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Re: How to improve SmackDown!?

You mean how to improve both brand. Raw and Smackdown are both equally bad right now. Their prouct is all over the place and WWE has forgotten how to build a proper PPV card this year. There are a lot of things that WWE needs to improve on.

New Main Eventers: They need new faces in the main event fast. Is not that they don't have the talent is the fact that the writing team and Vince are revolving shows around Cena and past stars. Vince prefers to pay The Rock and Brock Lesnar five million dollars instead of building someone like Wade Barrett or Alex Riley and give them the World Heavyweight Championship or WWE Championship. Not to mention in Vince's eyes the only guy worthy in his company of holding the WWE Championship is John Cena.

Burying Talent That Gets Over: This is one of the most stupid traditions that Vince McMahon and the WWE have. This has been a habit for quite some time now. Remember when Christian was mega over in 2005? Vince and WWE send him to Smackdown to try to cool off his momentum and failed. Christian eventually left the company until he returned eventually. Christian had gotten over with his creativity and talent. Zack Ryder is another example. He was mega over in 2011 and could have been huge. I'm going to clarify that Ryder is not worthy of holding the WWE Championship. However, he could have been the most over mid-carder in the company and be extremely marketable for WWE. Now the lastest example is Daniel Bryan. Vince and WWE have been trying to bury him for months and have failed every step of the way. He losses constantly on Raw, Smackdown and PPVs and they even went as far as to take away his YES chants and give them to AJ. Pathetic!

No Mid-card: Is not that they don't have the talent. Is the fact that WWE just doesn't care to build a mid-card. These writers are basically getting paid to write a main event and throw away mid-card matches for the show. Guys like Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel & Alex Riley should be in better positions that they are now. This is another example of how old and senile Vince is becoming. He grew up in a era when he saw that a good mid-card complements a solid main event. Back in the Attitude Era (and I hate doing AE comparisons), I could sit and watch the entire Raw broadcast without switching channels and that was because WWE had a solid mid-card to entertain us when the Austin/Vince madness wasn't happening. We had great characters like Goldust, Godfather, D-Lo Brown, APA, etc. and they put up solid matches as well. Mid-card can be marketable too but I'm willing to bet Vince doesn't even know how many guys he had on the roster besides Cena.

Creative/Writing Team: These guys are basically collecting free paychecks. Logic and creativity is at its worst in WWE this year. For example, Big Show gets DQ'ed because he throw Cena out of the ring or how about the awful finishes we have seen at PPVs this year. The CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan match finish, the clusterfuck at No Way Out between Cena and Big Show and the recent Sheamus vs. Del Rio finish. On top of that their shows are awful and all PPVs have had awful build this year.

Smackdown Main Eventers on Raw: This is another thing that pisses me off. Randy Orton and Sheamus are on Raw every week taking a spot that a young guy could have to get over. I don't even understand what's the point of the brand split these days if Smackdown guys are always on Raw.
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