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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

2002 : Summerslam
2005 : Vengeance

Completely agree with SMIG , both matches have the MOTY's for their respective years IMO.

I'm watching so many random WWE Championship matches it's ridiculous, and I know I haven't been talking a whole lot about it, but I just got done watching the Batista-Cena trilogy from 2010, and I feel that it's a really nice/great/FUN set of matches with some real psychology in them. Some of Batista's best performances, as he is just INTENSE in these matches. Not gonna say a whole lot about them other than that the LMS from Extreme Rules is legit ********* simply because of Batista's line to a fan "I HATE YOU TOO!" . It's honestly one of my instant favorite moments ever as the first time I saw the match was today. Heel Dave had so much intensity, he was fucking awesome on the mic and he wasn't a slouch in the ring at that point. I really wish he would come back and work against a guy like Ziggler who could bump around the ring for him, or a guy like Bryan... Four star potential right there.

Watched Taker-Hogan SS 91 earlier and it almost put me to sleep (It's not BAD per se, it's just a little tedious of a watch IMO) , so I decided to forgo the TTIT rematch for later and watch the ROTT match vs Mankind which I haven't seen in a LONG ass time. Hopefully I enjoy as much as somebody like Cal. Soon going to start posting more thoughts on these things

EDIT : RG3 actually said that ? Wow, I hope his football I.Q. is a tad higher than his Wrestling I.Q. Still think Luck is twice the prospect that Griffin is, despite the NFL/ESPN hype machine surrounding a guy like Griffin. Seems to me like he's a less physically talented version (shorter, less strength) than your boy Cam.

"He's not the biggest. He was never the strongest. He was never the fastest. He was overlooked. He went in the sixth round. So with that being said, all of the intangibles that a quarterback is supposed to have, they overlooked it with him because it was burning from inside of him" - Ray Lewis on Tom Brady

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