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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Right, results day and all related activities are over so I can get to some feedback

Glad you didn't go for the same strategy as Smackdown and not have the main event players kick the show off because of what happened last week, it had to be these guys starting proceedings. I liked what you did with Bischoff making him look like a total prick by mentioning how the attack on Shawn affected him and ignoring the fact that Shawn actually got attacked and that his employee is hurt, nice touch. Kane's inclusion in at this point is good and I liked the little tease with Kane almost getting angry with Bischoff. Batista being accused is also another way to think about it and going back to last week, the logic makes sense. Obviously this was going to draw Batista out. I like this Batista when he gets angry, and you captured it well and all his emotions were conveyed right. Really liked the interaction between Batista and Kane here as I have with all of their verbal encounters in the build up so far, but Bischoff getting the last laugh here was good as it sets an interesting tone to kick off the show.

Jindrak was always going to be the winner in this match, but it was still enjoyable to read. Good that you didn't go overboard with the weapons as to not spoil it. We've seen Jindrak is able to take on the big boys and pitting him against Rosey in this environment was a nice little preview for the match at Summerslam which has the potential to be ace but I think has found itself being overshadowed especially with everything else going on on the Raw side of things. Nice to see Big Show end it all on the upper hand, as even though I'm sure Jindrak will get the win to decisively win the feud.

Edge interview was really good here, and I liked the way you made sure to keep referring back to the question asked and using it to kind of take the mickey out of Todd in a way; standard Edge. I've already said it to you but I think this match is going to be the showstealer at Summerslam, and you've played the angle very well. Nice segment.

I've been noticing the increased popularity each week for the Basham Brothers, and it shows that they do deserve their place in the match at Summerslam and aren't just the "4th team" anymore, and could pull off the shocker. Also extremely surprised that they got the win tonight as I thought it was going to be a dead cert that AA would win. Even though it was only from a roll up, so both teams do come out looking strong, but this is a huge positive for the Bashams. The little disagreements backstage between the teams is another good touch to this rivalry, and also gives the Dudleys and PTP a chance to be on the show and voice their opinions. Good to see you're giving each feud some decent time and attention on this show.

Charlie Haas = Don. Seriously, you made Haas look like a total beast in this match, and I think this will all play into the events after Summerslam where whether Shelton wins or loses, Haas is going to be convinced that they are still the best tram around and I expect this angle between the two partners to go on for some time yet. We've seen it all before, but I like the twist you're putting on it with Haas looking like the one that should be going for the IC Title after his recent performances.

Nice to see you adding some spice to the Women's feud, which similar to the Jindrak/Show match finds itself being overshadowed by the other matches but adding in the "injured challenger" makes it that more interesting although I expect Lita to still come and have a go at it at Summerslam. Slamming ankle in the door was legit cringe though... that would hurt

So much love for this promo. This being the part of the show I was looking forward to reading the most and it totally delivered. This could be Flair's last night on Raw and he gets to say about 10 words before Christian comes and spoils it; very very smart heelish move to pull and would have gotten him a lot of heat. The theme of the show so far has been quite a dark one with the Michaels attack stuff, and then Lita getting messed up so stopping Flair from going all cheesy was good to see. I loved seeing the varied emotions from Flair as Christian tries to taunt him, but Flair trying to prove that nothing would ruin his night was a nice touch, but Christian was obviously going to break the shell at some point or another. I like it when Flair gets all heated and fired up and you capture that trait really well when you write Flair promos, knowing exactly where to capitalize the words for emphasis and others should take example of that. I knew the kids card was going to be played in this promo but it shows how well you've got Christian down that he was able to reel all of that other stuff off. And the ending was just perfect. We didn't need them to fight here because now was for the last words between them and Christian getting the last words in tells me that he'll win, but on the other hand Flair didn't get to speak properly so this segment throws it all up into the air. A lot was expected from this promo and it certainly delivered; great job man.

Great match between these two, and if Hassan is to win at Summerslam, I think Jericho is his next challenger. Jericho managing to overcome Khali and Edge but to then get rolled up was really good to see because it gives Hassan a big scalp ahead of Summerslam, and I think this was a little case of foreshadowing with Hassan winning despite not earning it himself. Jericho punking Edge out by knocking him out was good to see, and despite losing, he doesn't lose any face against Edge because Jericho won the personal battle between the two of them tonight.

Kennedy joining Team Eric. Book it. Ending made me laugh a lot

Michaels was on point here, and you got him down to a T now, as you have with most of the guys. What he was saying was interesting, and it proves that Bischoff is truly inside his head for the mere fact that Michaels thought it could have been Batista. Tista coming out was again predictable, and I've enjoyed the interactions between HBK and Batista as the tension between them is just unbearable and HBK is going to get a shot soon I think which will be awesome to see as Bischoff's "last chance" to own the gold. I knew when Kane came out at this point it was going to get physical... which it had to to be honest; only way to go. Batista accidentally taking Shawn down was again a nice little touch and throws everything up into the air for Summerslam once again.

To quote myself.
Oh Eric Bischoff you total ****.
Told you I'd put that in. But in all seriousness, such an awesome and epic way to end the show, even if JR commentary wasn't good enough. A nice little angle to run and to have it all solved in this show was great and it adds so much more to this match at Summerslam. Top ending to the show.

Overall, probably one of the best shows from you I've read, mate. Everything was advanced going into the PPV, and the whole Main Event angle and of course that Christian/Flair promo were the things that stood out most to me, and were the highlights. Glad to see Raw is done and dusted for now, looking forward to Smackdown! Fantastic job mate
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