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Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
Skyler's "still part of the game" because she has to be, otherwise she'd get busted and thrown into jail and ruin everything for Walt. And it's not like she knew Gus did any of that. For all she knows he was innocent.
The only way she would get in trouble is if Walt snitched (which would make no sense because he'd screw himself in the process). She's running a legit business and she's under no suspicion, and why would she care if it ruined everything for Walt? She's "waiting for the cancer to come back."

As far as Gus goes, you're prob right. That prob was her thinking, but innocent people don't usually hang around with drug cartel bosses

Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
you hate marie more than walt? lol?

people who hate skyler and don't really have a problem w/ walt (there are quite a few) are pretty hilarious too.

thought the last episode was good - the ending was great but I felt it was weaker than the previous two overall? still this season has been great.
hating Skyler and hating Walt aren't mutually exclusive (not that I hate Walt). I know Walt is an egotistical piece of shit sometimes, but that doesn't change the fact that Skyler is a complete hypocrite.

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Its the YEEEAAHHH BITCH! with the kid dead on the ground that gets me.

Not to mension the bear floating in the pool with half its face blown off might have been foreshadowing for the people close to Walt who will die

Face - Gus
Pool - Skylar?
Kid's toy - Walt Jr, Holly or possibly Jesse who Walt sees as a son.

Pure speculation on my part obviously.
makes sense to me. The bear could also mean something with Holly too since it is a kids toy.

Originally Posted by Alex View Post
Spoiler for Image of next week's episode:

Not exactly a big spoiler, but at least Jesse can call Skylar a "BITCH!" to her face, because lets face it, she deserves it.
can't wait for sunday. That look on her face...

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