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Default Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

JAM's Review

Definitely liking the Smackdown main event scene at the moment, but I'm still a bit confused, why aren't you writing Smackdown as well? Well anyway, it was made to be a good opening segment especially with that beatdown on Orton while Jericho and Del Rio would fight it out to see who would be next in line for the World Title. However, I like this move of bringing the Undertaker back! Another good move by your writer, yeah? I think that the opening should've ended with that cut-throat gesture, but it went further with an RKO, it was fine but I still would've liked 'Taker not looking weak in his return back.

I'm thinking even more that this Mr. S guy is Samoa Joe since you said the big guy had speed but I'm still not sure. We'll never know til you reveal it yourself. A Joe/Mysterio feud could be great, could be brilliant actually, so I hope that you reveal who this Mr. S is soon since I'm interested in this storyline. Oh and for the Jeopardy Match, I'm not entirely sure what it means, so you'll have to explain more on that one.

Another new champion? That seemed quite sudden man, maybe you should've kept it on Christian but I trust your booking skills so I'll just wait what you have in store for them. SIN is Sin Cara yeah? Interesting that you've tweaked his gimmick a little, looking forward to your Crusierweight Division. And wow, Simon Dean's get his own stable? Lol. So random but I guess I'll learn to like it.

No DQ for the WWE Title Match? You're really making this one brutal match for Punk, but I choose him to retain if ever, but from what I can tell from your shows, everything's been unpredictable and that's not a bad thing.

Overall, not a bad episode. Maybe a little more detail would be fine but this is okay too since it's a very unique BTB as it's following the writer you portray. Not too realistic too in a way but anyway, I'll still be reading man, nice job


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