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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

Oh Eric Bischoff, haha. You've got all three guys character down and it was really fun to read. I like that you display Bischoff's arse-ness here, what he had to say was great. Even blaming HBK himself for getting himself into this predicament. Not usually a fan of the “blaming game” card but it worked well here. You did great with Batista here, surprisingly. I look back at it, and Batista's face promos always seemed kind of generic but here, it was definitely different and a good read. Kane won't be outshined here as I think he was the best one out of all three. You caught the maniacal behavior that Kane display great, good opening segment here.

Liking the fact that you didn't go overboard with this No Holds Barred Match with the weapons. Jindrak was always going to win this so the aftermath had to have something, and it did. Big Show having the upperhand here in the end leads me to believe that Jindrak will get the win at Summerslam which I hope he does so that this feud can be over with. As for Edge's promo, it was another nice piece of writing. You played it up well with Edge having “no chances” as Jericho has had many opportunities to get back on top. Not only that but you did make the MITB Match more important when two big stars like Edge and Jericho are feuding over it.

One of the many gems of this thread is the tag team division. You've got some great teams and some great storylines going on amongst them. I like that you gave the Bashams a chance here, or well it looks like they got a chance now that they've gotten a win. This is what I miss, good tag team divisions, hopefully you continue to do good with this division because it's one of the bright spots on RAW as well as on Smackdown. And I like that you gave PTP and the Dudleyz some time on RAW since they didn't have a match, their exchange was quite good as well. Bischoff's promo there in his office with HBK was basically just a summary of what went down in the opening segment. I really wonder what HBK does here. Likin' that you kept him silent throughout the entire time that Bischoff was talking to him.

Ahh, another interesting development here again. I really think that you're gonna turn Haas heel at Summerslam and have him feud with Benjamin, which I don't mind, I actually want to see that. But there's still a lot of ways that you can go with this, but the heel turn would be the obvious one to go with. And damn, the women's division is heating up as well. Gotta agree with TWG that that attack from Victoria was cringe-worthy.

Wow, definitely segment of the night for me here. I'm a big fan of Christian so I'm glad that you're giving him this kind of storyline. The exchange between the two was brilliant, it seems that the payoff for this feud will be coming come Summerslam since I believe Christian will be getting the win here. I gotta say though, you do well in capturing emotion in some promos like in your Batista promos and your Flair promos. Those simple capitalizations can really bring a reader into the story you're trying to tell, and you do really well in that, good job.

This Edge/Jericho feud has been really great, and I gotta agree with TWG that this may steal the show at Summerslam. Oh but before that, that was a nice run-down of the matches taking place at Summerslam, really good. Now back to the Edge/Jericho feud, I think that with this win, you've made Hassan a star after getting the rub from Jericho which is great. So basically it was a “two birds with one stone” kind of a thing, awesome!

at Bischoff almost having a heart attack from Kennedy. Well anyway, this is big for Kennedy actually. I fully expect Batista to retain then maybe he'll have Kennedy to worry about, he'll be Bischoff's protege so to speak. I really wouldn't mind this as you can push Kennedy the right way now. He could've been a big star in the WWE but it was not to be, so hopefully you do a better job. I may even like this better than Batista/Christian so we'll see what you do.

And what an ending to the go home show for RAW. I didn't expect that it would get physical but this was nicely done. You covered everything but we just didn't get a speculation as to who HBK thought it was that attacked him, so I was hoping we'd see that. But as soon as things got physical, I was sure that HBK would get the last laugh whether it was a SCM you Kane again or Batista, and in this case, it was Batista this time.

Overall, loved the show CP. Everything on your card is great, even the undercard. Really liking your tag team division but you also put some emphasis on the show with your women's division, you're doing a great job in balancing the show out. What really got me excited was that Kennedy segment, a Kennedy/Batista feud will be the only feud I'd like more than a Christian/Batista feud, we'll see where you go with it. Now for Smackdown, let's get to it!

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