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Re: Big Brother US 14

Originally Posted by IMPULSE View Post
Spoiler for :
frank and boogie are going to look stupid when they realized ian threw them under the bus and not dan. the whole chain of events caused by shane's cowardice is amazing. he blamed brit, frank has a hard on for dan and kept trying to pin it on him. they went to brit and she brought up a bit boogie and frank swore they only told dan but in reality they told ian who told the quack pack.

frank and boogie are going on about how they should have done this last week, but frank screwed them by feeling out support for the backdoor dan plan. if the quack pack never knew about that frank would be facing a back door which he could have avoided.

you can't tell someone you're down for the plan and considering backdooring someone the first of week of the deal.

boogie is mostly mad b/c he doesn't like to look foolish in the DR. ian has to pick the quack pack now or they'll throw him under the bus. i wonder if production try to pick frank over boogie, which will be interesting b/c it seems like boogie runs shit w/ production.

dan can't throw the next competition. shane has alienated britney and danielle w/ the latter being crazy.

i was honestly confused why brit went for the secret six when dan gave her a chance to shoot it down. yes, janelle shot her down, but she had to realize that the secret six had 4 guys. that had to ring some alarms.
Spoiler for :
Froogie confronted Dan about who told him that they were coming after him and Dan refuses to rat out Ian and admit to who did it. Like I said before, Ian is in the best position in the house to win everything right now. Frank is getting a little suspicious of Ian, but Boogie immediately shot it down.

Spoiler for POV Players:
Shane, Frank, Boogie, Ian, Ashley, Jenn


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