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Next 2nd Raw after Survivor Series

They kick-off of the show right away with Vince McMahon

Vince: I have been a man of fight. I have fought the World Wildlife Fund, the US Government, WCW, and screwjobs. But now I must be honest the WWE is dying.

The crowd boos

Vince: But dammit I am a fighting man. And I will do whatever it takes to save the WWE. And that will happen tonight. Because tonight I will resign Austin tonight. And if this is truly the end You will enjoy every last minute of it.

Match 1
Batista vs. Al Snow
Al Snow wins with a Snow Plow.

Vince comes out after the match.

Vince: Al I am so sorry for how I treated you these years. So you will finally get that push you wanted.

Match 2
Victoria vs. Molly Holly
Molly comes back sporting her natural blonde hair again. Molly loses via Widow's Peak.

Shawn Michaels comes out annoucing his concern over the WWE

Shawn: With RVD sudden departure we are without a main event. And instead of another HHH vs HBK match. I thought you like to see me and Booker T at Armageddon. If it is the end I think you guys would like to see Booker T. in the main event.

Booker comes out and wishes good luck to HBK in his match.

Match 3
Y2J/Christian vs. Dudley Boyz Tag Titles

Dudleyz win with a 3D

Y2J stands in the ring after Christian has left Pissed Off.

Y2J: With the WWE in trouble and all. If it is truly the end I want something from a special someone at Armageddon. Hunter, I , Chris Jericho and all the Jerichoholics a match. But not just any match. It will be a shoot fight.

HHH comes out

HHH: No. No. and NO

Jericho chases after yelling profanity.

Match 4
Test vs Steven Richards (Pink Slip Match)
Test wins with the Test Drive

Vince: Steven YOUR FIRED.

Match 5
3 Minute Warning vs. Hurricane and Kane
Hurrikane wins with a double chokeslam.

Vince comes out.

Vince: Just a minute of your time thanks. I would like to announce that OVW will be closed down. Thank you.

Match 6
Dreamer vs. Raven (Barb Wire Match)
Raven wins with a Raven Effect on the Barb Wire.

Booker T. vs HHH
Booker wins with help by Jericho.

HHH grabs the mic.

HHH: That wasn't suppose to happen Chris. You not going to get your match.

Jericho punches him out cold.

Vince comes out.

Vince: Now its time for the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Lets show a video clip of his greatest accomplishments.

Video reel is shown.

Vince: Without further redo Steve Austin.

His music hits but nobody comes out.

Vince: Where the hell are you Austin

RVD in plain street clothes attacks Vince and hits him with the Van Daminator.

RVD: And you say I am not a main event.

The show ends

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