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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Don't think I'd forgotten about you First off though mate, I wish you the very best of luck with this flying solo, I know you've got the legs in you to do it.

Interesting choice going with Flair as the GM, but I'm sure you have an idea for what you are doing with him, as he has history with quite a few of the key players on Raw. I thought Orton would come out here, and I like that you went with the fake act from Orton right away, only for Flair to dismiss it. Good because it is typical heel Orton to do that and also makes Flair look strong as an authority figure as he's dealt with the number one heel right away. Great chance for Kofi in the main event with possibly getting a shot at the WWE Title. You seem big on allowing fresh faces to come into the main event scene as displayed by this and Matt Hardy on Smackdown and doing this is never bad for a BTB. Nice start to the show and a good bombshell to kick us off.

Mysterio getting the win over Knox was a must, and I'm glad Regal got involved afterwards and didn't cost Rey the match, as having Knox win would have given him a claim to the title which I don't think he should have, as the Mysterio/Knox feud irl was terrible, but you'd do a lot better if you did decide to go that route I'm sure. Brutal assault after the match from these mystery attackers. At first I thought it was the Kings of Wrestling, but who you revealed them to be afterwards made a lot more sense.

Glad you're trying to finish up the whole deal with Jericho and Rourke; it isn't needed in a BTB. (Although Jericho vs Steamboat was an awesome match) and it is time for Jericho to move on. Pairing him up with Miz is really good and making them the champions is really interesting. Miz could have really done with something like this when he broke up with Morrison irl, and Jericho is a perfect mentor for him as Miz circa 2011 was very similar to Jericho so I like that you made the connection and paired them up. Also Morrison getting to have an ally in Michaels is a big rub for him too, but I just hope that the Tag Team titles don't play second fiddle in this feud, but I know you've said that you have big plans for the tag division so I won't be too concerned about this.

Wasn't that interested with the Divas at this point in time because there was no effort put in whatsoever, so I hope you really make a go of this division. Nice little segment to give some attention to the girls though. Keep Phoenix as the champion forever.

Nice little exchange between Punk and Swagger before their match; both men were on point and said the right stuff. Seems like it would have been a pretty good match and would've been nice to see you write it out in full, but you've told me all about the recaps. Was just brutal from Kane afterwards and this looks like it will be a really good feud to just establish Punk as the briefcase holder by fending off a big guy like Kane. Nice segment.

McIntyre and McGuiness are much better choices and they'll not only be good as back up for Regal, but also a strong addition to the tag team division too. I like the nicknames you've given McGuiness too, not sure if you made that up or it is an existing one. But Regal bringing the European Championship back is an awesome idea, but my only problem is that Rey's 2009 IC Title run was actually really good so I hope that you're able to beat that comparison with what was done irl. Good little piece of feud development and nice to not keep us waiting for the identities of these two mystery men.

With heel champions, as well as the little backstage interaction with Orton putting the pressure on them, I knew for sure that Legacy were going to lose this match. Again, would have been nice to read this match in full because it seemed like a pretty awesome one. The classic "watching on the TV" cut scene Good win for Cryme Tyme but I don't expect them to topple the champions next week; would be just silly if that happened.

Santino you player

I see you might not be the biggest Ziggler fan because that was a classic Triple H burial right there. Orton on Dat TV Screen again.

Great main event to read and even in defeat this match did wonders for Kofi Kingston, putting on a very strong showing against the top heel in the company, but alas Orton was always going to win. Not sure if you'll have him go over at Backlash or not just yet, as there is still a couple of weeks of build up left to go. Not sure where Kofi goes from here as he is very much out of the title picture for now but I hope that he remains involved with Legacy so he can renew this little minifeud with Orton. Would be cool especially as you have Batista out and Michaels is involved with Jericho and Rey is the IC Champion so Kofi has some room to move into which would be really cool to see. Triple H coming out afterwards was predictable, as was Legacy getting involved. Kofi with the chair is a weird thought to picture, and firmly places him in Legacy's ire for now which is good to see. The No Holds Barred Match is a great way to just end this whole ordeal with Triple H and Orton, and even though I'm not a fan of someone losing at Mania but winning the title at the following PPV, the only way I can see this feud ending is Orton winning at Backlash and Triple H being taken out, but if Triple H were to win I assume Orton would get drafted to Smackdown which would be the total wrong way to go unless you feud him with Kingston. You've got a lot of ways this thing can go.

Overall a good Raw, nothing that special but I get that you had to follow your partner's lead from last week. All the developing stories were advanced which is good, and there are several different angles developing which is good to see. Looking forward to Smackdown mate
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