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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Yeah, there were 3 waves of DLC for WWE '12. I expect at least that much for WWE '13. DLC just becomes a bigger thing every year.

The Prime Time Players are possible, but I think they would definately be on the backburner compared to RyBack, Tensai and Cesaro.

As for the Attitude Era DLC, they have to have some, but who do you use now? They put all the big Attitude Era guys in the main roster already. Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, the Dudley Boyz, etc aren't gonna be in the game because they're in TNA, so who's left? Bob Holly and Steve Blackman? I don't have any interest in that. Are they just gonna be reduced to putting in fucking Albert because of Tensai's involvement, or the old WWE style version of Brock Lesnar that was in last year? I think they're pretty starved for options.
Exactly. That's why not only do I expect the obvious guys (Sandow, Ryback etc) to be DLC, but maybe some less obvious ones like The Prime Time Players. I personally don't really care for the Prime Time Players, but I think they should be in the game because they're the most relevant tag team in the WWE right now, and it would be good move if they were in game now that WWE are focusing more on the tag team division again.

Seeing as Sandow's already confirmed, I hope he will be in the first wave of DLC (maybe even release day DLC) I want to play as him more than any other superstar on the current roster at the moment.

You have a point about the Attitude Era DLC, but I think they'll bring out a fair bit to really push the theme. I really wish Angle could be in the game, but he won't be. I'd like to have The Hardys and The Dudleys too, just to have some old school teams to go along with Edge and Christian and The APA, but alas, it won't happen...

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