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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Universe mode can be a lot of fun, me and a friend played through like 10+ years on it since the game came out. It's definitely more fun when you play it in multiplayer and when you just roll with what the game throws at you, example being that Yoshi Tatsu has won the triple crown in my Universe mode

Here's what they need to do to fix some of the problems with it though:

1. Allow you to put whatever title belts you want on a show. Been forced into having a women's title as the 4th belt on either show is just useless, I'd much rather put in the European, Hardcore or Cruiserweight Title.

2. Let you change Superstars into a proper brand like ECW, with it's own title belts and roster.

3. Make the title belt contender rankings more realistic. People seem to bounce up and down them like yo-yo's and some people just don't move up no matter how many matches they win. I found out it was truly flawed when Abyss simply interfered in a match and went from about 40th on the list to #1 Contender for the World Title, just by interfering.

4. When choosing a created arena, just give me a list of them. I've got tons of them and when it tries to load up a little screenshot of each arena, one by one, it genuinely takes a few minutes to get to the one you want.

5. This doesn't totally concern Universe mode, but when creating an arena you should be able to create all of it, not just the ringside area. I want to create a stage too, not just use the generic one every time.

6. Fix the glitch where different characters of the same wrestler winning a championship destroys Universe mode. This could be a major problem with the new game if they haven't addressed it. I assume they would have but THQ can be astonishingly lazy so who knows...

7. Another not totally Universe mode related, but change the fucking loading screens. The ones where the camera pans around the arena with the crowd cheering on a loop are the ones I'm talking about. If you're trying to load a bunch of created wrestlers and a created arenas they take forever and are so damn boring.

But yeah, that's probably it. These are all small problems that can easily be fixed so here's hoping they sort them all out.
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