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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by NathWFC View Post
as much as I hate the fucker I'm shocked Ryback isn't in either.
He will be. Cory Ledesma confirmed on Twitter that there will be more DLC.

Cory Ledesma

We are excited about announcing more DLC Superstars and Divas in the next few weeks!

5:00 PM - 18 Aug 12
Was more focused on the attitude era part of the game, that's probably the reason I'm buying it tbh. As for Sandow, fucking delighted he got in, his interaction with Punk was awesome and hopefully a sign of things to come in his future. I've said for weeks that Sandow's the best active Superstar in the company right now so in my opinion he HAD to be in. I just hope his model isn't half arsed like a lot of DLC sometimes is, I hated Barrett's model in SVR11.
I think it probably was. I mean, they could've just shown a picture of him as DLC like they did with AJ, but the fact that they actually had him come out and announce it himself says to me that they're high on him. He's getting a lot of exposure right now.

I completely agree that he had to be in the game, because he is the best right now. I hope the model's good too.

Oh, and the robe, that has to be in or his entire character is ruined for me, although they seem to be putting more effort into entrance attires this year, Miz and Cody have their jackets, Ryder has his phone lol so if they can get those in surely they can get Sandow's robe, especially considering it's an integral (Egyptian cotton ) part of his character.
Can't argue with that. Although I'll be using him even if it's not in, just because he's too damn good of a wrestler for me not to.

It's a shame Dolph didn't get his pink shirt but that's just me nitpicking.
I guess they figured he looked gay enough as it is.

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