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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by seancarleton77 View Post
In what kind of a world is Ibushi vs. Omega praised and Lesnar vs. Triple H hated? I feel like Joe Bauers from Idiocracy every time I check this thread. Intelligence, to hell with it, gimme more spotz!
Originally Posted by Caponex75 View Post
Triple H vs. Lesnar was depressing. Totally not the match that should of happened.
Originally Posted by jblvdx View Post
HHH V Lesnar *

Awful, heatless, boring. Just bad.
Well, Ibushi/Omega was none of those things.

Was it dreadfully shitty at times? Sure, but it had a lot of goodness, too. Kenny's control segments were good and I loved his arm work at the beginning of the match (too bad it had no ends to the means, though).

Ibushi's segments may have been a no-selling spotfest for a good percentage of the time but, honestly, I'd rather take some excitement over a dreary, ill-worked and lacklustre performance any day. I mean, how can I not mark out for a moonsault off the balcony, Ibushi faceplanting onto the top turnbuckle thanks to a nasty One-Winged Angel, a superb rana from the top rope to the hard floor outside the ring and Croyt's Wrath from on-top of the turnbuckle (to name but a few that come to mind)?

Like I said, I've yet to watch HHH/Lesnar so I'm merely going by what people are saying at this point but if I'm to trust them (and I don't see why not, seeing it seems to be general consensus across the internet) I see even less from where your comment is coming from.

Flippy shit, brah, iz lyk so c00l n stuffz.

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