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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

8/13/2012 SHOW RESULTS

KingRo™ Presents:
“Swinging Into Summerslam”

This show, unlike others, did not start off with a pyrotechnic display. Instead, it started with an appearance by the new World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Orton made his way to the ring, and proceeded to speak about his plans as the World Champion, stating that the Age of Orton was once again upon the WWE Universe. Chris Jericho would interject, saying that he had come to get what he deserved: The first shot at Orton’s title. Before Randy could answer, Alberto Del Rio headed to the ring, and said that Jericho deserved nothing, and that HE would be taking the first shot in a championship rematch. Orton denied both request, and the scene turned into an attack on Orton by Jericho, Del Rio, and Alberto’s ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez. Orton held his ground for a while, but a low blow by Ricardo stopped all of Orton’s momentum, and the three on one attack began. Jericho, Del Rio, and Rodriguez would continue their assault on the World Champion, until the lights in the arena went out followed by a loud GONG. When the lights came back on, The Undertaker was standing in the center of the ring! The appearance got a huge pop from the fans in Houston, and Undertaker delivered a boot to Del Rio and a chokeslam to Jericho. With Rodriguez left the only assailant standing, Taker captured him and drove him down with Tombstone Piledriver! With the three attackers out of the way, Randy Orton and Undertaker went toe to toe for a moment, and Orton mouthed a reluctant ‘thanks’ to The Undertaker. In return, Undertaker did his signature cutthroat taunt, and motioned a championship around his waist. The crowd popped, and Orton nodded, almost expecting that there was another reason ‘Taker aided him. Orton then struck back with an RKO planting The Phenom in the middle of the ring! (What a way to bring the Deadman into the title picture at the last minute.) Orton stood in the middle of the carnage of fallen superstars, and raised his belt high before turning to Undertaker and saying “You’re on.” – Which got a massively positive reaction from the Houston, Texas crowd.

We took a quick commercial break, and were back with our first match of the night. Mr. S versus The Great Khali was, as expected, a battle of the Goliaths. It wasn’t a very athletic or EXCITING contest, but the two giants matched strength for the first minute of the match, providing the illusion that the match could go either way. Mr. S would then trump Khali with a surprising feature – his speed. The mixture of S’ speed and brute strength overcame Khali, but couldn’t knock him down. Towards the end of the contest, Mr. S would once again try to take Khali down with a shoulder block, but the Punjabi Warrior countered with a hard boot that took the masked man right off of his feet. Khali signaled the end as he raised his right hand high for the Khali chop, but Mr. S would counter with a boot to the gut, and a thunderous DDT. With his massive opponent down, S exploded with fury, driving his right knee into Khali’s skull repeatedly. He continued to do so until the referee threatened to disqualify him, to which he responded by shoving the referee out of the way and planting a now bloody Khali to the canvas with another DDT. Mr. S would then cover Khali, and pick up the win. Before Mr. S could finish his celebration though, he was interrupted by Rey Mysterio – who was back to get revenge for the assault that took place last week on RAW. Mysterio attacked the legs of Mr. S, and eventually got him in position for a 619, but the masked man scurried out of the ringside area before Mysterio could execute the move. Rey Mysterio stood alone in the center of the ring, and the commentators made a note suggesting the two might meet at the Summerslam Pay Per View.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriquez were seen with their bags scurrying frantically to their car in the parking garage. Before they could leave though, Jillian Hall caught up to them and asked where they were going. Del Rio said he was ‘done for the night’ and ‘going home’. Hall agreed, and instructed Del Rio to get rest this week; as he would be in the first two of three matches for the World Championship at Summerslam. The World Title Main Event was announced as Alberto Del Rio vs. The Undertaker and Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton in a Double Jeopardy Match! A flustered Del Rio and Rodriguez got into the car, and exchanged inaudible dialogue in Spanish before speeding off out of the garage.

Back at ringside, Christian and Kane made their way to the ring, and it was time for our Intercontinental Championship bout. Starting off, this match seemed relatively even – with both superstars using their own styles to mount a decent amount of offense. Christian’s attempt to match Kane’s strength fell short however, allowing the Big Red Machine to take control of the earlier half of the match. Halfway through, Kane looked to do some extra damage with his signature diving clothesline, but the champion Christian would counter, dropkicking Kane in the stomach and changing the momentum of the contest. Christian’s new strategy proved to be the right way to go, as he methodically targeted different parts of Kane’s body (specifically his legs) for a few minutes. Captain Charisma would make a mistake of his own though, hitting the Killswitch and then taking a bit too much time to cover his opponent. Kane powered out of the pin, and seemed to be coming back to life in the match quickly building momentum and eventually taking down the champion. Christian’s defensive tactics were unsuccessful each time, with Kane remaining one step ahead of every counter and attack. Around the 10 minute mark, with an emphatic chokeslam, Kane would pick up the win and become the new Intercontinental Champion! We then went to commercial break.

