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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
At the same time though, I don't want WWE to rush Sandow. He needs to look great and he definitely needs his robe in his entrance for example, that can't be excused. Thankfully, many superstars I've seen this year have their appropriate entrance gear, so we should get it with Sandow.
Yeah, I agree, they need to get him right first and foremost, but they have enough time don't they? I don't think it should take THAT long to put a robe in and make a proper signature/finisher for him with the elbow of disdain, the rolling russian leg sweep move, and then a move with the knees going into an arm crossed neckbreaker. That's about all they have to do, really, as far as work goes. The rest of the attire is easy, it's plain, the face shouldn't take any longer than anyone elses, and the rest of the moves are already created.

I think he's gonna have his robe because JR made a joke about his robe being no extra charge in the download. It was kind of a sarcastic comment, but at least it addressed the issue of the robe. Plus, Sandow's robe is more essential to him than anybody else's entrance attire. Does Punk need the shirt? Does Miz need the coat? Eh, not really. I guess you could argue that Jericho needs the light bright jacket as much as Sandow needs his robe but that's the only case where the attire is as central to the character as Sandow's robe is to him.

That will pretty much be my list of guys I'll use with the addition of Ziggler and Christian and maybe Edge.
Well, you know I'm not gonna be using Ziggler. I don't want to bastardize this game.

As far as Christian and Edge, I guess I'll use the tag team version of Edge and Christian a lot, but I don't think I'll be using the current ones much. I'll use Christian a little because I like him, but with JBL, Sandow and Barrett on the roster, and Jericho not being in a game for a few years and being fresh, I just can't imagine I'm gonna want to spend much time using Christian. And current Edge, not saying old Edge but current Edge just isn't fun for me to use, I don't know why.

By the way, what are you buying this for, PS3 or 360? If you're buying it on PS3, I wouldn't mind having you as a tag partner online. That'd be a good excuse for me to use E&C more.

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