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Re: GTA has been dethroned - Sleeping Dogs is the champ now

Originally Posted by Xander45 View Post
Come on Sephiroth, you of all people should appreciate an over the top statement of a thread title.
I know, right?

Anyways, I'll be picking this up today. Loved the True Crime games, despite their many flaws, and this looks like a right laugh.
This game is definitely better than True Crime.

I guess I should clarify, but I do stand by my statement, agree or disagree. Now, GTA IV is 4 years older (as Stinger Fan correctly stated), so you can tell this game was made by people with a better understanding of how to get better graphics out of a game due to having more working experience with the current generation of consoles. I think it is fair to compare to GTA, because well, GTA is the benchmark. It is a popular game that everyone has played, so to give a clear picture, why not compare it to the king of the hill? It's not the best controls ever or anything in a GTA style game (I was rather fond of the fighting mechanics in Saints Row 1 to be honest) but it kills GTA on all levels. Everything does, that has been a weakness of GTA since....since it went 3D.

And I stand by the story being very good. GTA had memorable characters, sure. This game has me more intrigued with the dialogue than GTA IV ever did (and I reference to IV because that is my personal favorite of the series, not because it's the newest). I go to do a favor for some guy and he's like "Yo help me out? So he punches a cop in front of 20 people and then says "Let's get the fuck outta here." You go to find out he did that because the cop was sleeping with his girlfriend. Actually, it wasn't his girlfriend, but he likes the girl. And he asks you to drive because he has no license. But he was cool punching a cop. I laughed.

The traffic is light compared to GTA for sure, and certainly light for what I would expect in a "city" of 7 million people. Because you are a cop, the game doesn't want you to kill every single pedestrian as result. I'm fine with that. The music I haven't experienced fully, but I have heard Killswitch Engage, Trivium and Opeth so far, good stuff for heavy metal fans. The Who, Queen, and Deep Purple are a huge plus. Was thrilled they chose Fireball and not SOTW or Highway Star, song rules for cruising around to. Deep Purple kicks ass. Saw Duran Duran too I believe. Hong Kong Rap is lol.

While GTA V may indeed come along and top this game and some may feel GTA IV is better, I would certainly disagree if anyone thought that this game wasn't worthy of being on par with that esteem franchise based on how much I've played so far. It plays more like GTA and less like Saint's Row - meaning it's more of a serious game, not a silly one.

If you are wondering if the game is good or not, then it just is - it's not really debatable. I can't fathon any hardcore GTA fan playing this game and going "Yeah this sucks" unless you go into playing it with a negative mindset looking to be critical of everything.

is this a game where you can get really lost in? Like Skyrim lost?
I don't know that anything compares to an Elder Scrolls game in that regard.

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