that TNA could close the gap. If they insist on condescending their viewers, this is what will happen. If TNA hit the road and get another channel, they'd be on WWE's ass. This could happen within 5 years.

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