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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KOB View Post
I'd go for Kanyon and Storm too, not sure if Steiner would already be in your main event scene, but he certainly should be, great heel in his day
I've made a thread in the ppv section for my re-booking of WCW. http://www.wrestlingforum.com/wwe-pp...00-2001-a.html

Steiner would be in my main event scene and I’d also give him a world title run as he was a great heel in WCW. I’d give him a run sooner rather than later. They waited way too long to put the world title on Steiner. Steiner was one of the few bright spots for WCW during it’s dying days.

I'm not a fan of Jeff Jarrett. He would be in my main event scene but I wouldn’t make him world champion. He was an awful world champion in WCW. What are everyone's thoughts on Jarrett as world champion in WCW?

Guys like Bagwell, Douglas, Hugh Morrus, Konnan and Vampiro I wouldn’t push to main event level. I’ll use Bagwell, Douglas and Vampiro for some ppv but I’ll rarely use Morrus and Konnan.

Rey Mysterio, Kanyon, Mike Sanders and Kidman I’d push them to upper midcard level. Maybe Kanyon as a main eventer. Mysterio will be repackaged, will return in a mask and will receive a good push.

Curt Hennig, Bam Bam and Finlay- I'll rarely use them but if I do then they will put the younger stars over.

Lance Storm and Mike Awesome I’d push to the main event.

O Haire – I’d start him off as a tag team wrestler working his way up to a big singles push near the end of the year.

From the established main eventers – Nash, Hogan and Flair will be used to put over loads of stars so they will job a lot lol. I won’t use Luger much. Goldberg and Sting will be pushed.

I think once I've done rebooking WCW up till it's final ppv, I'll probably continue it on and may turn it into a btb.

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