Good versus Evil. It sounds awfully cliché on paper, but when you put it in the form of Hurricane versus SIN, it is all but cliché. SIN showed a new and more vicious side of himself, sporting red and black attire and a new mask to top if off. The gimmick change did not affect his ability though – putting on an awesome contest with Hurricane that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Momentum in the match shifted too many times to count, but the most notable came with SIN seated on the top turnbuckle, and Hurricane going for a top rope Hurricarana. SIN countered the move attempt, and slammed Hurricane down to the canvas hard with a powerbomb. He immediately went for a cover, but Hurricane kicked out right before the three. There seemed to be hope for a recovery from the hero, but the powerbomb took more out of him than expected, and the pace of the match slowed down as SIN stayed on him with some grounded maneuvers. Hurricane came back to life later in the match though, countering a suplex attempt with a suplex of his own. Both superstars were quick to their feet, with SIN obviously caught a bit off guard. Sin charged at the Hurricane, but was dropkicked in the knee, and nailed with a hard Shining Wizard! Hurricane signaled for the Chokeslam, but the move was countered by SIN and followed up by a lungblower which JR referred to as the 'seventh sin'. Sin immediately covered Hurricane to pick up the win.

Backstage, JBL gave himself a verbal pat on the back for making the previous exhibition, and then stated that the Cruiserweight Division is what the brand needed to take RAW to the next level. He then made the announcement that he was reinstating the Cruiserweight Championship as of tonight, and that Hurricane and SIN would meet once again at Summerslam with the title on the line. Triple H then walked into the office, warning that if Brock Lesnar ‘so much as breathed on him too hard’; he would ‘drive a hammer through his skull.’ He ended his brief meeting with the General Manager with this line: “There’s only one way to control a rabid animal, John. And that’s to put it down.” Triple H left the office, and we were taken back to ringside.

Dancing machines Brodus Clay and Rikishi made their way to the ring, followed by Simon Dean who stopped halfway down the ramp. He claimed that he was exhausted from his travels promoting the Simon System, and his search for a partner in tonight’s tag team match. Dean went on to say that whomever he chose would have to be fit, good looking, and willing to help ‘trim the fat’ from the RAW roster. He closed with the fact that he didn’t find a single person that fit the description – in fact, he’d found two. Simon then went on to introduce Rikishi and Clay’s TWO opponents for the night, David Otunga and John Morrison. The two superstars used their speed and overall athletic advantage over Clay and Rikishi to maintain control for a greater portion of the match. Momentum would shift in the Dancing Machines’ favor though, but was quickly shut down by a spear from Otunga to Rikishi, followed by a Starship Pain from Morrison. Morrison and Otunga picked up the win and celebrated with Simon Dean by their side. Dean cut a second promo, calling his new partners members of “The Fit Club”. (Simon gets his own stable now, talk about a big push.) He stated that their quest was just beginning, and that there was no task too big for the Fit Club. Almost on cue, out walked The Big Show! After some back and forth banter between Dean and Show, the six agreed to a 6 Man Tag Elimination Tables Match at Summerslam.

One final commercial break, and it was time for our main event. The biggest question of this match was whether or not Triple H and Brock Lesnar would be able to control themselves long enough to work together and take down CM Punk. Punk is and always has been a fighting champion, but the challenge of facing two of WWE’s most vicious superstars proved to be too tall, even for the Straight Edge warrior. Lesnar and HHH managed to turn their team efforts into a competition, taking turns trying to one-up each other in their offense. They wore Punk down with a series of powerful maneuvers, and every counter or comeback attempt from Punk fell short. Eventually, the team began to get more and more tense, with Lesnar and Triple H arguing over who would pin CM Punk. Because of the argument, CM Punk was able to recover, and build momentum on Lesnar while Triple H sat back and watched. Punk hit Lesnar with the GTS, but before he could make a cover, he would be hit with a devastating Pedigree from Triple H! Hunter covered Punk for the win, and the match for Summerslam was set: CM Punk vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

As soon as the closing bell rung, Triple H and Brock Lesnar went nose to nose. Immediately, security stormed the ring to prevent the fight from escalating. They were, of course, accompanied by General Manager Layfield. JBL said that the two had ‘done well in controlling themselves’ tonight, and that if they want their Triple Threat match to happen, they would continue to control themselves until Summerslam. Then, they could do whatever they wanted because their Triple Threat match is a No Disqualification match! The audience loved the idea, and so did Lesnar and Triple H as smiles slowly spread across their faces. This is surely setting up for a brutal contest for the Summerslam main event. We closed the program with some Summerslam promotions from the commentators, and the show was over. Your quick results are below.


Mr. S def. The Great Khali
Kane def. Christian (New Intercontinental Champion)
SIN def. The Hurricane
John Morrison & David Otunga def. Brodus Clay & Rikishi
Brock Lesnar & Triple H def. CM Punk

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