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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingCal View Post
Lesnar Vs HHH

Liked the early going, with Lesnar going straight after HHH's arm (and well, he did it through the entire match too lol). Didn't mind that HHH was managing to escape and counter and shit, because unlike the Cena match, HHH has a good idea of what Lesnar is going to try to do to him, and what he's capable of doing to him.

Bit with Lesnar taking off his gloves was awesome. MMA equivalent of the strap coming down. HHH does an awesome job of selling the ONE gloveless punch to the back of the head, and the slam onto the table was a real nice follow up.

at Michael Cole. "He's not a superstar, he's a BUTT kicker". Just doesn't have the same impact as saying ass would have .

HHH, while no great seller or anything, does take a pretty good beating for the most part. Lesnar does some sweet cut off spots, including a wicket lariat and the irish whip into the corner (where HHH launches himself over the ropes to the floor) out of the Pedigree attempt.

Then things turn in favour a little to HHH when he manages to send him stomach first into the corner of the table, playing up on the genuinely life threatening stomach injuries Brock has had. Lesnar sells real good, and Heyman on the outside looking and sounding worries just adds to it. Nice to see the crowd starting to come alive at times when HHH really lays it into the stomach.

Has anyone kicked out of the Pedigree like THAT before? He took it full force, HHH covered him straight away, and he kicked out as long before 3 after 2 as humanly possibly lol.

And of course, HHH has to kick out of the F-5 in return lol. I bet they included that in Lesnar's fucking contract. "In the event that one Brock Lesnar competes in the ring against one Triple H, should an F-5 occur and the participant of this maneuver is one Triple H, then one Triple H has a contractual obligation to kick out before 3".

Lesnar completely no selling the second Pedigree to lock in the Kimura Lock was... I dunno lol. I loved the fact that HHH TAPPED THE FUCK OUT, but come on Brock . I think I liked it more than I hated it anyway.

Overall, this exceeded my expectations and then some. I was expecting it to be some shitty brawl with HHH getting far too much in than he has any right to, and instead we got what I believed should have happened. Lesnar destroyed HHH for the most part and won. Nice. Arm work from Brock was great, HHH going after the stomach towards the end was great, selling of this from Lesnar was great (and better than HHH's selling of the arm), and the finish was good because HHH tapped, but not great because of the complete no sell of the Pedigree lol.

Rating: ****

Thought Cena/Lesnar was just a little better, though I'd love to give that a re-watch at some point.
I completely agree with all of this. I really liked the story, Brock's arm work, HHH's stomach work on Brock and both guys sold really well (mainly Brock). Brock no selling the Pedigree was definitely off putting, but I loved (like Starbuck said) HHH genuinely thinking he could beat Lesnar and then just getting destroyed for the majority of it and then tapping/getting his arm fucked up again.

I also agree with what Starbuck said about the aura Brock brings with him to the ring. An example would be near the start of the match when Brock takes his gloves off and smiles at HHH, as stupid as this sounds, for a second I genuinely thought 'Oh shit, HHH is legit fucked now' lol. He also comes off as having no fucking concern for his own well being when he wrestles, the bumps he took off the clotheslines over the ropes and the way he launched himself off the table onto HHH, as well as in the Cena match in the spot were he jumped over the rope. The guy comes off as a mentally unstable beast, and it's awesome.
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