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Another excellent episode, this season is definitely on track to surpass Season 4 as the finest in the show's run.

Dinner scene was wonderful, as was Walt's conversation with Jesse about refusing to sell his share. You could just see how cold and vindictive he was in forcing Jesse to stay and un-nerve Skylar. Jesse was superb in trying to make polite small talk to break up the tension, and Walt & Skyler were amazing with their continuous cold stares at one another. Really loving the progressive breakdown of Walt's family now reaching its end, Skyler came as close as ever to confessing to Marie by mentioning the 'unspeakable' acts she's committed: something huge is going down in the next two episodes and what's so beautiful is that you cannot predict who is going to be involved. Mike seems like the front-runner to be involved in some showdown with Walt, but Walter Jr just has this eerie vibe that reminds me of Mad Men's Season 5 and the continuous signs pointing to death, they're making a dramatic point of reference to that car and including him in passing conversation that I'm sure after Mike he's the leading character to have an impact on the next two episodes. Skyler though is slowly coming closer than ever to unravelling under Walt's manipulation and control, and I'm convinced when the show returns next year she may become the biggest danger to Walt alongside his greed.

Anyone else un-nerved by Todd's expression when examining the tarantula? Seen it discussed as something a serial killer might do (i.e a memento of his victim) and I'm wondering whether they're slowly going to develop his character into quite a disturbed and violent lunatic. I'm sure there's some meaning to him basically begging to become a bigger part of the empire, and I wonder whether he might play a part in whatever happens to Mike. He and Walt have clashed too much now for them to continue working much longer, Mike is determined to leave the business and also represents the biggest threat in potentially opening Jesse's eyes to Walt's deception, so I really cannot see him sticking around past Episode 8.

Walt burning himself was quite the dramatic visual, definitely emphasised just how far he will push his body in order to remain in the business. It really has consumed his life at this point and you can see he's entering that stage where he recognises he may be living on borrowed time, and his rooted to securing whatever empire he can before it all crumbles around him. His cold smirk at the ending was also magnificent, Mike wasn't pointing the gun at Walter White, but rather pointing the gun at Heisenberg.
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