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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

crowd makes all the difference in the world though

a livlier crowd would have definitely helped the match
The crowd didn't help matters, but honestly, I don't know how they could've gotten into the match. It just felt like it was going on forever and that they were rewinding the same spots over and over again. The table spots were cool, but it was a difficult match to get into.

Taker/HHH WM27 was different for one reason. The streak. There was an investment in attention toward seeing how the match turns out. Every chairshot to Taker, every pedigree, the tombstone, and then HHH pulling out the sledgehammer. The crowd kept getting louder and louder as it seemed like HHH was going to end the streak. Whether people wanted to see it or not, it would've been an epic moment to be there when the streak ends, and the investment in the match is what caused the thunderous pop when Taker kicked out of the tombstone. For all the criticism I give the match and that I think it's overrated like Lesnar/HHH by some (though it's still the better match), it had the natural tools to keep the crowd invested no matter how bad the pace got. And tbh the match started out well in the action department before it moved to a storytelling/selling focus as the match progressed.

Taker/HHH in the HIAC took what was great about the WM27 match, spread the action and pace out a lot more, and picked up the storytelling ten-fold.

Lesnar/HHH didn't have a "streak" (which could be job, title, etc.) on the line to fall back on to reel the fans in if the brawling/action was disappointing/slow/boring. That's why they were dead imo.

Although we could just pull the card that the crowd sucked, but for a match the level of Lesnar/HHH, if the crowd sucked there has to be a good reason.

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