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How to improve SmackDown!?

My suggestions are:

1. Have Barrett challange Sheamus and win the title from him.

2. Meanwhile ADR will form a stable with Ryan, Mahal and Riley similiar to Evolution.

3. Have Mahal challange Cesaro for the USC/EC and bring in Zack Ryder for a third angle and have triple threat matches with hardcore rules with trash cans, barbed wire, tlc, steel cage etc. Have Mahal win it in a hard fought blood match then lose it to Ryder in a ladder fatal 4 way match with Cesaro and Swagger and continue such with more such matches.

4. Bring back McIntyre with short hair and new color scheme and give him a winning streak showcasing skills every week against JTG, McGillcutty, Rex etc. then have him suddenly challange Mahal for the USC resulting in a 3 month long feud where they will exchange the title in different types of matches like hardcore rules, steel cage, no dq, tables, ladders etc. then losing it in another fatal 4 way match to Cesaro.

5. Give a short winning streak to Ryan then have him win the TTC with Riley and have epic feuds with the PTP and Rex/Hawkins. Then after losing the titles Ryan will enter in a tournament for the No.1 contender match for WHC also involving Sheamus, Randy Orton, McIntyre, ADR, Rhodes and few others surprisingly winning it by defeating Swagger, Khali, McIntyre and Sheamus on the way and will face Barrett in a ppv maybe even WM if possible.

6. Meanwhile Riley will start a feud with Randy Orton by making him lose match in the above tournament resulting in an epic 5 matches which Riley will surprisingly win 3-2 with the final match at WM which will be an Iron Man Match.

7. During this time ADR will be involved in a 3 stages of hell match with Barrett and will get a kayfabe injury and will just be leading the group till coming back and losing in the above tournament.

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