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Learning to break kayfabe
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February 1st, 2011: NXT




For the first time in this season of NXT, two men would be in danger of heading out of the competition and seeing their dream of earning a WWE or a World Heavyweight Championship match ended. In addition to this, the first five men eliminated from NXT this season will see their WWE contracts terminated – incentive indeed for both men to do everything they could to survive. After last week’s NXT, the standings looked like this ...

The bottom two ranked individuals were scheduled to face off in the first NXT Elimination match but Kaval, positioned 8th, earned immunity from the first two eliminations in the NXT Battle Royal at the Rumble two weeks ago. Therefore, 6th ranked Dolph Ziggler and 7th ranked MVP would be the two men to face off this week on NXT.

In the NXT main event, it would be Ziggler and MVP battling for survival, both men desperate to earn the win and secure their future for a little while longer. MVP’s mentor JBL had words of advice for MVP – he told him that in order to survive, MVP needed to listen to him and follow his advice rather than pander to the WWE Universe. However, MVP remained conflicted throughout the night and when he failed to join Drew McIntyre and Vladimir Kozlov in assuring JBL that Kaval would be destroyed, MVP was told that he was on his own by his mentor. That proved to be pivotal in the end – when MVP hit the ‘Drive By’ kick to Ziggler and appeared to have the match won, Ziggler had Vickie Guerrero on hand to distract the referee and save her man. When Ziggler later hit the ‘Zig Zag’ to MVP, there was nobody to save MVP and his shoulders were counted to the mat for the 1, 2, 3, to confirm his elimination from NXT and the end of his time in the WWE.

The show began with CCTV footage showing blurred footage of Rock being attacked in the parking lot as NXT ended last week. With the attackers wearing masks and black clothing, it proved impossible to do anything other than speculate over their identities before it was announced that Rock is going to be missing from NXT indefinitely. JBL took to the ring and he scoffed at claims that he was involved as he informed the WWE Universe that he was in the ring at the time of the attack and that he had a cast iron alibi. However, he appeared to be less than worried over his fellow mentor’s health, preferring to point out the advantage his team would now have. As JBL pointed out that Team Rock were now missing their leader though, ‘Wreck’ hit and out came SMACKDOWN announcer and good friend of Rock, Mick Foley. Foley alleged that JBL must have something to do with the attack – JBL threatened legal action over the slanderous remarks – before going on to inform JBL that he would be replacing the Rock whilst he was absent. How will this effect Ziggler, Khali, Truth and Chavo’s chances of winning NXT now? Kaval certainly believes that having a good mentor plays an important role – he informed Team Rock that he envied them for having Foley on their sides.

After their recent issues, things came to a head between former partners Santino Marella and NXT competitor Vladimir Kozlov as they went one on one in a Street Fight. Despite making the challenge last week to the Russian, Santino had no answer to Kozlov’s power moves and he succumbed to these and began to struggle. When JBL encouraged Kozlov to make use of the weaponry on tap, Santino took a real bludgeoning and, in the end, it was academic – Kozlov powerbombed Santino on the stage and covered him for the 3. With Kozlov, ranked second on NXT right now, looking formidable, Santino looked to be in real trouble and later in the evening we found out that Santino would be missing for a while due to the injuries sustained. It’s fair to say that, out of these two, Kozlov had proven that he is the dominant half of the team.

Despite his win in the Battle Royal at the Rumble, Kaval remains ranked last in the NXT competition – he is yet to win a match on NXT programming. That run continues after he lost tonight to the Sinister Scotsman, Drew McIntyre – a Future Shock DDT ended Kaval’s hopes of victory as JBL made it clear that he was now favouring McIntyre over Kaval. Kaval’s frustration afterwards was clear as he pounded his fists on the mat and, whilst he is safe for one more elimination even after tonight’s elimination of MVP, if he doesn’t start winning soon, he could find himself in big trouble quickly. When will Kaval manage to end the losing streak and move up the NXT rankings?

After last week’s announcement that the Elimination Chamber Divas Championship match between champion Maryse and former champion Layla would include Michelle McCool if she could go unbeaten until that night, McCool, with Kharma beside her of course, faced Eve Torres one on one in the first match of the evening. Despite a valiant effort from Eve, it seemed a matter of time before McCool would be able to get the upper hand and – thanks to a distraction from her bodyguard – she did just that. The ‘Wings of Love’ followed and McCool was able to get the 3-count that means she is now just two matches on NXT away from earning the Divas Championship match. Next week, McCool faces Alicia Fox as she looks to prove she deserves her chance.


** 1 **
Great Khali

** 2 **
Vladimir Kozlov

** 3 **
Chavo Guerrero

** 4 **
Drew McIntyre

** 5 **

** 6 **
Dolph Ziggler

** 7 **

MVP (Week 6)
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